Music Soothes The Sulawesi

This concert, courtesy of the Toraja people, provided a welcome balance to our day: My wife and I had just witnessed a traditional burial, in this village of southern Sulawesi — and it ...

Modi Putting India's Future At Risk With Kashmir Gambit

It's taken the powerful prime minister just 100 days into his second term to compromise the federation's basic foundation.

World On Fire: The Amazon Is Only Part Of The Problem

It's easy to fault Jair Bolsonaro for his apparent indifference to the unfolding environmental disaster in Brazil. But there's plenty of blame to go around.

Gauging China's Military Intentions In Latin America

China is setting up a naval base in Djibouti. Could it do the same in Latin America? Depends on the scope and scale of its growing economic interests in the region.


When A Subterranean Theater Emerges In Beirut

BEIRUT — Located in the heart of Beirut's vibrant Hamra Street, an area that served as a hub for intellectuals in the 1960s and 1970s, Metro al-Madina is an independent theater company and ...


The Case For Legalizing Colombian Cocaine Production

The war on drugs continues to feed the flames of violence in Colombia, even in this so-called "post-conflict" period.


On Erdogan's Ambitions: A Short History Of Nuclear Weapons In Turkey

ISTANBUL — One of the more prestigious duties for the pilots of the Turkish Air Forces during the Cold War years was the "nuclear watch." The four main air bases in Turkey had been housing ...


Out Of Office: The Stress And Serenity Of Teleworking

Working from home is more and more common in French companies as the perks need no longer to be listed. Still, some workers constantly worry about accounting for their days away from the office.


How World War II Helped Shape Modern India

Indian wartime experience not only contributed to making the country and her institutions what they are today but offers lessons that still have significant validity.


The Many Misconceptions About 'Liberalism'

Partisans of political moderation are mistaken if they are looking for the ideals of the European liberal tradition in today's neoliberalism.


Why Colombia's Peace Process Was Destined To Self-Destruct

The FARC, a segment of which is now reneging on its peace-deal commitments, should never have been trusted in the first place, writes Colombian columnist Saúl Hernández.

United States

Why Europe Is So Ill-Prepared For The Next Great Recession

Economic storm clouds are gathering on the horizon. But just because everyone's talking about it doesn't mean governments are ready to deal with it — in fact, quite the opposite.


Digitalization Won't Kill The Banker!

Digitalization does not spare the banking sector. In the era of artificial intelligence and algorithms, the bank must know how to reinvent itself and put digital technology at the service of humans.


The Pain Of Passing Holidays — And Years: Letter From A Cairo Prison

CAIRO — "Take care and hopefully see you soon. :)" I end the short letter to my family with a few requests for items to bring on their next visit, then hand it to one of my cellmates to ...

South Africa

Female Condoms: A Way For African Women To Take Power

Designed in the 1980s to protect against sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies, female condoms are now increasingly available throughout Africa. And the world.


Take 5: Overtourism Pushback From Venice To Machu Picchu To Maya Bay

With many in the Northern Hemisphere now making their way back to the office, it's time to share stories and rankings of our respective summer vacations. One question that always comes up: How ...


Same Old Faces: Rebel FARC Faction Has A Youth Problem

The decision of some prominent members of Colombia's disbanded FARC rebels to resume fighting the government is bad news. But history — and demography — are working against them.


Hong Kong, Kashmir And The Illusion Of Freedom In India

Compared to measures being taken in the Kashmir Valley, China's handling of the Hong Kong protests seems remarkably permissive.


Watch: OneShot — UNICEF: Back To School, Bravo Teachers

Holidays are over, and it's back to school. Frightening or fun, this week marks the beginning of a new adventure for millions of children around the world who will be given a great opportunity to ...