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Putin's Chess Match With Russia's Constitution As Pawn

A sudden rash of constitutional changes, and the government's subsequent resignation, looks to be...


Storming The Lithuanian Castle

The red-brick Gothic castle on the Lithuanian island of Trakai looks like it's straight out of a fairy tale. However the spell was broken when a full garrison of soldiers made their rowdy entrance ...


Next Move Tehran? Iran Buries General, Plots "Strategic Revenge"

With a battered economy and recent anti-government street protests, can Iran fulfill its promise ...


Staff Picks, Our 15 Best Stories Of 2019

LES ECHOS France's Yellow Vests And The Problem With Post-Truth Economics Opinion shapers have a habit these days of disregarding facts, be they scientific or economic. Opinions matter, of ...


Petra Peddlers From The Past

The woman and the boy in the foreground were walking toward the members of my guided tour to try to sell knick-knacks. There were only two of them selling souvenirs in front of the Royal Tombs, ...


Preserving Russian Values, Downplaying Domestic Violence

MOSCOW — In a recent letter to the European Court of Human Rights, the Russian Minister of Justice Aleksandr Konovalov declared that the level of domestic violence in the country is ...

United States

Trump Impeached — Front Pages From The U.S. And The World

President Donald Trump became the third president in American history to be impeached. In a vote almost exclusively along party lines, Democratic-controlled House of Representatives charged Trump ...


Here Fly The Little Amazonian Birds

Le petit oiseau va sortir...! "Here flies the little bird!" is what we say in France when we want our subjects to pay attention and look at the camera. That time in Manaus, one of the gateways ...