Berlusconi's Last Dance: A Sharp Right Turn?

With a now-leaderless Democratic Party and no charismatic successor to take over from Berlusconi, his one-time backers may migrate to more extremist parties.

Unidentified Frying Object

When it comes to international cuisine, I must confess that I'm not that much of an aventurier. Amid the street markets of Indonesia, like elsewhere, I would much rather take pictures of ...

The Many Benefits Of Building With Bamboo

Drawing inspiration from his childhood in Colombia, architect Mauricio Cárdenas is convinced that the age-old material also has a bright future.

Evo Morales Has Only Himself To Blame

The leftist leader had some worthy accomplishments during his long tenure as Bolivian president. But his quest for indefinite leadership cost him in the end.


In Senegal, An App To Tackle Violence Against Women

Femicide is a major problem in the West African country. A French entrepreneur of Senegalese origin is hoping her invention — App-Elles — can help end it.


Will Iran Step In To Suppress Lebanon And Iraq Uprisings?

Protesters in Lebanon and Iraq have been venting their fury at Iran, which is accused of practically running their countries. Tehran is not afraid to come down hard on its domestic opponents.


Why India Is Lukewarm To Native Son's Nobel Prize In Economics

Economist Abhijit Banerjee's win is a are non-cricketing triumph on the global stage. So why aren't Indians more excited?


The Case For Creating A CO2 Central Bank

It's time for the European Union to curb emissions the way it does inflation.


In Italy, Confiscated Mob Villas Handed Over To Needy Families

Buccinasco, a town just outside of Milan, was quietly invaded decades ago by the ‘Ndrangheta mob from the southern region of Calabria. But a new program could be sweet revenge.


Loneliness: A Global Ailment Of Our Aging, Virtual Society

Globally, 25% of all people admit they have nobody to talk to, with older people living longer and young people spending their time on line.


Chile And The Paradox Of (Relative) Prosperity

Chileans are fairly well off, but only in comparison to their Latin American neighbors. The country's success has also bred greater expectations.


What The Data From France's Top Dating Site Tells Us About Love

A pioneering Swedish researcher has come up with new insights about love and romance after analyzing the databases of the dating site Meetic.


Watch: OneShot — 30 Years Ago, Fall Of The Berlin Wall

It marked the end of an epoch: on November 9, 1989, the Berlin Wall fell — and seemingly in an instant, the decades-long Cold War was over. Built in 1961 by the German Democratic Republic ...


Fernández v. Bolsonaro: Argentina-Brazil Trade Now At Risk

It's no secret that Brazil's ultra-conservative leader and the incoming president of Argentina have deeply divergent political leanings.


Meet The Doctor's Maid Who Inspired The Mediterranean Diet

A housekeeper with serious culinary skills helped feed the mind and mouth of Ancel Keys, the American doctor famous for documenting the health benefits of Mediterranean food.

United States

Disarmament To Rearmament: The Quiet Return Of Nuclear Risk

PARIS — "Kolossal'naya opasnost." In a recent BBC interview, Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev used those two words - "colossal danger" - to sound the alarm of the risk the world faces as ...

Palestinian Territory

Where Women's Liberation And Palestinian Liberation Meet

A Manifesto for Tali'at, a new movement seeking to put the feminist cause at the center of the battle for Palestinian rights.


Climate Apocalypse Or Economic Meltdown, Wine Will Survive

Grapes grow almost anywhere, and they're easy to ferment. So don't worry, even if the world as we know it crashes and burns, we'll have wine to ease our souls.


Madness And Wisdom: How Dickens Might See Our Fraught Times

The world faces a set of challenges not unlike the tumultuous times depicted in the classic British novel A Tale of Two Cities.