Oui To EU, But Macron Is Pushing European Integration Too Far

-OpEd- PARIS — At a time when nationalism is coming back to life across the continent, the pro-European activism of Emmanuel Macron is to be applauded. The emergence of a new sheen of European ...

Watch: Oneshot—Cannes Film Festival: Sophia Loren And Alain Delon

With the current edition in full swing, OneShot has produced a series of videos with the French public audiovisual institute INA from their Cannes photographic archives. This 1962 episode features ...

Argentina Crisis: Will We Learn Our Economic History Lesson?

The Macri administration should take a hard look at its own economic policies and stop blaming the Kirchner governments that preceded it. Otherwise, the same story will repeat.

Hungry Students? Postponed Exams? Ramadan In German Schools

BERLIN — This past week marked the beginning of a period of peace and quiet for Muslims around the world. It is Ramadan, a month dedicated to reflection, prayers, and fasting, where disputes are ...


Low Pay, Limited Freedom: Dark Days For Egypt's Journalists

Low wages, government censorship and even arbitrary detentions. Practicing journalism has become an increasingly risky business in Egypt.


Exclusive - Lula's Letter From Jail: Brazil Needs Me More Than Ever

Brazil's imprisoned former president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, writes an impassioned plea published by Le Monde, alongside a call by European leaders to Brazilian authorities to let Lula run for president in October.


"'Anti-Tourist" Turnstiles Under Fire In Venice

VENICE — Venice and its 80,000 regular inhabitants are drowning in tourists. Some 30 million flock to its famous canals every year, stressing the infrastructure. Fed up, the lagoon city's ...

United States

Reading Tea Leaves In Pyongyang

WASHINGTON — When Kim Jong-un came out in the open, analysts, spies and all kind of experts were running through the footage, sound bites, testimonies, intelligence reports and open-source ...


Population Control, The Environmental Fix No One Wants To Talk About

Climate change is a real and alarming problem. But there's another — and intimately related — ticking time bomb threatening our planet: overpopulation.


Fighting For Rights Of India's Women Garment Workers

The industrial enclave of Narol is a beehive of activity and a major source of employment for low-skilled female workers. Yet finding a job is one thing, surviving it is another.


A Bloody Contrast, 24 World Front Pages After Gaza Killings

PARIS — The world reacted in a chorus of shock Tuesday after the deadliest day in Gaza since 2014, as Israeli forces opened fire on Palestinians protesting at the border against the opening of the ...


Albanian Abandon

After six decades of good old film photography, I decided a couple of years ago that it was time to switch to a digital camera. One of the first series with my new gear was in Albania — this ...


Colombians Work to Reconcile Cattle Farming And Forests

Colombia's biggest project to make livestock farming sustainable is showing that farmers can raise cattle and even boost dairy production without destroying the forest.


How 3D Printing Is Helping Fine-Tune German Industry

Companies like Munich's EOS are breaking new ground in the manufacturing world. And rather than kill industry jobs, their technology-driven approach may actually be saving them.


Fields Of Despair: Punjabi Farm Workers Exploited In Italy

A sociologist is helping underpaid, over-worked agricultural laborers organize in the city of Latina, southeast of Rome.


The Specter Of May 1968, From Hamlet To Marx To May 2018

The violent protests that struck Paris last week weren't the start of a new, 1968-style uprising. But people are angry and disillusioned. And that's a problem.


Venezuela, The Promise And Pitfalls Of Digital Government

The digital revolution is shifting how societies are structured, and may lead to greater public oversight of government. But it could also have the opposite effect.

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On Nuclear Threats And Political Decency

-Analysis- From Washington to Tehran to Pyongyang, the world’s attention this week has been consumed by nuclear diplomacy (and lack thereof). Talk of bad manners and misbehaving politicians, in ...


Multi-Layered Selfie

Fellow travelers were posing next to Queen Elizabeth Park's famous “Photo Session” statues, with the city of Vancouver as a backdrop. I added a layer to this already self-referential work of art: ...