Is Biodegradable Always Environment-Friendly?

Bioplastic sounds like a welcome eco-alternative to the many plastic products we use daily. But the reality isn't so simple.

A New Menace To Society In Maduro's Venezuela: Malaria

The South American country's economic and political crises have helped usher in the return of a once eradicated illness, researchers report.

Thou Shalt Never Be Polite To Robots

Google and Amazon are trying to force us to speak politely to their AI-driven personal assistants. But giving souls to our technology is a dangerous return to the past.

China's Overworked Students: A Government Responsibility

Facing severe social competition, China's youngsters are under increasing academic pressure. Can a new government policy help ease their load?


Brexit Deadlock Spooks Asian Corporate Heavyweights

The growing alarm after UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal suffered a defeat in Parliament isn’t just unsettling for British politics. Global businesses are on edge as well. Asian ...


Between Ljubljana And Trumplandia, A French Airport Odyssey

WASHINGTON — If you ever want to fly to America from Charles de Gaulle Airport, be sure that you are not landing in terminal 2F, as you might miss your flight, or even get arrested before reaching ...

United States

Watch: OneShot — Salvador Dali 30 Years On, Still Suspended In Surrealism

There's nothing (and everything) left to chance in the world-famous image Life magazine photographer Philippe Halsman, shot in 1948, of the legendary surrealist painter Salvador Dalí. Indeed, ...


Belle Époque Glamor Coming Back To Harrods — In Buenos Aires

Architects plan to restore one of the Argentine capital's architectural gems, but with new co-working and co-living spaces that reflect the latest trends.


Ninja Fruit On Brazilian Roadside

Fruit vendors were a common sight when we drove through Brazil's Minas Gerais state. My wife Claudine didn't have to wait long: It took this woman no longer than three minutes to expertly slice ...


Grandmother's Memory - India's Religious Misogyny Must End

-Essay- MUMBAI — In my memories of my grandmother, one image of her comes to my mind: that of a widow with a tonsured head, wrapped in a dull brown cotton sari worn in traditional style, a ...


Achtung Autobahn! Why Germany Needs A Highway Speed Limit

Going all out on the autobahn may be part of the German way of life, but speed limits are necessary to limit road accidents and lower CO2 emissions.


Not Only Syrians: Turkey Must Welcome All Asylum Seekers

As Turkey takes sole responsibility from UNHCR for processing the asylum claims of Afghans and other non-Syrians, it must register them and allow them to access their basic rights.


Clean Trees In Naples: When Ecology Invades Mob Territory

Outside of Naples, researchers have turned land polluted by illegally-dumped chemicals into a living laboratory.


How Japan Can Help Soften U.S.-China Showdown

-OpEd- TOKYO — The United States has turned to inward-looking politics, while the unifying force of Europe has waned due to rampant populism and confusion in Britain, Germany and France. The ...


Why The Circular Economy Is Still Boxed In

It's high-time for an economic model that curbs waste while boosting productivity. But don't expect market forces alone to bring about the necessary shift.

South Sudan

Watch: OneShot — UNICEF France Welcomes 2019

UNICEF France is ringing in 2019 with their greatest mission of all: ensuring every child grows up in the best conditions and has all the tools needed to build a future. And first on the list is ...

United Kingdom

Is Modernity Destined To Destroy Beauty?

-OpEd- PARIS — Between all the brutal Brexit fireworks, the British government took an initiative of rare poetic dimension by establishing a “Building Better, Building Beautiful” ...


What China Flexing Tech Muscle Means For India

The digital relationship between the Asian neighbors has rapidly evolved over the past decade, and India must now think strategically about China's ambitions in the way Western countries have been forced to do.


Poetry In The Time Of Tumblr And Taringa

South American poets Silvina Giaganti to Pedro Mairal are among those who have successfully used social media and other digital spaces to drive interest in their work.