In France, Companies Make The Move To 100% Teleworking

French managers are trying to transition from assessing attendance to assessing results, the American tradition. But their are drawbacks.

Watch OneShot: Alain Delon At Cannes, Yesterday And Today

The 2019 Cannes film festival will celebrate legendary French actor Alain Delon with an honorary Palme d'Or. At the age of 83, Delon continues to attract a generous dose of controversy for his ...

Why Colombia Is Key To Venezuela's Democratic Future

There are now 1.2 million Venezuelan migrants in Colombia. How they are treated may help determine a post-Maduro future.

Ancient Greek, Greta Thunberg And The Gift Of Education

Should schools add new subjects every year to keep up with the times? Or is their job simply to help students become critical thinkers? A new mother's musings.


What Freud's Shrink Nephew Thinks Of Your Parenting Skills

Child psychiatrist Joseph Knobel Freud, an Argentine-based descendent of Sigmund Freud, says modern parents are far too loose.


France's Yellow Vests And The Problem With Post-Truth Economics

Opinion shapers have a habit these days of disregarding facts, be they scientific or economic. Opinions matter, of course, but shouldn't supersede well-founded knoweldge.


Save The Last Bulgarian Dance

In the lobby of my hotel on the shores of the Black Sea, locals in full folkloric attire were dancing to traditional tunes. It felt strangely familiar, having had my own experiences preserving the ...


Why The Brazilian Soccer Team Wouldn't Wear White - Until Now

"In Japan, white is the color of mourning." So wrote Samuel French in his play All the Way Home. Or at least that's the line as I remember it from my high-school theater days. White is also the ...


Watch: OneShot — Hitchcock's Birds On A Cannes Red Carpet

With the 72nd edition of the Cannes Film Festival kicking off tonight, OneShot and the French public audiovisual institute INA take a look back at Cannes photographic archives. The festival is ...


Tracing A Link Between Science And Xenophobia

The self/other theory of immunology rests on the xenophobic assumption that 'others' are always dangerous and need to be removed.


Mexican Delusions: López Obrador's Twisted Idea Of Progress

The Mexican president's overhaul of public life is riding roughshod over interests, including those of the poor, his own voters, and a "defenseless" middle class.


IPO And Beyond: How Uber Rolled Into Our Lives - A World Tour

Long before Uber's multi-billion-dollar IPO, the ride-hailing app has been shaking the economic and legal foundations of the dozens of countries around the world where it's landed. Not only has it ...


Limits Of Digital Literacy: Why Books Should Never Disappear

It is telling that parents in Silicon Valley, who would know, are restricting and even banning screen time for their children. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization has just released a new set ...


Marvel In The Office? How To Work With Captain America

How would you deal with Steve Rogers, a.k.a. Captain America, if you were his boss — or colleague?


Cold Economics For Colombia's Coffee Growers

The country faces dramatic debt levels among small-scale coffee farmers, as prices fall on world markets. Some have suggested a fixed minimum price for this key Colombian export.


Don't Call It Suicide: What Words To Use In Right To Die Debate

Someone who is terminally ill and wants to die faster does not "commit suicide," says this German palliative medicine physician. Words matter.


If Not Modi...? That Question Weighing On India

The question "If not Modi, then who?" points to a worrying lack of understanding of how a parliamentary democracy works.


Sovereign Funds: Latin America's Hidden Investment Potential

With its abundant raw materials and growing digital economy, Latin America has real potential for national investment funds.


Death And Destitution: How France Buries Its Homeless

A collective called Les Morts de la Rue keeps tabs on the deaths of homeless people, and tries to reach out to families that are in many cases estranged.