Macron Mania, Why France Loves Its Enlightened Despots

Imagine what Donald Trump would do within a French-like government structure ...

Revisiting The Art — And Argentine Origins — Of Lucio Fontana

A current exhibition at the National Museum of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires isn't just about remembering a great 20th-century artist. It's about reclaiming him as a national treasure.


Lucky Chaplin

There is a well-known statue of Charlie Chaplin in Vevey, Switzerland, not far from my hometown, where the great American actor lived for 25 years. But what was he doing in Ireland? The quiet ...


A New Women-Run Mosque In Berlin, Is This How The Reformation Of Islam Begins?

Seyran Ates, a German-Turkish lawyer, has opened the first “liberal” mosque in Berlin, where she herself is the imam. The goal is nothing less that the worldwide reformation of Islam.

Saudi Arabia

Why Saudis Swapped Crown Prince: It's The Economy, Stupid

The latest big news out of the Middle East is that Saudi Arabian King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud has ousted the crown prince and installed his 31-year-old son, Mohammed bin Salman, in that ...


Ghost Cities, Demographic Lessons From Japan To China

TOKYO — The popular Chinese imagination of Japan has followed along with Japan’s evolution over the past four decades. In the late 1970s, when China started to reform and to open up to the rest of ...


Mustache, That Must-Have Facial Prop Of Any Strongman

Dictators, gangsters and gun-toting guerillas all seem to have a fondness for facial hair — specifically above their upper lips. But why?


Our Lady Too? American Dollars In Paris To Save Notre-Dame

PARIS - Notre-Dame Cathedral continues to draw millions in the center of Paris. But how long before it starts to collapse? For now, at least, France's most famous cathedral still stands tall ...


A Syrian Father's Mission To Clear ISIS Mines Is Cut Short

Abu al Fadl devoted the final months of his life to clearing al-Bab of improvised explosives left behind by ISIS in everything from washing machines to cooking pots. The 60-year-old disabled several thousand mines before one took his life.

United States

Changes At The Top, From Uber To Riyadh

Image is valuable currency in our modern world. It can make or break a brand, or a career. Entire nations, meanwhile, also have to consider how they are seen — at home and abroad. We also know ...


Honoring “Turkish Schindlers” — Forgotten Heroes Of The Armenian Genocide

Unlike the "Righteous Among The Nations" of the Nazi Holocaust, individual Turks who opposed the Armenian genocide are lost to history. Again, Turkey's government is largely to blame.


Female-Only TV Station Hits Afghanistan Airwaves

KABUL — When a series of terrorist attacks rocked the Afghan capital late last month, killing more than 150, less than a kilometer away from worst blast, a group of women were busy preparing a ...


In Syria, The Next War Has Already Begun

Russia, Iran and U.S. are all looking beyond the defeat of ISIS in Syria. But the little game the great powers are playing is becoming increasingly risky.


Despacito And 5 Other Non-English Hits That Went Global

Despacito, by Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi, is 2017’s runaway worldwide hit. Muy bien! It follows a long, though not-so-frequent history of non-English songs breaking down language barriers ...


The Antarctic, One Last Chance To "Do Right" By Mother Nature

The Antarctic, one of the last, unspoiled parts of the natural world, will, like the Amazon, face man's destructive onslaught unless states take action quickly.


A Modern Tale Of Anti-Semitism In A Berlin School

Paul is 14 years old. For months, he was assaulted and bullied by his classmates, and finally had to leave the school. Anti-Semitism lives on in Germany — but it's changing.


The Names In Spain Are Mostly The Same, Though That May Change

A tiny revolution can be heard rumbling through Spain: starting June 30, parents will have the ability to chose the order of their child’s last names.


How Human Trafficking Carries Witchcraft To Switzerland

GENEVA — It may sound like hocus-pocus, but with the growing influx of African migrants, social services in Switzerland are having to tackle a new and perplexing problem: witchcraft. The ...