Putin's Chess Match With Russia's Constitution As Pawn

A sudden rash of constitutional changes, and the government's subsequent resignation, looks to be a maneuver for Putin to hold on to power indefinitely.

In Venice, Winemaking Monks vs. Hotel Developers

Locals are pushing back against plans to build a five-star hotel that would throw grape-killing shade on the famed Italian city's last "real" neighborhood.

Why The Euro Is Starting To Resemble The Yen

The European single currency is emerging as the new global provider of liquidity to the international financial system.

Whiff Of Australian Smoke In South America, World On The Brink

From the apocalyptic Australian fires to the killer drone strike on Iran's top military commander, these are troubling times indeed.


How Egypt's Massive Halal Meat Market Turned Into A Monopoly

CAIRO — In Egypt, all imported meat must be certified as "halal," meaning that it has been procured, stored and shipped in accordance with Islamic law. Obtaining this certificate is a crucial ...


Resort Hotels' Extra Responsibility For Plastic Waste In The Sea

For areas like the Mediterranean basin, tourism is huge business. But it's also an inordinate source of plastic pollution.


Fear And Empowerment: Why Women Are Leading India's Protests

Is this a movement of women from India's liberal campuses against a new citizenship law targeting the country's Muslim minority? Or does it run much deeper?


If Finance Rules The World, Green Bonds May Be Planet's Only Hope

The finance mechanism for sustainable infrastructure, energy and industry may be the ultimate key to curbing, and partly reversing, the harms of climate change.


Bottoms Up: Alcohol-Free Liquor Has A Good Shot At Success

A generation after alcohol-free beer surprised the beverage market, it may be time to go one step stronger.


Around The World, The Best Days Of Democracy Are Still To Come

Authoritarianism seems to be gaining ground in many parts of the planet. But from Hong Kong to Chile — and many places in between — people are also pushing back.


A French Kid Dragged Into Jihad, Lingers In A Syrian Prison

An 18-year-old prisoner recounts his departure from Roubaix, his life in a country at war, and his detention with no way out.


Too Smart For Our Own Good? Imagining Future Human Evolution

As people continue to push the boundaries in areas like AI and biotechnology, it's worth asking what all these advances will do to our minds and bodies.


A Surreal Facebook Alter Ego To Keep Egyptian Activists Safe

When reality transcends constitutional and legal provisions, you must be extra clever about social media use.


Storming The Lithuanian Castle

The red-brick Gothic castle on the Lithuanian island of Trakai looks like it's straight out of a fairy tale. However the spell was broken when a full garrison of soldiers made their rowdy entrance ...


Why Women Are Particularly Vulnerable To Climate Change

-OpEd- BOGOTÁ — Is there a relation between women and the environment? Is it necessary to view environmental policies through female eyes? Is there is a difference in the male and female ...


Mozart In Italy: The Journey That Launched A Child Prodigy

The legendary composer — just 13 at the time — left Austria exactly 250 years ago for a lucrative but exhausting odyssey through the powerful Italian kingdoms and duchies of the day.


U.S.-Iran: France May Be Last Best Hope To Prevent All-Out War

PARIS — In diplomacy, there's always room for talk, even when the window for negotiation seems all but shut. Such is the scenario that Emmanuel Macron faces in wake of the assassination by ...


Capitalism's Original Sin: Gender Distribution Of Work

Men do not do their fair share of housework and childcare. And companies still discriminate against female employees. And it's not looking any better for the digital economy.

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What Is Art? A 20th-Century Question Oddly Lingers On

Are explicitly polemical art works, by now a tradition in modern culture, related to the wave of rebellions across the world? Or are they just a moneymaking tool?