A Peek Inside Italy's Murky Match-Making Industry

In Italy, while some agencies put people in touch locally, others help customers find a spouse in Asia — and then fly them over for the nuptials.

Mexico's President, A Spanish King And The Problem With Apologies

Andrés Manuel López Obrador missed the mark when he called on Spain to apologize for its centuries-old conquest of Mexico.

What The Ghosn Affair Says About Japan And The West

The fate of disgraced auto chief Carlos Ghosn has revealed deep differences between the Japanese and Western systems of justice. And not only.

The Age Question For Politicians Plays Out In Latin America

Older politicians seemingly face an image problem in some Latin American countries. But in this continent of massive corruption scandals, can age really be the issue for voters?


Naruhito Now: A Closer Portrait of Japan's Next Emperor

-Analysis- TOKYO — On May 1, Crown Prince Naruhito will succeed his father, Emperor Akihito, to become the 126th Japanese emperor. The April 1 announcement of the new imperial era's name, ...


Notre Dame, Macron And The Imperative For National Unity

Bogged down by months of protests, the embattled French president now faces a new kind of challenge. But the disastrous cathedral fire may also be something of an opportunity.


In India, A Domestic Servant Rises To National Politics

Married at the age of five and speaking neither English nor Hindi, 68-year-old Pramila Bisoi has seen the hardships of life up close.

South Korea

When A Korean-American Health And Fitness Nut Lands In France

PARIS — Paleo, keto, vegan, pescatarian. There are so many ways we can choose what, and what not, to eat. Give or take, I choose to eat roughly 160 grams of carbohydrates, 110 grams of ...


Another Consequence Of Kenya's Drought: Obesity

With drought comes malnutrition and a run to the slums, where fatty foods, sugar, and obesity await.


Notre Dame Fire: French Lessons In Risk Management

In all likelihood, the cause of the Notre Dame fire is linked to mundane management issues. It's a symbol for today's French culture.


All Greek To Them: How Three Colombians Found Athens In Italy

Three Colombians ended up in Atena Lucana, Italy, instead of Atenas, Greece.


Turkey, India And Israel: The Changing Faces Of Populism

Political Scientist Soner Cagaptay once dubbed Recep Tayyip Erdogan the "inventor of 21st-century populism." There may be some truth to that, especially given the way the Turkish president's style ...

United States

Exit Strategy? Why Scaling Back Refugee Aid Is So Tricky

Aid groups have plenty of protocols for scaling up humanitarian responses to crises. Less clear is when or how they should phase down — and eventually out.

United States

Sunshine State By Night

Before we were able to feast on these luscious oranges and grapefruits of Florida's many roadside stands, my wife and I had gotten off to a rather bumpy start in the "Sunshine State." Landing ...


Art As Antidote To Xenophobia

From films to photography, artwork can help arouse the empathy we need to counter these dark days of border walls and White nationalist terrorism, not yet extinct, and art foments it.


Notre Dame: An Evolving Symbol Of France Is Bound To Live On

The events that have marked the 800-year history of the Notre Dame cathedral bear witness to the monument's eternal meaning and national symbolism.


Notre Dame On Fire, 25 Front Pages From Around The World

PARIS — Firefighters said early Tuesday that they'd extinguished the final flames of the massive Notre Dame cathedral fire that began shortly before 7 p.m. local time Monday. Authorities say ...


Italian Politics, A Mix Of Pro Wrestling And Turkish Coffee

It started as an unlikely marriage of convenience: after Italy's elections in March 2018, the far-right League party and the anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S) formed a coalition ...


On The False Happiness Parents Demand From Schools

-OpEd- MEDELLÍN — A recurring theme one hears from families coming to school is that, above all, they just want their children to be happy. And when you ask parents what happiness means, ...