Regrets And Solitude From An Egyptian Lesbian Turning 40

"Where do we go to die, when we have lived thousands of lifetimes in a world that was not made for us?"

The 5G Debate: Time To Choose Sides In China-U.S. Showdown?

Allowing Beijing to have a hand in the new, faster mobile network would entail significant risks. But in Germany, debate about 5G is also a question of who you like more: China or the U.S.

The Marketing Power Of Stereotypes

Italians are hot-headed. Brits can't cook ... Sure they're offensive. But as marketing experts are aware, stereotypes can also help forge a group's shared identity.

Coronavirus And The Global Cost Of Chinese Secrecy

-Analysis- PARIS — In his most recent book, Chine, le Grand Paradoxe (China, the Great Paradox), Jean-Pierre Raffarin reminds us that, "the key to diplomacy is reciprocal respect." Prime ...


From Facebook To Finance, The Blockchain Era Is Now

Expect use of blockchain, the digital record-keeping system, to become generalized this year in banks and elsewhere.


If Penguins Could Text: African Birds Compress Language Like Humans

The tendency to compress language belongs not only to humans, but also to this particular African penguin species' way of communication.


Tapas In Argentina: Spanish Fare Blends Fun And Affordability

Sharing food and Spanish-style snacking are trending in Buenos Aires, as cash-conscious, younger customers tire of the standard restaurant fare and a big bill


Coronavirus, A Two-Way Street For India's Economy

While there are significant supply chain concerns across sectors in the short-term, others see this as yet another distant opportunity to take some business away from China.


It's A Water Buffalo's Life

On the unpaved roads of inland Indonesia, this worker was relying on the strength of his water buffalo to bring building materials to a construction site. A couple of days later on the same trip, ...


Colonialism, The Hidden Cause Of Our Environmental Crisis

Greta Thunberg tapped into an growing area of scholarship when she wrote recently that to save the planet, we first need to dismantle "colonial, racist, and patriarchal systems of oppression."


Memory As Defiance: Arab Spring Reflections From Cairo

Nine years after the Jan. 25 popular revolution that overthrew President Hosni Mubarak, so much of the hopes failed to materialize. But not everything.


The Revolution Colombia Really Needs: Free Buses

It may seem like a pipe dream. And it would certainly cost a lot, especially in a large capital city like Bogotá. But providing fare-free public transport could also be transformative.

United States

Work → In Progress: Finding A Job In The Matrix

In early civilizations, landing a job amounted to interning until your employer died. Fast-forward a few thousand years and fortunately, internships have gotten shorter ... and life expectancy has ...


Canada's Indecent Proposal To Fix The Mess In Venezuela

Mediation may well be what Venezuela needs to climb out of its deep political crisis, but it can't come from Cuba.

South Africa

30 Years Later: Looking Back on Mandela's Release From Prison

Like the entire story of his life, Nelson Mandela's release from Victor Verster Prison exactly 30 years ago helped define the 20th century. Having served 27 years for leading the opposition to ...


In Merkel's Shadow: What Brought Down Kramp-Karrenbauer

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer announced that she will not run for Chancellor and will step down as leader of Germany's ruling CDU party. It was a slow implosion over the past year, with Angela Merkel's mixed messages partly to blame.


When The Ice Is Gone: Russia's Vision For Arctic Development

A coming Siberian station called Snezhinka (Snowflake), will be at the center of both scientific and economic development of the Northern territories in the times of global warming.


Why Sending A Female Android To Space Is A Problem

India's space program will use a female android named Vyommitra to test the crew module ahead of its first crewed flight. Why did the robot have to be female? And where are the real women astronauts?


Why Medical Breakthroughs Need More Testing Than Ever

The country's food and drug administration should be careful about rubber stamping medical products and procedures just because they're shiny and new.