How Big Agriculture Runs Colombia's Rivers Dry

In northern Colombia, large-scale banana and palm oil estates have long used their clout to control land and water resources and leave peasant farmers high and dry.

In South Sudan, Peace Does Not Make Hunger Disappear

The survival of more than 7 million people, 60% of the population, depends on international humanitarian aid.

Power And Politics According To Pope Francis

Often accused of sympathizing with the left, Pope Francis has a simpler "apolitical" view of politics and public office: it should be at the service of the disadvantaged.

Watch: OneShot — Energy Observer, A Journey Toward The Future

Monday marks the debut of the third stage of Energy Observer's revolutionary six-year journey toward a cleaner, hydrogen-fueled future. After four months of updating its equipment and ...


A Sober Look At The Latest HIV Treatments

The news that a patient in London was recently cured of HIV is remarkable. But the media buzz is also quite misleading because the treatment isn't easily replicable. Still, there's reason for hope.

New Zealand

New Zealand Terror: The Shared Power Of Online Hate

How messages of hate and violence drive both radical Islamists and white supremacists.


The Enduring Lessons And Legend Of Alexander Von Humboldt

Two and a half centuries after his birth, the famed German explorer and scientist is still remembered for his brilliant mind and boundary-testing taste for adventure.

United States

For Trump and Rubio, "Fixing" Venezuela Is A Recipe For Votes

The aggressive Republican stance on Venezuela reflects an attempt to seduce Latino voters in Florida.

United States

Anti-Vaxx Global: How A Social-Media-Borne Contagion Is Spreading

PARIS — Ebola. Toxic air pollution. The HIV epidemic. Given the plethora of health problems we face, all-but-eradicated diseases like measles, polio and smallpox should be the least of our ...


In Egypt, A Push To Give The Military Even More Domestic Muscle

Proposed changes to the Constitution could reshape the role of the Armed Forces, even giving them authority to annul unfavorable election results, experts warn.


Gezi Case: Turkey Must Reject Conspiracy Theory As Justice

The indictments filed against prominent liberal figures after the 2013 Gezi park protests show the government doesn't care about defending the constitution.

United Kingdom

Europe On Brexit: Pick Your Metaphor

-Analysis- "It's almost like Shakespeare: Brexit or no Brexit? That was the question." German state broadcaster Deutsche Welle resorted to a passing twist on Hamlet after the British Parliament ...


100 Days: AMLO's Presidency Has Not Crashed Mexico's Economy

Fears of an economic meltdown in Mexico provoked by the new socialist president have not materialized, even if the economy has slowed and must remains to be seen.


Old Names Die Hard: "Karachi Bakery" In India Has Whiff Of Past

Current nationalism in post-Partition India and Pakistan can't kill the spirit of the independent businesses that embody memory and history.


Is Kim Jong-un Exporting North Korean Slave Labor To Europe?

The accusation is serious: North Korea is sending forced laborers to Poland to be able to send money back to the regime. No one wants to take responsibility.


How AI Can Revolutionize Life For The Disabled

Digital assistants like Google Home are marketed to everyone. But for disabled people, in particular, they can be a godsend. There are also innovations like MyEye, a visual recognition device, that can be life altering for the visually impaired.


Venezuelan Crisis Deepens Troubles Along Colombia's Border

-Editorial- BOGOTÁ — As the world recently watched humanitarian supply trucks burn on a bridge between the Colombian town of Cúcuta and the Venezuelan border, locals anxiously wondered if ...

United States

Facebook For Felons? New Apps Are A Digital Lifeline For Inmates

Pigeonly is one of several applications that were designed by ex-cons and are transforming the way U.S. prisoners communicate with the outside world.


Cloudy With A Chance Of Italian Farniente

We often flocked to Italy for Spring, as weather there tends to be better than in my sometimes rainy neck of the French woods. But mornings can be a bit cloudy — nothing to worry this woman at ...