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South Africa

Cape Town, Bogota, Sao Paulo: When Cities Run Out Of Water

-Analysis- Good news for the people of Cape Town: “Day Zero,” when South Africa’s second most-populated city is expected to run out of water has been pushed back. But it’s only a very temporary ...


Neither German Norwegian

I speak German, so I'm no stranger to the way some languages will simply slap words together. Stopping at this yurt-looking visitor office on my drive up north through Norway, I eventually ...


Turkey And Germany, A Relationship Always Worth Watching

German-Turkish relations are a high-stakes affair. Not only does Germany count some three million residents with roots in Turkey, the two countries are strategic to both the global economy and ...


Surfing Salesman

Marvel all you want at Californian surfers, but this one-man Li River retailer on his bamboo raft is the real ...


Guatemalan Open Carry

Just a friendly walk by the pier? Perhaps. The machetes, or "coupe-coupe" as we French call them, are a multi-purpose tool, and were ubiquitous through much of our Central American travels. But ...


Modern Mausoleum Wonder

The remains of the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus can be found in present-day in the southwest Turkish city of Bodrum. It was once one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World before it was destroyed ...


Penguins Beware: China's Super-Rich Flock To Antarctica

A chilly bit of "wealth flaunting" in time for the Chinese New Year.

South Korea

PyeongChang And The Slippery Sport Of Olympic Geopolitics

-Analysis- The PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games finally kicked off Thursday with the riveting-if-baffling sport of curling and a first victory for hosts South Korea. But all eyes will be on the ...