Hardline On Immigration: Human Rights Or Democratic Will?

PARIS — Central American migrant parents and children are reuniting in Texas. After being stranded off the coast of Italy, the Aquarius ship has now safely docked in the Spanish port of Valencia ...

Algeria Cocaine Bust Reveals New Global Hub In Narcotics Network

Authorities seized 701 kilograms of cocaine on a ship in the port of Oran. The record haul points to a growing network linking South America to Europe via Algeria.

Watch: OneShot, Moe Zorayi — Burqa Women In White

Our new OneShot proves that ghosts are real: Moe Zorayi has photographic evidence from Afghanistan ... Listen to the award-winning Iranian-American photographer tell the story behind this powerful ...

Pyongyang Potential: Could North Korea's Economy Take Off?

With its mineral resources and cheap labor, the country has significant potential for growth, but economic openness could undermine its dictatorship.


Muharrem Ince, Can A Former Science Teacher Beat Erdogan?

Ince, a social democrat, is now the opposition's leading presidential candidate. With support from Kurdish voters, he may even force a runoff.

Palestinian Territory

Rafah Crossing Voices, When Gaza-Egypt Border Stays Open

RAFAH — It has been one month since the Rafah Border Crossing was opened, marking the longest window in which Gaza residents have been permitted to leave and reenter their besieged territory since ...


Iván Duque, New Colombia President Is Likely Trump Ally In Latin America

Colombia's next president may deepen divisions in his country and align Bogota with the belligerent postures of U.S. President Trump.


India's Joyful, Adopt-A-Team Approach To The World Cup

Indians are wild for the World Cup, even if their men's team has yet to participate. And they've got no qualms about going all out for other country's team.

United States

Watch OneShot: Immigrant Children Torn From Parents, A Sight And Sounds

The chilling stories of migrant children being torn from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border now have their first visual and audio record. A photograph taken by a border agent has been ...


Is It Time For AI To Replace Politicians?

Our political leaders are woefully inefficient and too often dishonest. So maybe we should let machines decide policy instead.


How To Design The Ideal, Multi-Generation Office

Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials have very different needs and expectations regarding workspaces. And yet, in many companies they're expected to work side-by-side.


A New Calais? Migrant "Jungle" Forms On Serbia-Croatia Border

Migrants have begun to live in an informal camp 70 miles from Belgrade, hoping to start a new life westward in Europe.


Rotten In Denmark? Europe's Happy Bellwether Turns Dark

Crackdowns on immigration are one more sign that the small but influential northern European nation is now on the front edge of more sinister trends.


Where Is Europe? The Other World Powers No Longer Even Ask

-Analysis- PARIS — A historic, surreal handshake between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. A G7 summit in Canada that officially confirmed the rift between Europe ...


Discovering Exquisite Vegan Food In Beef-Loving Bogotá

Colombians love their carne. But in the capital city, there are plenty of options too for top-end, meat-free dining.


Nowhere To Hide? Big Data, Little Privacy Protection In China

BEIJING — The exhibition was called “Secret,” and opened in the Wuhan Art Museum in April. And what was in the show? The personal information of the 346,000 citizens of the central Chinese city of ...


Watch: OneShot, Guerrillero Heroico - Alberto Diaz Korda

On this day 90 years ago, one of the world's most famous revolution figures was born. OneShot commemorates Ernesto "Che" Guevara's birthday with a photo taken at the funeral for the victims of the ...


The World Cup, Not Quite A Mirror Of Our World

The global soccer competition features teams from a fascinating mix of developed and developing nations. Not represented are the world's two leading economies: the U.S. and China.


Italy Is Closing The Borders, And Nobody Can Blame Them

Finger pointing isn't going to help Italy solve its migration problems. What it needs is help, and for the EU to stop dilly-dallying. A view from Berlin.