Sinai Spectral: High-Tech In Ancient Library Reveals Layers Of History

Egypt's St. Catherine's Monastery holds a treasure trove of ancient texts. But spectral imaging technology shows there's even more there than meets the eye.

The Royal Doorman Of Durban

Our first and only visit to South Africa was three years after the end of Apartheid. In Durban, we stayed in five-star style at The Royal, the city's oldest hotel, which first opened in 1845. ...

How Trump's Mexico Bashing Could Undermine The War On Drugs

PUERTO CHIAPAS — In the small Mexican fishing harbor of Puerto Chiapas, near the border with Guatemala, drug trafficking boats aren't that uncommon a sight. At first glance, they look like like ...

Of Dresses And Women’s Liberation, A Brief History

The historian and sociologist Georges Vigarello recounts the evolution of the dress, which tells the story of female representation and liberation in society.


Wagah The Dog? The Daily Paradox Of Pakistani-Indian Border Ritual

WAGAH — Here at the India-Pakistan border, thousands of men, women and children have gathered to watch a stunning ritual: On either side of the border, military march back and forth, as music ...


Colombia War Reparations, One Village Demands Justice

The Afro-Caribbean village of El Paraíso is seeking reparations as it tries to put itself back together after decades of being caught in crossfire of Colombia's civil war.

United States

Home Alone? The Risks If Trump's Top Advisors Resign

-Analysis- WASHINGTON — So Michael Wolff wrote a book about Donald Trump. Perhaps you've heard about it? The internet spent a few days pointing and laughing at the more extraordinary claims ...


China Turns Top-Secret Nuclear Plant Into Mao-Era Museum

Recently opened to visitors, the "816 Nuclear Military Plant" in Fuling takes visitors back in time, to the height of the Cold War. It also brings to mind the current nuclear ambitions of China's provocative neighbor, North Korea.

United States

Profanity And Diplomacy, Translating Trump's "Shithole Countries" Insult

-Analysis- By the end of Donald J. Trump's presidency, people will wonder: Was there anything he did not say? Any line he did not cross? As a lifelong businessman, he has declared war early and ...


You Are A User: How Silicon Valley Turns Your Smartphone Into A Drug

The many ways your iPhone or Android, and their apps, are built to hook you like a drug user. The UX (user experience) designers are confessing to their sins.


Mexico Freeze, Is Trump Really About To Kill NAFTA?

The numbers contradict Donald Trump's claims that leaving NAFTA will benefit U.S. business and workers. It will harm them, not to mention their Mexican counterparts.


Afghanistan's Female Poets Secretly Share Forbidden Words

Safe from the disapproving eyes of their families, women writers gather secretly in Jalalabad to immerse themselves in poetry.


Ancient Dolphin Play

My daughter Cécile has a troubling history of playing with archeological treasures. Though in her defense, at the time tourists were allowed to roam freely among the ruins of Ostia, the harbor ...

South Korea

Welcome To Songdo, South Korea: The Smartest Of Smart Cities

Many have hailed the innovations of Songdo, a planned community near the South Korean capital of Seoul. But the city, which once served as a set for the “Gangnam Style” music video, also has its critics.


Wife Of Chinese Activist Petitions To Live In Jail With Husband

Lai Wei'e wants to stay by the side her Chinese human rights advocate husband, Liu Yao, who was recently condemned to a 20-year prison sentence.


Full Translation Of French Anti-#MeToo Manifesto Signed By Catherine Deneuve

Some 100 prominent French women artists and intellectuals have issued an open letter in Le Monde condemning the movement to call out inappropriate male behavior that erupted in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal.


Conspiracy Theories Rise And Fall In Era Of Fake News

-Analysis- PARIS — Remember conspiracy theories? There was a time, not so long ago, when we used to worry about how the internet encourages the proliferation of crackpot versions of what ...


The Nostalgia Trap: If Only We Just Could Forget

We're drawn to it, tempted to wade in its bittersweet waters. And yet, for the most part, nostalgia just makes us miserable. Some wisdom from Latin America.

South Korea

Olympic Peace Dreams, From Ancient Greece To The Korean Peninsula

-Analysis- PARIS — Compete, don’t kill. The idea that peace might be achieved through sporting is an old paradox. Pitting athletes and countries against each other in a non-lethal — and ...