Clean Trees In Naples: When Ecology Invades Mob Territory

Outside of Naples, researchers have turned land polluted by illegally-dumped chemicals into a living laboratory.

How Japan Can Help Soften U.S.-China Showdown

-OpEd- TOKYO — The United States has turned to inward-looking politics, while the unifying force of Europe has waned due to rampant populism and confusion in Britain, Germany and France. The ...

Why The Circular Economy Is Still Boxed In

It's high-time for an economic model that curbs waste while boosting productivity. But don't expect market forces alone to bring about the necessary shift.

Watch: OneShot — UNICEF France Welcomes 2019

UNICEF France is ringing in 2019 with their greatest mission of all: ensuring every child grows up in the best conditions and has all the tools needed to build a future. And first on the list is ...

United Kingdom

Is Modernity Destined To Destroy Beauty?

-OpEd- PARIS — Between all the brutal Brexit fireworks, the British government took an initiative of rare poetic dimension by establishing a “Building Better, Building Beautiful” ...


What China Flexing Tech Muscle Means For India

The digital relationship between the Asian neighbors has rapidly evolved over the past decade, and India must now think strategically about China's ambitions in the way Western countries have been forced to do.


Poetry In The Time Of Tumblr And Taringa

South American poets Silvina Giaganti to Pedro Mairal are among those who have successfully used social media and other digital spaces to drive interest in their work.


A Hacker Pays For Egypt's Ambiguous Relationship With Data

Dubbed "the International," a young Egyptian computer programmer had built a program to scrape user data from Facebook. But the same practice is routinely done by the government and large corporations.


Miles And Miles Across Canada

In the westernmost point of British Columbia, we found the "Mile 0" marker of the Trans-Canada Highway. Though we covered a lot of Canadian ground, we never made it the 4,860 miles across to the ...

United States

Watch: OneShot — The Face Of Trump's Shutdown

It's the silent (and sullied) face of an unprecedented presidency. The partial government shutdown that Donald Trump has brought on in his battle with congressional Democrats over funding for ...


Maduro, The Sequel: Can Venezuelan Democracy Be Saved?

-Analysis- BOGOTÁ — The Lima Group, a multilateral body of 14 American countries focused on resolving the institutional and democratic standoff in Venezuela, has declared Venezuelan President ...


Behind The Yellow Vests: The Great Fear Of Having Less And Less

-Analysis- PARIS — Did they really have to set France on fire for just a few cents? More than eight weeks after it began, the revolt of the "yellow vests" still seems hard to grasp. For ...


In Chile, Where Remarrying Your Ex Is A Thing

Less than two decades after divorce was legalized, Chileans have a relatively high rate of retying the knot with their exes.


Just Call (Or Text) Me — Enough With Voice Messages!

Voice messages are unilateral and time-consuming: this is bad communication innovation.

United States

Russia Is Exploiting American Racism

-OpEd- WASHINGTON — Two newly released reports from the Senate Intelligence Committee about Russian interference in the 2016 election have been nothing short of revelatory. Both studies — one ...


Racism And Soccer In The Time Of Salvini, A Napoli Homecoming

NAPLES — It was the last game of 2018, and I was looking forward to it. I had planned to go with my brother, a staunch Napoli fan, my soccer-loving Argentine husband and a bunch of old friends. It ...


In Colombia, When Your 7-Year-Old Is Transgender

In Bogotá, a transgender girl and her family are, with their openness, helping similar people take their rightful place in society.


Will Technology Kill Traditional School-Based Education?

Novelist Isaac Asimov imagined 30 years ago that if everyone had a device connected to a broad information network, traditional schooling would be redundant. Most of us now have such a device.

United Kingdom

OneShot: Starman Waiting In The Sky — Remembering Bowie

On January 10, 2016, two days after his 69th birthday and the release of his final album, Blackstar, the great David Bowie was gone. The shape-shifting rock icon behind songs such as "Space ...