Venezuela Revisited: Time For A Trump-Maduro Summit?

After Trump fired hawkish U.S. official John Bolton, who had repeatedly threatened Venezuela's regime with military action, Maduro may have the opening he's been waiting for.

Le Monde To Macron: Grant Snowden Asylum In France

Leading French daily says that France (and the West) must live up to claims as protectors of freedom as represented by the exiled American whistleblower.

Kashmir Is Quietly Feeding India-Pakistan Nuclear Tensions

As the showdown deepens over the contested region with Pakistan, India is now weighing whether to water down its nuclear no-first-strike policy.

Don't Fight The Robots: The False Choice Of Worker V. Machine

Mechanization is bound to destroy jobs, which not surprisingly provokes fear. But trying to delay the inevitable only makes matters worse and prepares neither society nor laborer for the future.


From Paulo Coelho, A Cautionary Tale Of Terror For Bolsonaro's Brazil

The world-renowned Brazilian novelist was one of thousands jailed and tortured during the military regime (1964-1985) that Brazil's current President Jair Bolsonaro holds in such high esteem.


How Instagram Is Reviving Fashion-House History

Amateur fashion aficionados are using new technology to celebrate the pre-internet past, and forcing labels to reconsider their archives.


Why Matteo Salvini Risks Winding Up Like Marine Le Pen

The far-right League party in Italy, rising in popularity, now faces the prospect of being marginalized by its extremist rhetoric after this summer's gamble by its populist leader backfired.


The Gangs That Rule Along Colombia-Venezuela Border

The border of Colombia and Venezuela has become a lawless land where people are kidnaped and killed with impunity.

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Watch: OneShot — In The Shadow Of Robert Frank

Robert Frank, who died last week at the age of 94, was one of the true giants in the history of photography. Known first and foremost for his 1958 book The Americans, a raw, all-encompassing ...


Social Scoring To Social Cooling: Moving Targets Of Modern Privacy

China's "social scoring" system, with punishments for nonconformist actions and rewards for good behavior, changes human interaction. Germans know a thing or two about the high stakes of privacy protection.


Noah's Ark To Carbon Capture: Looking Beyond Climate Change Miracles

There are plenty of reasons for pessimism. But we also need to keep trying — and hoping — for ways to cooperate across continents.


Gauging China's Military Intentions In Latin America

China is setting up a naval base in Djibouti. Could it do the same in Latin America? Depends on the scope and scale of its growing economic interests in the region.


Modi Putting India's Future At Risk With Kashmir Gambit

It's taken the powerful prime minister just 100 days into his second term to compromise the federation's basic foundation.


World On Fire: The Amazon Is Only Part Of The Problem

It's easy to fault Jair Bolsonaro for his apparent indifference to the unfolding environmental disaster in Brazil. But there's plenty of blame to go around.


Music Soothes The Sulawesi

This concert, courtesy of the Toraja people, provided a welcome balance to our day: My wife and I had just witnessed a traditional burial, in this village of southern Sulawesi — and it ...


When A Subterranean Theater Emerges In Beirut

BEIRUT — Located in the heart of Beirut's vibrant Hamra Street, an area that served as a hub for intellectuals in the 1960s and 1970s, Metro al-Madina is an independent theater company and ...


The Case For Legalizing Colombian Cocaine Production

The war on drugs continues to feed the flames of violence in Colombia, even in this so-called "post-conflict" period.


Ecofascism: When Far-Right Ideology Fuses With Ecology

Some of the recent racist mass killers were also worried about the degradation of the environment. It's part of a old twisted ideology that mixes love of nature and xenophobia.


On Erdogan's Ambitions: A Short History Of Nuclear Weapons In Turkey

ISTANBUL — One of the more prestigious duties for the pilots of the Turkish Air Forces during the Cold War years was the "nuclear watch." The four main air bases in Turkey had been housing ...