Before (And After) The Flood: Climate Change Lessons From The Past

GENEVA — A series of hurricanes of unprecedented intensity in the North Atlantic. Record-high temperatures all over the planet. Monstrous fires in California and Portugal. Entire regions hit by ...

Under The Turkish Sun

To beat the gloominess of a rainy winter afternoon, I put aside my book and went through my sunny slides of Turkey. This one shows the road leading to the Library of Celsus in ...

Darth Vader v. French Justice, Surprise Verdict Of Stellar Mock Trial

PARIS — A short time ago, in a place not so far away, Star Wars fans in France were treated to a special Darth Vader drama, with a courtroom plot. Ahead of the release of the franchise's latest ...

Bullfights And Carnival, Botero's Bulging Homage To Picasso

Colombia's best known painter, Fernando Botero, was in France to open a joint exhibition of his works alongside those of Picasso. It is bound to be a reckoning.


In Zhengzhou, Where 16-Year-Olds Are Making Your iPhone X

There are factories galore in the capital of China's Henan province, where the labor pool is abundant. But for seasonal jobs, producers also use teenage interns.


Putin's Plan To Transform Russia's Forgotten Far East

With billions in investments and a land distribution scheme not unlike the Homestead Act, in the U.S., Moscow is looking to revive a long-neglected region.


Madagascar, Islamists Exploit Poverty To Gain Converts In Christian Land

Islamism is gaining ground on the island historically dominated by Christianity and traditional religions by offering free Koranic education in exchange for conversion.


Havana Restores Heritage Sites Ahead Of 500th Anniversary

Cuba is restoring its colonial architecture in Havana and beyond, and promoting the national heritage among young Cubans, ahead of the 500th anniversary of Havana's foundation.

United States

What Alabama Senate Loss For Republicans Means For Trump

An already razor-thin margin in the Senate becomes even more tenuous for the Republicans. The mid-term 2018 elections are not so far away.


When You're Swiss But Hate The Mountains

Mountains are as integral to Switzerland as beaches are to Tahiti. But that doesn't mean every Swiss person likes the rising surroundings.


As Trump Withdraws, Macron And Putin Step Into The Void

-Analysis- Donald Trump won’t be in Paris on Tuesday. Following his decision to unilaterally withdraw the U.S. from the 2015 Paris climate agreement, French President Emmanuel Macron didn’t ...


Tip Of The Balinese Hat

Conical hats are not limited to China. In Indonesia, where they are called caping, they protect workers from the sun — and make colorful souvenirs in the stalls of Bali's ...


Could Xi Jinping Bring The Dalai Lama Back Home To Tibet?

NEW DELHI — The impact of the 19th Communist Party of China congress and affirmation of President Xi Jinping as China’s ‘most powerful’ leader in decades matters for India — especially on the ...


How NFL "Socialism" Can Help Save European Soccer

Salary caps, financial compensation, and transfer preferential rights for weak teams level the playing field in the NFL and MLB. While Europe's top soccer salaries spiral out of control, and the same teams always win.


Jerusalem And The Politics Of Distraction

On Monday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu traveled to Brussels, the de facto capital of the European Union, to discuss his own country’s de facto seat of power, Jerusalem. His visit to the ...


Indonesia "Deradicalization": Turning Terrorists Into Business Owners

JAKARTA — While Western countries grapple with the question of what to do with militants returning after fighting alongside the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, Indonesia has launched a ...


Elvira Sastre, When A Poet Goes Viral

The 25-year-old Spaniard is a millennial literary star, thanks to her deep culture, her talents and — naturally — her social media skills.

Saudi Arabia

MBS And Millennials, Inside Saudi Prince's Youth Strategy

RIYADH — In the span of a few months, Hind al-Zahid’s life has changed for the better. "My dream turned into reality," the 38-year-old Saudi says. She’s become the first woman to enter the board ...


Museums For Selfies: A New Kind Of Culture Or Pure Commerce?

Exhibitions in the U.S. are held specifically to allow visitors to take pictures of themselves. European museum curators cringe, but competition for the attention of the social-media generation is real.