UK Business Hates Brexit, But Opposes Second Referendum

LONDON — The plot to reverse Brexit is missing a key ally: U.K. business. Companies have been among the most outspoken critics of the split from the European Union, and have much to lose from a ...

May 1968, Month One Of The Sexual Revolution?

France will be marking 50 years since the month-long student uprising that challenged the establishment on so many fronts. But some historians now question whether it was really the birth of sexual liberation.

Economic History Lesson: Trump's Protectionism Will Not Pay

The U.S. trade deficits that have prompted the Trump administration to raise tariffs have a result of the universal use of dollars and are unrelated to "unjust" trading practices.

Elections, A Favorite Prop For Strongmen

Even the most anti-democratic election can reveal much about the system.


Syria, Victim Of Western Errors Of The Recent Past

We should not be proud of of the insufficient response against the Damascus regime, but total inaction would be even worse.


Sicilian Smiles

Our trip to Sicily came just as legendary Italian magistrate Giovanni Falcone was launching the widest-ranging anti-Mafia probe ever. This light-hearted moment in Palermo reminds me of the famous ...


In Latin America, Politics Of Fear Makes A Comeback

Countries like Colombia, traumatized by decades of violence, have yet to shake off the tyrant's favored arm of fear. Now it also spreads on social networks.


How Western Strikes Against Syrian Regime Look To Syrian People

Better than nothing? Too little, too late? Settling their own scores? The people on the ground in Syria have no false illusions as to what's at play with Western attacks in response to reports of the use of chemical weapons.


Rolex, Making Of A Worldwide Reputation From A Swiss Backyard

GENEVA — At a time when trust and truth are under attack, it's somehow comforting to see that some reputations can still go untarnished. For the third year in a row, Swiss company Rolex has ...


It's Time To Stop Demonizing Big Data

Information gleaned from digital sources must be used in strict accordance with the law. But it's too useful to simply vilify and disregard.

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Syria And The Troubling Parallels With 1914

From Saudi Arabia to Iran, Moscow to Washington and beyond, the rising global tensions over the Syrian war could explode in unpredictable ways.


Watch: The Story Behind Iconic Holocaust Photo Of Warsaw Child

OneShot — Jewish boy surrenders, 1943 (Anonymous Nazi photographer​) The Warsaw Ghetto uprising against Nazi occupation started in April 1943. Jürgen Stroop was sent by Himmler to pacify ...


Burning Trash, High Cancer Rates And Shadows Of Italy's Mob

In northern Italy, the city of Pavia has higher-than-average cancer rates and widespread cases of illegal garbage burning. Are these two facts just a coincidence?

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Live From The Blue Ridge Mountains, Where Facebook Stores Its Data

FOREST CITY — It was slow at the thrift shop, and manager Stephanie Henderson, 38, was looking at her laptop, trying to discover all that Facebook had collected on her: the posts, the memes, the ...


Tea Or Coffee? China Produces (and Drinks) Both

China has quietly become a major coffee producer — mostly for export. But its people are developing a taste for the beverage as well, much to the delight of vendors like Starbucks.


World Press Photo Of The Year: Watch The Story Behind The Winner

AFP photographer Ronaldo Schemidt has won the prestigious 2018 World Press Photo of the Year Award. Check out our special OneShot video of his winning photograph: 2018 World Press Photo ...


Trade Wars II: Now Trump Is Attacking Germany Where It Hurts

BERLIN — Donald Trump's protectionist push is prompting a trade war with the entire world — Germany included, as his announcement last month about steel and aluminum tariffs made abundantly ...


Here We Go Again: Iraq To Syria, Chemical Weapons And Collective Amnesia

-OpEd- Tensions are reaching a bursting point over Syria! Just as Saddam Hussein's (hypothetical) possession of weapons of mass destruction led U.S. President George W. Bush to invade Iraq, the ...


A Delicate Anti-Terror Strategy For Egypt's Coptic Churches

As the state’s efforts to secure churches become more centralized, church scouts play an increasingly pivotal role.