Trump's Policy Toward Latin America Is Worse Than Just A Wall

-OpEd- BOGOTÁ –– For some time now, Latin America has not figured on the U.S. State Department’s agenda. If the continent did appear, it was at the bottom of the government’s list. This ...

Four Years, 100 Days: The Hard Work Of Popes And Presidents

-Analysis- Buenos Aires, 2013. At the ripe age of 76, Jorge Mario Bergoglio seems destined to wind down an illustrious career in the Catholic hierarchy as the widely respected and mostly ...


Macron v. Le Pen, A 200-Year-Old War Over Economic Philosophy

The French election coincides with the bicentennial of British economist David Ricardo's seminal work. Never has it been more relevant.


Greenland, Victim Of Denmark's Linguistic Colonialism

COPENHAGEN — In the picturesque Danish capital, it's easy to overlook the men lying on public benches with a beer in hand, or assume they're immigrants from Southern Europe. Listen carefully, ...


Head Over Heels

Photography works in mysterious ways. This frozen moment of some graceful Bulgarian folk dancers in Varna somehow looks terribly clumsy. See more slides from My Grand-Père's World ...


The Ghost Of Capitals Past

The city of Fatehpur Sikri, founded in 1569 near Agra, served briefly as the capital of the Mughal Empire before it was abandoned, mainly for water scarcity reasons, only 16 years later. It's one ...


Extra! Venezuelan "Brutal Repression," Growing Isolation

El Nacional — April 27, 2017 CARACAS — The embattled government of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has raised the stakes on both the domestic and foreign front. At home, the death ...


Iconic French Street Art "Invaders" Land In North Africa

MARRAKESH — It is a 21st-century Parisian experience par excellence: You turn a cobblestone corner or exit some quaint square and come face-to-face with a small, tiled alien critter pasted on the ...


Why This Century's Autocrats Are More Likely To Succeed

-OpEd- SAO PAULO — One of the biggest lies in modern politics is the belief that freedom is a universally-shared passion. It isn't. Freedom implies a burden of responsibility not everyone is ...


New Leader Of Le Pen’s Party Accused Of Gas Chamber Denial

French journalist digs up troubling comments from 17 years ago by Jean-François Jalkh, who was just tapped to head the National Front party ahead of the May 7 presidential election.


Dark Times For Press Freedom, It's True

-Analysis- PARIS — Someone, somewhere will probably call this fake news. Reporters Sans Frontières, a Paris-based organization for the protection of journalists and free expression, released ...


Extra! Remembering Guernica In Basque Newspaper

El Correo, April 26, 2017 The front page speaks for itself. "Guernika," Wednesday's edition of Spain’s El Correo reads, with the Basque spelling of Guernica displayed in bold red letters ...


New FARC Soccer Club Aims To Ease Colombian Guerrillas Into Society

A Colombian NGO is hoping football could turn former communist guerrillas into peaceful citizens — and maybe even sporting stars.


The French Ambition, Inside Macron’s Remarkable Climb To The Top

A mix of arrogance, careful planning and fortuitous circumstances have brought the political outsider and youthful former economy minister Emmanuel Macron to the gates of the French presidency.

United States

In "Another" Washington, Folks (Mostly) Sticking With Trump

-Analysis- WASHINGTON (Indiana) — This city of 11,000, nestled among a handful of low hills rising from table-flat Hoosier farm fields, is 680 miles from the other Washington, but the cultural ...


Hitting The Books in Switzerland's "Refugee University"

ZURICH — The determined look of Mambo Mhozuyenikono (not his real name) contrasts with the nonchalance of the other students who wander, trays in hand, around the cafeteria at the University of ...


A Vicious Cycle of Poverty, Violence And Natural Disasters

-Analysis- LIMA — Peruvian historian Javier Puente's latest research includes some very interesting maps. The first (and most extensive) covers the area affected by drought as a result of the ...


Blow Up The System, How The French Election Changed Everything

-Analysis- PARIS — Such a result was unthinkable just a few months ago: For the first time in the more than half-century history of the Fifth Republic, the top two vote-getters in the first ...