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Italy, Pasta Così

The Italian border is just a four-hour drive from my hometown. Over the years, I ended up going to Italy with my family dozens of times, to enjoy the seaside, the beautiful architecture, the warm ...


Swimming Only Under Child Supervision

Our travels didn't exactly involve many days at the beach. But as we drove in the Turkish heat, we paused here and there so our 13 year-old little mermaid Cécile could splash around. Times like ...


Something Fishy On The Brazilian Market

Belém's Ver-o-Peso market, in the background of this photograph, is one of the largest open-air markets in Latin America. But when I came across this 26-year-old slide, it was the smell not the ...


Tragic Icons Of Migration, Dorothea Lange To A Turkish Beach

PARIS — Human migration is the story of our times. Victims of conflict and climate change, pushed by poverty at home and pulled toward opportunity abroad, people on the move are both a catalyst ...


In The Footsteps Of The Pharaohs

The step pyramid of Djoser in Saqqara, 30 kilometers south of modern-day Cairo, is the oldest remaining pyramid in the world. I pulled out this slide after reading recently about botched ...

South Africa

My South African Spider Safari

Our trip to South Africa took us to Kruger National Park, where we got great views of zebras, crocodiles, giraffes — you name it. But we got closest of all to this little guy in a Durban hotel ...


Eastern European Models Cash In For China's "Singles Day"

BEIJING — These days, it is not rare to bump into blond, slim, pretty teenage girls on the streets of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. The majority of them, typically between 16 and 22 years old, ...


Life On The Amazon

You can travel the world for more than 60 years without being an aventurier, per se. Still, we got pretty close from the relative comfort of our Amazon cruise where we saw this passing moment of ...