Between Two Popes: Father Georg Gänswein Redefines Vatican Diplomacy

It is the most delicate of roles right now, as Father Georg continues to serve his original boss, retired Pope Benedict XVI, while also heading the Papal household of Pope Francis.

Final Auschwitz Survivors Return To Poland To Bear Witness

Ephroim "Johnny" Jablon's entire family was gassed to death. At 94, he can't forget the smells and so many other details of the camps. Such memories are dying away.

Watch: OneShot — 75 Years Ago, Liberation of Auschwitz

It was 3 p.m. on January 27, 1945, when the Auschwitz concentration camp was liberated by the Soviet Army. The full scope of the Nazi barbarities, which included the extermination of six million ...

'The People v. Elites': An Existential Threat To Democracy

Failure to address spreading anger with economic inequalities, and to check its attendant demagoguery, may undermine the very functioning of liberal democracies.


Why Iran Jailed An Unconventional French-Iranian Academic

Fariba Adelkhah, a French-Iranian expert on Shia society, has critics on all sides. Since June, she's been jailed in Tehran's notorious Evin prison. She and her companion have been on a hunger strike since last month.


Unmistakably Austrian

When I was a young man, a major folklore festival came through my hometown in eastern France, with musicians and dancers in colorful costumes from all over Europe. Spotting this photo 58 years ...


Ecological War Brews Over Germany's Reusable Beer Bottles

Environmentalists and beer companies have common cause to oppose new tax rules that may reduce the level of recycling.


Egypt's Neverending Story Of Incomplete Revolutions

Throughout the country's turbulent history, efforts to establish a government by and for the people have always come up short.


Blaming The U.S. Won't Solve Mexico's Problems

Its shared border with the U.S. could be more of a blessing than a curse if only Mexico would clean up its act.


Iran: How Weak Is The Regime?

After the U.S. assassination of General Soleimani and Tehran's accidental shooting down of a Ukrainian passenger jet, rising economic and political pressures have put Islamic rule in its most fragile state in memory.


The Italians Who Wash The Bloodied Feet Of Refugees

A group of good Samaritans gathers regularly in Trieste, near the border with the Balkans, to receive weary migrants and tend their wounds.


Can "Citizen Diplomacy" Salvage Argentina-Brazil Relations?

With a socialist government in Argentina and Brazil's arch-conservative president cold-shouldering each other, private initiatives could restore some cordiality to a relationship that is strategic for all of Latin America.

United States

Compost Me! The Ultimate Ecological Burial: Humusation

When people die, they should be able to dispose of their corpses in a way that nourishes the planet. For now, it's still illegal in most places around the world.


Boasting "Digital India" - Shutting Down The Internet

India's cutting digital access for political reasons also costs livelihood for small businesses, women's safety, access to transport, food, education and almost every other aspect of a modern life.


Crossing Big Data With "Thick Data" Can Make The Difference

Big data can provide firms with real-time information on consumer and social trends, but only if combined with the human factor.


In Buenos Aires, A Cemetery That Blends Beauty And Brutalism

A pair of French architects are bringing new attention to a unique, underground section of the Chacarita cemetery in Buenos Aires.


Putin's Chess Match With Russia's Constitution As Pawn

A sudden rash of constitutional changes, and the government's subsequent resignation, looks to be a maneuver for Putin to hold on to power indefinitely.


In Venice, Winemaking Monks vs. Hotel Developers

Locals are pushing back against plans to build a five-star hotel that would throw grape-killing shade on the famed Italian city's last "real" neighborhood.


Why The Euro Is Starting To Resemble The Yen

The European single currency is emerging as the new global provider of liquidity to the international financial system.