How Mussolini Is Making A Comeback On Social Media

The "brand" of Il Duce is doing particularly well on Facebook and Instagram.

Father Hamel, A Sole French Terror Victim Worth Remembering

-Analysis- PARIS — The nation of France has become a new sort of Ground Zero for Islamic terrorism's attack on the West. Over the past 30 months, images have spread around the world of both ...


Mindfulness Meets Maria, A Modern Blend Of Buddhism And Christianity

Like many in Argentina, psychiatrist Martín Reynoso was raised Catholic. But as time went on, his approach to the modern world began to involve meditation and mindfulness.

United States

Mixed Feelings From The Masses Awaiting Tesla's New Model 3

PALO ALTO — While his high-school classmates were blowing their money on Chipotle burritos and concert tickets, Truman Hale was saving up for a Tesla. In March of last year, after years of penny ...


Trump Masks, Warhol And The Temptations Of Instagram

PARIS — As the editor of what we call a “digital magazine,” I must make lots of choices on any given day as the various streams of news — real and fake and often just pointless — criss-cross on my ...


How To Fake Drinking To Hide Your Pregnancy

When a woman doesn’t drink, we all suspect her of being pregnant. But what happens when that’s true?


Exotic Amazon Fruit Lures Farmers Away From Coca Cultivation

A wealth of hidden, unfamiliar fruits could help protect Colombia's embattled rainforests by luring peasants and settlers away from coca farming.


Floating By The Sugarloaves

Near Guilin, my wife and I hopped on a short cruise on the Li River. The makeshift houseboats built from discarded modern materials were interesting to look at, but clashed with the scenic ...


French Press Stands With Cumhuriyet As Trial Opens In Turkey

Libération, July 24, 2017 Leading French daily Libération showed its support for embattled Turkish opposition daily Cumhuriyet, as a trial gets underway for 17 journalists and staff members ...


Migrants' Many Shades Of Death Along The Tunisian Coast

In the south of Tunisia, near the Libyan border, an ancient dump serves as a cemetery for immigrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean illegally. But the living remain undeterred.


The False Promise Of Resurrection Biology

Scientists have the technology to bring extinct species back to life, give or take a few missing DNA strands. But should they?


Bain De Soleil, How France Invented The Modern Tan

-Essay- PARIS — For a superficial observer, it is one of the lesser-known cultural revolutions and a rather trivial one at that: the dramatic shift in the Western physical ideal, in just over a ...


How Brazilian Soccer Became An Elitist Pastime

High ticket prices and fancy stadiums are making the games of the national pastime off-limits for most of Brazil's population.


Holocaust Rhymes And Lamborghinis, A Jewish Rapper Breaks Taboos In Germany

SpongeBOZZ's new album quickly shot up the German hip-hop charts, but his irreverence is telling, part of a growing trend to treat World War II as distant history.


Algerian Bikini Revolt One Year After Burkini Battle In France

Some 3,000 women gathered on the beach of Annaba to protest the mandatory wearing of burkinis — a reminder that women must choose for themselves and their bodies.

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What's That You Say, Mr. Tillerson? U.S. Diplomacy Adrift Under Trump

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has done his best to stay close to the president, but that doesn't translate into influence over American diplomacy.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Of Lions And Plastic, Strongmen And Mother Nature

Throughout history, nature has had to bear the consequences of human delusions of grandeur. Among the various and extravagant ways men devised to display their power, wild animals have paid a ...


Tourist Hell Is My Hometown, Living In A Vacation Destination

PALMA — You live in one of those special places where people travel from all around the world to visit. A dream? More like a neverending tourist hell, says Venice resident Elisa Crepaldi. “Some of ...