Private Lives And Public Service, An Australian Story

-OpEd- TURIN — Everyone knew that Australian politician Rachel Carling-Jenkins had filed for a divorce, but nobody knew why. She explained it herself, a few days ago, standing up to speak ...

France's Libération: "Aung San Suu Kyi: A Nobel And A Massacre"

Libération, Sept. 19, 2017 Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi on Tuesday broke her silence on the violence in her Buddhist-majority country that has forced hundreds of thousands of minority ...

Lining Up For Lenin

Even a decade after the fall of the Soviet Union, people were lining up in Red Square to get a glimpse of Vladimir Lenin: the Communist leader's embalmed body remains on display inside the ...


The Benefits Of Democratizing Big Data

In places like Venezuela, electronic interactions may be a more reliable source of information than the government.


Can A New Wall Shield The Eiffel Tower From Terror?

-Analysis- The blueprints of the Middle Ages are back. Even as metal and glass have long since replaced stone and mortar, there is an unmistakable parallel to be drawn between medieval ...


Palestinian Prisoner Payouts: Humane Or Pure Hypocrisy?

The PLO gives monthly allowances to the families of Palestinians detained in Israeli jails. The Israeli and U.S. governments want the practice to stop.


Why It's Time For A Marshall Plan For Technology

-Analysis- SAO PAULO — The idea of economic planning dominated the imagination of 20th-century economists. Unlike the classical liberal view, the planning concept supports clear government ...


Europe's Sovereignty Crisis, Moving Beyond The Nation-State

There is no contradiction between feeling French (or Catalan, or Berliner) and becoming a European citizen. But it is time for that citizenship to have real civic meaning.

United States

The Many Dangers Of A Worldwide Nuclear Weapons Ban

WASHINGTON — This month, the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons will open for signature at the United Nations. Signatories will promise never to "develop, test, produce, manufacture . . ...


With Myanmar's Fleeing Rohingyas, A Cruel Portrait Of Ethnic Cleansing

TEKNAF — They ran, they walked, they stumbled, then they ran again. They're exhausted, starving, some are wounded. They fled with fear and death chasing from behind. They are also carrying with ...


Why I Won't Be Watching The Third Season Of Narcos

-Essay- BOGOTÁ — I always had mixed feelings about the Netflix series Narcos. The first two seasons were based on the life and times of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, and the show has just ...


Turkey's Exiled Intellectuals Find Haven In "Little Istanbul" Of Berlin

Writers, artists, journalists and others fleeing oppression in Turkey are settling in the Kreuzberg neighborhood of Berlin. But the dream is always to go back home.

United States

Seattle From The Needle

That's the beauty of shooting with a telelens: From the top of the famous Space Needle, I was able to see details of downtown Seattle — more than a mile ...


As Libyan Route Shuts Off, Migrants Turn To Tunisian Coast

We have seen far fewer grim accounts of rescues and drownings of would-be immigrants in the Mediterranean in recent weeks, as the human trafficking route-of-choice between North Africa to Europe ...


Hunger Games? What's Wrong With Cairo's Prison-Themed Restaurant

The restaurant "Garemt Akl" (eating crime) aims to tap into Hunger Games morbidity and real-life curiosity about incarceration among Egyptians. But it is chillingly insensitive to real inmates and their families.

United States

Saviors Or Profiteers? The Business Of Hurricane Recovery

Cleaning up after natural disasters has become a lucrative business, but raises questions for victims and governments alike.


Why Empanada Dog Is The Perfect Metaphor For Chile

Chile, not chili! A national deconstructing of that viral video of the hungry Latin American canine stealing the internet's heart.


Dutch YouTubers Get High In The Name Of Science — And Clicks

An online show called Drugslab gives viewers a first-hand account of what it's like to take anything from mushrooms to ecstasy.


Brazil Shooting Range Uses Lula and Dilma Images As Targets

RECIFE — Caricatures can sometimes cross the line. But world leaders, who are always the center of attention, tend to get used to unflattering satirical portraits. But two former Brazilian ...