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Unidentified Frying Object

When it comes to international cuisine, I must confess that I'm not that much of an aventurier. Amid the street markets of Indonesia, like elsewhere, I would much rather take pictures of ...

United States

Disarmament To Rearmament: The Quiet Return Of Nuclear Risk

PARIS — "Kolossal'naya opasnost." In a recent BBC interview, Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev used those two words - "colossal danger" - to sound the alarm of the risk the world faces as ...


All Scallops Lead To Compostela

All across Europe, you may stumble, as my wife and I did many times, upon discreet scallop shell symbols: They mark the ancient "Camino de Santiago" routes that lead to the Christian shrine of the ...

United States

My 17th-Century Aunt And Killing The 'Witch Hunt' Metaphor

-Essay- NEW YORK — They said the devil had traveled in her clothing. Elsche Prösche, née Wohler, wife of Jochim, was in her forties, and lived a life of relative poverty in Kölzin, a ...

South Africa

Up The Ibis Tree

The fauna and flora of South Africa rank among the most impressive I've seen anywhere in the world. Near Durban in the east of the country, I caught them both on vivid display, as a tree filled ...


Work → In Progress: Gender In The Workplace, Past And Future

PARIS — In 1919, the International Labor Organization adopted the first conventions on women in the workplace. In 2019, the women who won the World Cup earned $850,000 less than their male ...


Everything And The Kitchen Sink

Fish, fruit, pottery, an endless selection of drain pipes: the massive open-air markets were a vivid memory from the northern Brazilian city of ...


It's Me, Not You: Zelensky Between Trump And Biden — And Putin

The impeachment storm in Washington comes with high stakes in Ukraine as well, especially for the...