Green Fashion? When Clothing Industry Decides Ecology Is In

The fashion industry sees that protection of the environment is a hot selling point, and maybe also a long-term trend.

Italy, Pasta Così

The Italian border is just a four-hour drive from my hometown. Over the years, I ended up going to Italy with my family dozens of times, to enjoy the seaside, the beautiful architecture, the warm ...

Why Christmas Markets Will Stay Prime Targets For Terrorists

-Analysis- MUNICH — At first glance, the video footage looks like a harmless Advent promotional clip. It showed cheerful people walking between decorated stalls, tinsels, Christmas trees, Santa ...

The VR Couch: Virtual Reality Takes On Mental Illness

How VR can help patients suffering from eating disorders, phobias and schizophrenia.


Karelia Postcard: Germany's Forgotten Female Prisoners Of War

Towards the end of World War II, 800,000 German women and girls were deported to forced labor camps in the Soviet Union. A visit to the abandoned camps near the Russian-Finnish border.


D&G Chopsticks Incident And China's Quest For Cultural Power

WASHINGTON — My first encounter with China was, oddly, at the top of the Empire State Building. I was a young student, and climbing to the top of the Manhattan landmark was the last thing I did ...


Je Suis Yellow Vest: Global Anti-Elite Claim Stake In French Movement

Far-right and far-left from around the world voice support for the popular uprising in France.


How U.S-China Trade War Could Be A Chance For India To Cash In

Trump's trade war with China could be a golden opportunity for India. But first, it'll need to revisit its trade policies and regulatory framework.


Tamales To Gonorrhea: How Violence Shaped Colombian Spanish

Colombia's Spanish, beside its charming formality, is replete with graphic allusions to extreme brutality, becoming a mirror of a good 100 years of political and criminal violence.

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Behold The Google-Facebook Duopoly

Google tried and failed to play the social media game. But that's not necessarily a bad thing for the tech giant, which is doing just fine by sharing the tech market with California rival Facebook.


Watch: OneShot — Reza's Breath Of Freedom

It is one of the most iconic images taken by Iranian-French photojournalist Reza. For nearly four decades, Reza has spanned the globe covering conflict and communities, stories of faith and ...

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A Rising Antitrust Movement, And The Inevitable Pushback

Monopolistic companies may be near a tipping point where people (and governments) want them reigned in.


Sex In Antarctica: When Things Heat Up For Iced-In Researchers

Argentina's Antarctic bases are staffed by isolated and often young scientists confined in close quarters.


Where The Geopolitical Chessboard Makes Sense Today: Asia

In the West, the era of grand, strategic pacts between nation-states seems to have come and gone. But in Asia, the trend may just be catching on.


"Pico Pa" Arc de Triomphe! Defacing Other Countries' Monuments

The outpouring of rage and resentment that erupted in last weekend’s “yellow vest” demonstrations in Paris made headlines around the world. In far-flung Chile, which has had plenty of its own ...


What Same-Sex Marriage Referendum Failure Says About Taiwan

The referenda that rejected marriage equality in Taiwan last month was not only a huge blow to the country’s LGBT community, but also a political setback to the ruling Democratic Progressive Party ...


Inside Facebook’s Top Secret Moderation Center

BARCELONA — It’s a large, bright open space, in which 80 people work, sitting behind brand new desks. The grey of the carpet is still pristine, the walls too white, impersonal. Except for a large ...


For Rohingya, The Risks Of A Premature Return To Myanmar

The Rohingya people’s long history of forced displacement tells us of the dangers of repatriation from Bangladesh before their safety and rights can be guaranteed.

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Watch: OneShot — A Night At The "Elmo" With Garry Winogrand

In the 1950s, El Morocco was the It-spot for New York's who's-who — and the perfect place for a young Garry Winogrand to hone his skills as a street photographer. In the heat of the "Elmo" ...