Chinese Students In Latin America: Barriers Beyond Language

Chinese students visiting Chile's universities are eager to learn Spanish but reluctant to adopt its socio-cultural habits. How much does the language gap different identities?

Oil On Canvas? Art As Seen Through Black Gold

An art exhibition in Dubai depicts an alternative story of the Middle East, using oil as a starting point.

Flying (And Landing) High In La Paz

La Paz's airport delivers on its name: El Alto is indeed the highest international airport in the world. Luckily neither my wife Claudine (pictured here in the foreground) nor I suffered from ...

Bernie's Ready For Another Run — Are Democrats Ready For Him?

The straight-talking senator from Vermont energized the 2016 presidential race. But he faces a very different playing field this time around.


Why Latin America Shouldn't Take Sides In U.S.-China Rivalry

As tensions between Washington an Beijing continue to build, smaller nations like Argentina should stay out of the fray and instead strengthen regional integration.


The Violent Roots Of India's Subjugation Of Women

Two centuries ago, widows were sometimes strapped to the funeral pyres of their husbands and burned alive, historian Tanika Sarkar explains.


Watch: OneShot — The Kaiser Of Fashion Leaves The Runway

"Legendary," "pioneering," "the savior of Chanel," "fashion icon..." Superlatives abound in international headlines as news outlets take a moment to pay homage to the German-born designer Karl ...


A United Europe, The Stakes Couldn't Be Higher

The world is becoming divided again as China takes the USSR's place facing the United States. This new situation makes the European project more relevant than ever, exactly at the moment it is most in jeopardy.


And If Venezuela's Maduro Survives?

There is a concerted push underway to remove the Venezuelan leader from power. But there's no guarantee it'll work.


Asleep At The Wheel? The Limits Of Self-Driving Cars

The era of driverless cars is dawning. But are we really ready to just let our vehicles take over?


It's Time For Japan To Open Up To Foreign Workers

As the Japanese government plans to accept up to about 340,000 new foreign workers over the next five years, coexistence may become an issue.


Looking Back At Che Guevara, Rebel Icon — And Photographer

Included in a new exhibition in Rosario, Argentina — Che's birthplace — are images not just of the famous revolutionary, but taken by him.


Egypt Should Stop Dragging Its Feet On Renewable Energy

With its abundance of sunshine and adequate wind, Egypt is well suited to embrace green-energy alternatives. Instead it's opting for old-fashioned coal.


Watch: OneShot — Rare Black Leopard Photo Caught In Darkness

"I (had) never seen a high-quality image of a wild black leopard come out of Africa," British wildlife photographer Will Burrard-Lucas wrote recently. So he sprung to attention when word arrived ...


How Paris Became The World's Electric Scooter Capital

Competition is fierce as no fewer than six self-service electric scooter startups vie for control of a Parisian market particularly cut out for the light mobility solution.


Venezuela Needs Regime Change, But Not By Any Means Necessary

Maduro needs to go, and his left-wing defenders need to stop making excuses. But calls for his removal by military means are also misguided.


Chinese Pride, Global Power And The Battle For 5G

WASHINGTON — How long must you live, how strong must be your memory, to turn back and say: damn it, this world has really changed. Look at the millennials, they seem to be better educated than the ...


Salimi Saga: How The Iranian Revolution Changed One Family

SARI — On this frigid January night, Maliheh Salimi’s home is brimming with excitement. A rental company delivered metal chairs and tables early in the morning. Pink and white balloons were ...


The New NAFTA's Real Target? China

The Trump administration had more than America's commercial deficit with Mexico in mind when it demanded an overhaul of the 25-year-old North American trade deal.