Extra! Amazon Rainforest "On Fire" On Brazilian Front Page

Estado de Minas's Aug. 23 front page Pegou Fogo. "On Fire." Belo Horizonte-based daily Estado de Minas chose this straightforward, yet impactful title for its Friday edition, letting the ...

A Facebook-Based Collector's Cave Of Nostalgia In Post-Revolution Egypt

Hany Rashed's Facebook-based Baba Museum displays personal objects of dead people and plays with nostalgic idea of the past.

Next For Italy: An Unlikely (And Up To Now Unthinkable) Alliance?

A traditional party and a populist movement may join forces to get Italy out of its political crisis and avoid yet another election.

The Problem With China's Parents-Know-Best Mentality

Adults have a lot of leeway when it comes to raising kids. But that doesn't mean their power should be absolute — parents don't, after all, have ownership of their children.


Argentina's Prohibitive Presidential Front-Runner, In His Own Words

An interview with Peronist candidate Albérto Fernández, who together with his running mate — former president Cristina Kirchner — is looking to unseat Mauricio Macri.


Caste Discrimination Still Casts A Long Shadow Over Indian Politics

NEW DELHI — Mangesh and Aarti loved each other. Both belonged to the same village, professed the same religion, had the same cultural heritage. Their class and status in society did not differ ...


Not Sure About That Romanian Style

For a moment, the streets of Sibiu turned into a fashion show — and that woman didn't seem too convinced by the man's dress sense ... Was it the traditional căciulă sheepskin hat, or something ...


Hong Kong Protests And Xi Jinping's First Big Failure

The Chinese leader may officially defend the idea of "one country, two systems", but in fact his management of the crisis in the archipelago is in total contradiction with this principle. And the protests continue to grow.


The Gateway To Norway

Svolvaer is one of the first scenic stops upon entering the famous Lofoten archipelago of northern Norway. The fishing village, with its typical wooden red houses, offers a nice warmup to the ...


Bitcoin, Petro, Libra ... Why Cryptocurrency Isn't Really Currency

Cryptocurrencies are not so much money as flexible "assets" that may be used in payments, without (yet) the universal credibility of a hard currency.


Posterity, Pleasure, Revenge: What Drives Writers To Write

There are countless reasons for becoming a writer or a poet, but thankfully very few that we could consider reasonable.


You Can Still Go On Holiday, But It's Time To Do It Sustainably

Air travel is booming despite the current climate debate. But vacationers have to rethink their summer breaks — not only for the environment, but also for the sake of people.


Take 5: How China's Big Brother Inspires Surveillance Tech Around The World

Personal privacy seems to be fleeting in a world where technology is constantly advancing — and it's no accident: Around the globe, authorities are creating new ways to collect information ...


In India, God Is No Environmentalist

The country's landscape is ravaged by plastics and environmental collapse seems imminent. And yet religion appears to often be on the wrong side of the issue.


It's Time For Europe And The U.S. To Bury The GAFA Hatchet

Economist Bruno Alomar pleads for an appeasement of tensions on both sides of the Atlantic regarding the Internet and tech giants.

United States

The Backlash To Globalization Did Not Begin With Trump

President Trump is not curbing global trade alone, but is part of a trend traced back to the crash of 2008. And the legislation actually dates back to the 1950s.


No, Capitalism Is Not To Blame For Climate Change

It has become fashionable to blame the climate crisis on the economy, but it's important to fight against this misconception, and the trivialization of the problem.


Profile 360° → Remembering Jaime Garzon, Colombia's Brave Comic

This coming August will mark 20 years since the death of Jaime Garzón, an unlikely martyr in Colombia's long-running battles with organized crime, drug trafficking and government corruption. ...


Paris, Florence, Jerusalem: When Traveler Syndrome Strikes

There are millions of people who travel every year. But for some, exotic cultural exploration can lead to psychological trouble.