Why The World Needs To Move On Without Trump

It's time for other countries to push back rather than just sit back and accept the consequences of Trump's me-first approach to trade and diplomacy.

More Economic Alarm Bells In Dollar-Hungry Argentina

-Analysis- BUENOS AIRES — As then President Juan Domingo Perón made clear in a 1951 speech, concerns in Argentina over the price of the U.S. dollar are nothing new. "I ask you this," he said. ...

Don Quixote's Nightmare

Two peaceful windmills in the Spanish countryside? For Miguel de Cervantes' colorful character Don Quixote (a favorite of mine), these would be ferocious giants — and he would promptly proceed to ...

The New Face Of Populism: Giuseppe Conte, An Italian Robespierre?

The political novice set to become Italy's next prime minister has called himself the "defense lawyer" of the people. While Conte’s words mirror the aspirations of today’s anti-establishment parties, they also have deeper roots in Western history.


A Once Frugal Nation, China Is Getting Run Over By Consumerism

-Analysis- BEIJING — The "invisible poor" has become a new online — and ironic — moniker in China. It describes young people who earn more than 10,000 RMB ($1,570) a month, a considerable ...


Yarmouk, A Palestinian Tragedy Plays Out In Syria

The Yarmouk Camp for Palestinian refugees in Damascus has been the site of a grueling “zero-hour” offensive since last month.


How Should Medellín Deal With "Escobar Tourism"?

Medellín authorities want tourists and youngsters to be mindful of the victims of drug trafficking, not view mobsters as merely rogues or "Robin Hoods."

South Korea

Postcard From The Korean DMZ, The Last Cold War Border

Bill Clinton once called it "the most terrifying place on earth." A no-man's land with barbed wire and robot sentries, the area between the two Koreas has also become an unlikely wildlife refuge.


Drug Wars Or Defense, What Role For Military In Latin America?

-Analysis- BUENOS AIRES — The end of the Cold War ushered in a new phase in military relations between the United States and Latin America. As the region's dictatorships gave way to more ...


Anti-Semitism In German Rap, A Loaded Question

-Essay- MUNICH — Artists are now using anti-Semitism and Islamism to shock, and that’s not surprising. But if both listeners and rappers started to finally take music seriously, this could ...

United States

Why Big Tech Hasn't Joined The Crypto-Revolution

Internet giants have now started flirting with decentralization, to try and replace the so-far failed hopes of Bitcoin and blockchain technology.


Crime In Mexico, Getting Used To A Warped Idea Of Normal

The state of insecurity in Mexico has gone beyond isolated remedies like tweaking laws or reforming agencies. It is so ingrained that people are getting acclimated.


Oui To EU, But Macron Is Pushing European Integration Too Far

-OpEd- PARIS — At a time when nationalism is coming back to life across the continent, the pro-European activism of Emmanuel Macron is to be applauded. The emergence of a new sheen of European ...


Watch: Oneshot—Cannes Film Festival: Sophia Loren And Alain Delon

With the current edition in full swing, OneShot has produced a series of videos with the French public audiovisual institute INA from their Cannes photographic archives. This 1962 episode features ...


Argentina Crisis: Will We Learn Our Economic History Lesson?

The Macri administration should take a hard look at its own economic policies and stop blaming the Kirchner governments that preceded it. Otherwise, the same story will repeat.


Hungry Students? Postponed Exams? Ramadan In German Schools

BERLIN — This past week marked the beginning of a period of peace and quiet for Muslims around the world. It is Ramadan, a month dedicated to reflection, prayers, and fasting, where disputes are ...

United States

Brunch: America’s Response To Sunday Mass

Why do Americans brunch so hard? "I don't know," says one young woman from Baltimore. "I'm too drunk to think about it."


Low Pay, Limited Freedom: Dark Days For Egypt's Journalists

Low wages, government censorship and even arbitrary detentions. Practicing journalism has become an increasingly risky business in Egypt.


Exclusive - Lula's Letter From Jail: Brazil Needs Me More Than Ever

Brazil's imprisoned former president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, writes an impassioned plea published by Le Monde, alongside a call by European leaders to Brazilian authorities to let Lula run for president in October.