Protests In Haiti As President Reestablishes National Army

PORT-AU-PRINCE — Haiti's national army was abolished 22 years ago after a disastrous period of military rule ended in a U.S.-led intervention that restored democracy in the Caribbean country. Now, ...

Lebanon, Why The Crisis Is Only Just Beginning

-Analysis- BEIRUT — Since its independence in 1943, Lebanon has been exposed to the vicissitudes of the Middle East’s complicated geopolitics, from the creation of Israel, which led to a ...

The Siamese Storks

This recent photo of nestling storks at an open-air museum in eastern France's Alsace region shows that even 85 years after the stork brought me ... I still can be quick with my ...

Bill Clinton To Donald Trump, Sex And Power Still Stand At Top

Despite the growing list of powerful people toppled in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, the biggest names in Washington are still dodging real scrutiny.


High In Italy's Alps, Ancient Tradition Of Cannabis Cultivation Revived

Actually dude, cannabis plants grown in the northern region of Piedmont are quite low in THC content, which gives the high to marijuana consumption. But there are other uses. Dude.


From Mugabe To Merkel, The Many Ways To Cling To Power

-Analysis- Lord Acton’s famous phrase about the corrupting effect of power (and absolute power) should have come with a footnote about the “clinging” factor. On any given day, it isn’t hard to ...


Women In Syria Are Traded For Weapons, Food And Rent

The sale and trade of women in Syria is not a wanton and senseless consequence of war. It is a consequence of a war economy in which nearly all warring parties and even civilians use women to secure profit, weapons, access or leverage in negotiations.


Indigenous People, Forgotten Soldiers In Climate Change War

A key message at this week's COP 23 climate conference: the fight against global warming requires protecting the natives who've known the rainforests for centuries.


In Geneva, The Sharing Economy Tries To Break Into Art World

Can't afford original artwork? Never fear. For a small fee, people in Geneva can borrow a piece or two.

United States

When Your Brand Is Smothered In Neo-Nazi Love

WASHINGTON — The neo-Nazis were hungry. They had spent the day in a Charlottesville, Va., courthouse testifying at the preliminary hearing for a white nationalist jailed for pepper-spraying ...


Luxor, 20 Years Since Birth Of Modern Jihadism

In the gruesome attack in Egypt on Nov. 17, 1997, three key elements came together that have driven Islamic terrorism over the past two decades.


Salty Turkish Mirage

That's not snow: During the summer, Lake Tuz in central Turkey dries up, revealing a thick layer of salt. My wife Claudine and daughter Cécile were gearing up against the August sun as we pulled ...


Uberization v. Red Tape, Digital Economy Drama On Streets Of Chile

For all the economic accolades they've earned over the years, Chilean authorities are dragging their feet when it comes to market-changing technologies.


Au Pair Or Indentured Servant? Globetrotting Babysitters Face Exploitation

Taking care of a stranger’s children in exchange for food and housing is a popular way to see the world, but many young women find themselves in tough situations.


Displaced Guatemalans Languish On Mexican Border

LAGUNA LARGA — Four months ago, hundreds of villagers were expelled from their land in the jungles of northern Guatemala. The government claimed they were encroaching on a protected national park, ...

South Korea

Gift Or Bribe? New South Korean Graft Law Treads On Tradition

SEOUL — Stella came to South Korea on a government scholarship to do a PhD. She says when she arrived from Europe, she found that the degree came with some "unofficial" costs. "I heard that there ...


How Globalization Fuels Separatist Movements

-Analysis- PARIS — The Catalan flag fluttered alongside the European flag and its 12 stars on Oct. 27, when Catalonia declared its independence from Spain. But Jean-Claude Juncker, the ...


The Racist, Sexist, Fat-Shaming Show Lighting Up German TV

The new Reality Show "Curvy Supermodel" is supposed to be about body positivity. But the reality is that it's just positively offensive.


From Aung to Zimbabwe, Foreign Pressure Goes Only So Far

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe’s three decades in power may finally be over. Gunfire broke out late Tuesday in the Zimbabwean capital of Harare as military panzers moved in to prevent ...