Xiongan, Xi Jinping's Dream Megacity To Burnish His Legacy

Ground has been broken on the signature domestic project of the Chinese leader's next term. It is meant to be a massive model city of innovation, forever linked to Xi's Chinese Dream.

Veneto Referendum: Is This Italian Region The Next Catalonia?

The northern Italian region of Veneto will hold a referendum on gaining greater autonomy from the central government in Rome — but not all its citizens are aware.

Bataclan To Pulse, The Show Must Go On. Or Must It?

-Analysis- PARIS — Next month marks the two-year anniversary of the Bataclan attack — and the one-year anniversary of its reopening. The Nov. 13, 2015 shooting that took place at the historic ...


Jihadist Brides, Tales Of The Ex-Wives Of ISIS

They were the brides of ISIS. These days, they are detained in a camp for the internally displaced north of Raqqa city. They speak about life in the caliphate, and their hopes for the future.


Unemployment Rates, A Broken Economic Barometer

The rapid rise in part-time employment has undermined what was, until now, the instrument of choice to evaluate the job market. What comes in its place?


The Flash Rise Of Sebastian Kurz, Austria's Emmanuel Macron

BERLIN — Sebastian Kurz was faster than Emmanuel Macron. Following the rapid rise of this year’s other young political superstar, Kurz’s victory Sunday in Austria’s parliamentary election was even ...


Unexpectedly Lush

You'd expect the mountainous Epirus region, in northwestern Greece, to be somewhat dry. But the shores of the beautiful lake Pamvotis bring some welcome greenery to the ...


Three Highways In The Amazon And Dilemmas Of Deforestation

Plans to build highways through the Amazon rainforest are clear violations of pledges made in Paris to end deforestation by 2020. But the situation on the ground is not a one-way street.


When Contemporary Art Lands In A Highway Rest Stop

In Switzerland, a provocatively mundane location for top avant-garde art. But can you find something more important than a full tank of gas?


Saving Sirte, Libyan City Returns To Life After Fall Of ISIS

SIRTE — If it were theater, it would be bad theater. Too incongruous, too unreal. The stage — buildings in ruins all along the boulevard — just doesn't fit the happiness on the people's faces. ...


The Formidable Challenge Of Electrifying Rural India

The current challenge in rural electrification is not just connecting households, but providing sufficient, affordable and high-quality supply.


A Hollywood Pig, The Weinstein Scandal Viewed From France

PARIS — According to an ever expanding list of accusers, Harvey Weinstein has been sexually harassing and assaulting women for decades. As of Friday, 28 women have come forward to denounce the ...


Fleeing Violence, Central American Child Migrants Flock Into Mexico

MEXICO CITY — As the Trump administration threatens to expel nearly a million undocumented immigrants who entered the United States as children, Mexico is seeing a spike in arrivals of children ...


Catalan Identity Lessons From A Spanish Son In Switzerland

You shouldn't play with fire, with the deepest feelings of a people. That counts for Catalonia, but also for smaller battles of belonging, like those in Swiss cantons.


Trump, Erdogan, Merkel: What Price For A Free Press?

-Analysis- Donald Trump, the world’s biggest cyberbully, has issued another Twitter threat. The target this time wasn’t North Korea’s “Rocket Man,” but another favorite: the media. Yesterday, ...


Fifty Years On, Che Guevara's Economic Ideas Are What Matter

The Marxist leader killed in an ambush in 1967 achieved icon status as a warrior for the revolution. But it's his proposals about the economy that have lasting value.


A Long Time Since Tipperary

Some photos speak for themselves, others can use a little explaining. Though I took this shot almost 40 years ago, seeing it brought back some vivid memories: For starters, our meal at "Chez ...

United States

The Donald, The Codes And Risks Of A New Nuclear Arms Race

U.S. President Donald Trump is raising the threat of an arms build-up, and even nuclear confrontation itself. But he's not the only one.


Women And Robots, More Than Just A Pretty Face

The sex robot market is expanding, but women must play a core role in the development of all artificial intelligence to avoid a future designed with a male bias.