Here Fly The Little Amazonian Birds

Le petit oiseau va sortir...! "Here flies the little bird!" is what we say in France when we want our subjects to pay attention and look at the camera. That time in Manaus, one of the gateways ...

Twerking: How An African Dance Is Shaking Up Latin America

A journey, past and present, into the physical benefits and deeper meanings of (not quite) everyone's favorite hip-jerking dance craze.

The Uniquely French Art Of Blocking Reform, Myth Or Reality?

France is virtually shut down now by national strikes over pension reform. But from Denmark to UK to Germany, social change and the popular movements resisting have their own histories.

Watching Impeachment, Mocking India's Broken Democracy

Trump's biggest problem, it's safe to say, are all those pesky checks and balances. *Luckily, those limitations don't apply in "the world's largest democracy."


When Zelensky Met Putin : How It Looked In Kiev, Moscow, Paris

An end to the conflict in Eastern Ukraine doesn't necessarily seem closer, though at least it's not farther away.


In Beef-Loving Argentina, The Hunt For A Lab Meat Alternative

An Argentine pharmaceutical firm has begun testing lab beef production and expects to have a tasty and "painless" product sizzling within a few years.


Pope Offers A Sumptuous Palace To The Homeless Of Rome

VATICAN CITY –– While several Vatican buildings are embroiled in scandal, a few meters away from the colonnade of St. Peter's Square the "Palazzo Migliori" is becoming a symbol of goodness and ...


In Egypt, Signs Of Hope And Reasons To Despair

Changes are afoot, and yet writer Mohamed Naeem struggles to see light at the end of the dark tunnel into which Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has led the Egyptian people.

Côte d'Ivoire

Ivory Coast Tries To Keep Terrorists From Crossing Border

They shall not pass: Since July, soldiers have stepped up patrols along the country's 1,600-km border with Mali and Burkina Faso.


Seduction Reset In Buenos Aires: The New Rules Of Engagement

In this era of meet-up apps, #MeToo and changing gender mores, the dating scene isn't what it used to be.


Enemies Past And Present? How The NATO Summit Looked In Russia

-OpEd- MOSCOW — Despite the predictions before this past week's NATO summit of a major split in the alliance, and some awkward moments among its respective leaders, the meeting itself ...


France: Strikes And The Social Fractures Of Retirement Reform

Reforming the retirement system is necessary, but must be be done in a way and at a pace that won't tear an already divided French society further apart.


For Whom The Notre-Dame Bell Tolls

I'm not sure the exact date, but it was the month of July when my then wife-to-be Claudine and I climbed the 400 steps of Notre-Dame, only to be startled by the sudden (very) loud ringing of the ...


A Democratic Imperative Of The Technology Revolution

If societies really want to tackle inequality, they'll need to do more than just improve access to new technologies.

United States

For Brazil And Argentina, How To Respond To New Trump Tariffs

President Trump's erratic strikes against the world's trading regime require a collective response, as unilateral state reprisals cannot check an "arrogant" U.S. administration.


Undercover Hunt In Italy's Black Market For Sperm Donors

Medically assisted procreation is restricted by law in Italy to heterosexual couples. A La Stampa reporter posed as a woman seeking to get pregnant and found dozens of willing men online.


Work In Progress: TikTok Hiring, CV Hacking, Pawternity Leave

PARIS — We've seen the employee of the future … and she's pale, red-eyed and hunchbacked. A recent article and a spooky life-size doll named Emma showing what can happen to the human body ...


Revisiting The Science Vs. Religion Paradigm

Darwin may have poked a hole in the Christian creation myth. But historically speaking, the relationship between science and religion has been far more nuanced than most people imagine.


China's Next Step In Quest For Diplomatic Supremacy

The Asian giant still trails the United States economically, but it is now the world leader when counting total number of embassies and consulates. Bad news for Taiwan — and for the rest of the world?