Aleppo, All That Glitters Is Gone

For millennia, Aleppo was a city of riches, a significant stop on the Silk Road. Sadly, many parts of the Ancient City — including its famous souks — have now been destroyed in the ongoing Syrian ...

Helping China's Elderly Catch Up With Our Information Age

BEIJING — A video is making the rounds across China's internet. On a bus in the western city of Xi'an, an elderly man is seen shouting at a pregnant woman that she should give up her seat. "I am ...

Watch: OneShot — Woman In A Bar

For decades, Stanley Greene risked his life to photograph wars and their atrocities. He also loved capturing women's surrounding mystery, beauty and strength. Like this stranger, sitting in a bar ...

What Colombia Can Learn From Uruguay's Mellow Pot Policy

Rather than clamp down on drug users, Colombia might borrow a page from its far southern neighbor and consider a more humane approach.


Boyan Slat, A (Nicer) Elon Musk To Save Our Oceans

The project "The Ocean Cleanup" wants to use its system to rid the oceans from plastic waste. The founder thinks big about the planet and beyond. And he's not a jerk.


The Loaded Politics Of Human Milk Banking

The proliferation of human milk banks has raised technical, religious and political concerns. Local policymakers would benefit from an international framework to help them set regulations.

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On Political Correctness And The American Left, A French Take

-OpEd- PARIS — The gravity of the situation at the White House grows clearer each day. The anonymous article published by the New York Times in which a high-ranking official from the Trump ...


Female Sexuality, Still A Victim Of Egypt's Patriarchy

CAIRO — A friend of mine lived alone in downtown Cairo. She was single when she moved in but after getting into a relationship, her boyfriend joined her. One day in 2012, her neighbors saw her ...


Water Pollution And The World's Plastic Bottle Conundrum

From Flint, Michigan to Shanghai, China, bottled water is a luxury many people can't afford to do without.

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OneShot: Patty Hearst, The Mysterious Tale Of An Heiress

The story remains a mystery to this day. On February 4, 1974, the 19-year-old daughter of millionaire newspaper publisher Randolph Hearst was kidnapped from her home in Berkeley, California. ...


"Fat Acceptance" In Latin America: Resisting Tyranny Of The Slim

Latin Americans call it the Movimiento Gordo, accepting weight differences as a way to resist a mass consensus typical of our time. One Argentine author offers her portrait.


Call Centers, An Unlikely Refuge For Transgender Filipina Women

BPOs (business process outsourcing) companies are booming in the Philippines, and providing safe workplaces for transgender women to present themselves in their authentic gender identity.


China, Latin America And The Benefits Of Traditional Farming

Ancestral agricultural practices can provide a sustainable and creative way to boost rural economies in Latin America. And China could help.


Inside Tunisia's Battle Over Inter-Religious Marriages

Since 2017, Tunisian women have had the right to marry non-Muslims. But reality is playing out in different ways down on the local level amid an Islamist resurgence.

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OneShot: Florence, A Silent View From Space

Look into her eye... The East Coast of the United States was bracing for Hurricane Florence to make landfall Friday, with hundreds of thousands evacuating to avoid potential for deadly wind, rain ...


Love It Or Hate It, Amazon May Be Impossible To Live Without

Amazon is upending the commercial status quo. And yet, as much as people like to complain about it, the temptation to use it can be irresistible.


Language Battles In India: Benefits Of A Mother Tongue Education

The number of children studying in English in India increased 273% between 2003 and 2011. But there is also a push for Hindi over regional dialects. Child development should be the guide, not politics or status.


For Terminal Patients, Palliative Care Offers "Another Way To Die"

Easing pain and "old-fashioned" home care, rather than intensive hospitalization, are proving themselves as better and cheaper ways to treat terminal patients.


The "Yin-Yang" And Bad Economics Of China's Movie Industry

BEIJING — Fan Bingbing, China's highest-paid actress and star of the 2014 blockbuster X-Men, recently received some unwanted public attention—an accusation of tax evasion. The Chinese actress was ...