It's A Water Buffalo's Life

On the unpaved roads of inland Indonesia, this worker was relying on the strength of his water buffalo to bring building materials to a construction site. A couple of days later on the same trip, ...

Colonialism, The Hidden Cause Of Our Environmental Crisis

Greta Thunberg tapped into an growing area of scholarship when she wrote recently that to save the planet, we first need to dismantle "colonial, racist, and patriarchal systems of oppression."

Memory As Defiance: Arab Spring Reflections From Cairo

Nine years after the Jan. 25 popular revolution that overthrew President Hosni Mubarak, so much of the hopes failed to materialize. But not everything.

The Revolution Colombia Really Needs: Free Buses

It may seem like a pipe dream. And it would certainly cost a lot, especially in a large capital city like Bogotá. But providing fare-free public transport could also be transformative.

United States

Work → In Progress: Finding A Job In The Matrix

In early civilizations, landing a job amounted to interning until your employer died. Fast-forward a few thousand years and fortunately, internships have gotten shorter ... and life expectancy has ...


Canada's Indecent Proposal To Fix The Mess In Venezuela

Mediation may well be what Venezuela needs to climb out of its deep political crisis, but it can't come from Cuba.

South Africa

30 Years Later: Looking Back on Mandela's Release From Prison

Like the entire story of his life, Nelson Mandela's release from Victor Verster Prison exactly 30 years ago helped define the 20th century. Having served 27 years for leading the opposition to ...


In Merkel's Shadow: What Brought Down Kramp-Karrenbauer

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer announced that she will not run for Chancellor and will step down as leader of Germany's ruling CDU party. It was a slow implosion over the past year, with Angela Merkel's mixed messages partly to blame.


Why Sending A Female Android To Space Is A Problem

India's space program will use a female android named Vyommitra to test the crew module ahead of its first crewed flight. Why did the robot have to be female? And where are the real women astronauts?


Why Medical Breakthroughs Need More Testing Than Ever

The country's food and drug administration should be careful about rubber stamping medical products and procedures just because they're shiny and new.


Russia's Shift To China, From Farmlands To Geopolitics

MOSCOW — Nowadays, if you want to hear the Russian language spoken properly in Moscow, you have to go to an upscale restaurant. Anything less posh is occupied by people coming from Central ...


Impeachment: Trump's Victory Is Boost For Latin American Strongmen

President Trump's scuppered impeachment may provide a cue to regional leaders working to undermine their own democracies.


Instagram Filters: The Tyranny Of Digital Retouching

A "plastic surgery style" is a new part of the culture exploding on social media.


Not Quite Groundhog Day

I had to be quick to snap a photo of this little fellow in Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies, before it dashed back into its burrow. I'd always assumed it was a groundhog, like those I'm ...


Coronavirus Exposes Weakness Of China's Autocratic System

The virus could have been better contained if China had not tried to hush it up at the start. Autocracy comes at a price.


The Problem With The 'Cash Is Dead' Argument

Cash use is declining, but don't expect it to disappear. Still, there is another popular payment method that could in fact go the way of the dodo, a Deutsche Bank strategist argues.


Watch: OneShot — Yalta, The Conference That Reshaped The World

A closer look at the iconic photo of the three Allied leaders gathered to bring an end to World War II, and shape the map of the coming Cold War.


Remembering The Short, Cruel And Creative Life Of Modigliani

It's now been a century since the brilliant, Italian-born artist passed away in Paris, France at just 36 years of age.


Coronavirus: A Pandemic Born Of 'Strange' Culinary Tastes?

The epidemic unnerving the world originated in the Wuhan shellfish market, where other local delicacies are sold. But does that matter?