A French Look At Male Consent And Male Libido In The #MeToo Era

The accepted notion that men "are always ready" for sex is false, and can lead to relationship troubles, and much worse.

Watch: Oneshot — A Closer Look At Iconic Man On The Moon Photo

Along with all the hardware to get to the moon and back, the Apollo 11 mission also brought along three Hasselblad 500EL cameras. With video and audio equipment to beam sound and moving images ...

RoboJudge: When Laws Are Transformed Into Computer Code

Laws take time to catch up with reality. Could we program them into binary systems? It is tempting, but it is also dangerous.

Can State-Run Startups Help Modernize French Bureaucracy?

In putting into use fast-moving ways of startups, the state looks to improve quality of public services. A hundred or so state-sponsored startups have already been launched with the hope of contributing to the modernization of the administration.

United States

Extra! How The World Press Reported Moon Landing 50 Years Ago

A half-century later, Neil Armstrong's 'great leap' still boggles the mind. Here's a look back at some of the headlines that followed the historic feat.


Instagram's International Influencers: One Global Recipe

PARIS — In the beauty and fashion industry, Instagram and brands have begun to blend into one. And it's happening all over the world. As Sabine Delanglade explains in Les Echos, the French ...


Interview With Bolsonaro: Free-Trade's Unlikely New Champion?

Brazil's President Bolsonaro tells Argentine daily Clarín that, in contrast with his populist profile, he wants to liberalize the economy and forge free-trade pacts across the world.


An Indian Writer's Faraway Farewell To MAD Magazine

Growing up in the 1970s in the hectic but more innocent India, the magazine offered a young man the right dose of irreverence to shape his world view for a lifetime.


García Márquez's Grandson Quietly Enters Literary World

Mateo García Elizondo's debut novel, which explores the limits of consciousness, marks his first steps on the literary path set by his grandfathers, two eminences of modern Spanish-language literature.


A New Industrial Policy For The 21st Century

In a world that is closing up, industrial policy is coming back in force. But to succeed, it will have to be reinvented


In A Changing Germany, Taboo Of Racism Is Broken

The murder of a local politician has put new attention on the kinds of verbal hate and periodic harassment that was largely repressed until recently.


Still Ok To Spank? Corporal Punishment Around The World

From South Africa to Singapore to France, the question of when or where adults can physically discipline children continues to fuel debate.


China's Costume Drama Television Ban Is A Political Mystery

The National Radio and Television Administration has issued a ban on historic melodrama in time for the 70th anniversary of the People's Republic of China. A billion-dollar industry is turned upside down.


Don't Underestimate The Upside Of EU-Mercosur Trade Pact

The EU-Mercosur free trade agreement will likely force economies like those of Brazil and Argentina, to modernize and ditch the last vestiges of protectionism.


Morsi Death Exposes 'Medieval' Medical Care In Egypt's Prisons

After the death in prison of deposed President Mohammed Morsi, rights organizations accuse again Egypt's authorities of medical negligence within prisons.


Carthage Must (Not) Be Destroyed

Carthago delenda est. "Carthage must be destroyed." As I was wandering the ruins of the ancient capital (near modern-day Tunis) I had Cato's famous oratorical phrase stuck in my head ... ...


Mexico's AMLO Evokes Ghosts Of Argentina's Perón

President López Obrador's confrontational approach to ruling Mexico has reminded many of Venezuela's Hugo Chávez. But he seeks confrontation as a tool like the iconic 20th century Argentine leader.


Turkey, Time For A Truly Democratic Constitution

Ekrem Imamoglu's victory in the recent rerun election in Istanbul was a breath of fresh air for Turkish democracy. But to really recover lost ground, the country needs a new set of rules, writes Yakup Kepenek.


Making Space In The Classroom For Artificial Intelligence

-OpEd- PARIS — We live in a society that changes rapidly, and we wish for schools that reassure us. Schools that are forward-looking, perhaps. Even our schools in the Third Republic that we ...