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Flying (And Landing) High In La Paz

La Paz's airport delivers on its name: El Alto is indeed the highest international airport in the world. Luckily neither my wife Claudine (pictured here in the foreground) nor I suffered from ...

Sri Lanka

A Happier Kind Of Philosophy

I'm not a religious person. As a philosophy teacher, my go-to thinker was Spinoza, who once wrote that religion was created "to deceive the people and to constrain the minds of men" But I guess ...

Vatican City

Vatican, Costa Rica, France: #MeToo And The Sound Of Broken Silence

-Analysis- The #MeToo movement was, above all, a collective “breaking of the silence” that shifted the longstanding balance of power on the question of sexual misconduct, particularly in the ...

United States

Super Bowl Show And A Super Bored Frenchman

PARIS — Twice a year (for the Academy Awards and the Super Bowl), I renounce my 6-hour beauty sleep and fight timezones to tune in to a bit of live transatlantic spectacle. Blame it on three ...


The French Venice

Port Grimaud, near Saint-Tropez in southern France, has it all. Canals, bridges, islets ... It's just missing a couple of ...


Longer Lives, Dying Alone And The Things We Leave Behind

As life expectancy numbers rise, a growing number of seniors experience kodokushi (lonely death),...


Venezuela Crisis Unleashes Old And New Fears In Latin America

The sudden political crisis in Venezuela has major reverberations across Latin America and the world. Both old and new dividing lines in the region have emerged since Juan Guaidó, the leader of ...


When China Went To Davos: Those Chilly Winds Of Global Capitalism

-Analysis- Two years ago Chinese President Xi Jinping — in the wake of the twin election victories of Brexit and Donald Trump — arrived at the Davos World Economic Forum as the would-be savior ...