You Can Still Go On Holiday, But It's Time To Do It Sustainably

Air travel is booming despite the current climate debate. But vacationers have to rethink their summer breaks — not only for the environment, but also for the sake of people.

Take 5: How China's Big Brother Inspires Surveillance Tech Around The World

Personal privacy seems to be fleeting in a world where technology is constantly advancing — and it's no accident: Around the globe, authorities are creating new ways to collect information ...

In India, God Is No Environmentalist

The country's landscape is ravaged by plastics and environmental collapse seems imminent. And yet religion appears to often be on the wrong side of the issue.

It's Time For Europe And The U.S. To Bury The GAFA Hatchet

Economist Bruno Alomar pleads for an appeasement of tensions on both sides of the Atlantic regarding the Internet and tech giants.

United States

The Backlash To Globalization Did Not Begin With Trump

President Trump is not curbing global trade alone, but is part of a trend traced back to the crash of 2008. And the legislation actually dates back to the 1950s.


Not Sure About That Romanian Style

For a moment, the streets of Sibiu turned into a fashion show — and that woman didn't seem too convinced by the man's dress sense ... Was it the traditional căciulă sheepskin hat, or something ...


Profile 360° → Remembering Jaime Garzon, Colombia's Brave Comic

This coming August will mark 20 years since the death of Jaime Garzón, an unlikely martyr in Colombia's long-running battles with organized crime, drug trafficking and government corruption. ...


Paris, Florence, Jerusalem: When Traveler Syndrome Strikes

There are millions of people who travel every year. But for some, exotic cultural exploration can lead to psychological trouble.

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Fifty Years Later, Iconic Woodstock Photograph Still Makes Waves

Burk Uzzle's image of loving (and muddy) couple at Woodstock has become a symbol for the 1960s hopes for a better future.


Living Online Is Not Quite Living

Handling daily tasks like shopping online instead of going out is as convenient as it is contrary to the real, and potentially agreeable process called "living."

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Work → In Progress: Keeping It Human

A lot of the current debate surrounding the world of work is about figuring who will get the job in the future: machines or humans? We have covered it before, and we will continue covering it. But ...


Disrupting Decades Of U.S.-Mexican Cooperation

Donald Trump's decision to threaten Mexican exports over migration is weakening years of U.S.-Mexican cooperation, further shaken by this weekend's El Paso shooting.


Kashmir: Revoking Article 370 Is Undemocratic And Dangerous

Indian Prime Minister Modi's decision is both unsurprising, and a shock.


A Dutch Architectural Revolution In Creative Pragmatism

The future of architecture is here: the studio MVRDV in Rotterdam is one of the most daring in the world. An exhibition in Innsbruck shows why.


Northern Space To Grow: A Possible Upside To Global Warming?

Global warming, melting ice, depletion of resources... the Earth seems doomed. Yet this futurist says the current thaw could offer new perspectives — by freeing up 20 million kilometers of virgin land.


Sourcing A Sudden Rat Invasion In Buenos Aires

Trying to track down the source of what seems like a rodent explosion in the Argentine capital. Any advice from Paris...or Baltimore?


A German Critique Of Salvini's "Double Dealing" On Migration

Italy reached a preliminary agreement with other EU countries on rescuing migrants at sea. But Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has not shared the news at home, and has kept attacking his supposed partners, especially Germany.


The Missing Croatian Well

The "Five Wells Square" in the old Croatian city of Zadar is not a misnomer: For some reason, I could only squeeze four of them in that shot. Oh, ...


End Times And Ecology: Finding Meaning With Our Planet In Peril

Can the possibility of the end of the world give meaning to life? A French philosopher (and mother of young children) fears the worst but tries to live the best she can.