A Quest For 'Personal Freedom' Is No Excuse To Ignore Science

When it comes to human health and the planet's well-being, certain activities are simply untenable. Researchers also know that self-regulation never works.

Recognizing Violence Against The Elderly In All Its Forms

As people enter old age, they become increasingly vulnerable, not only physically and economically, but also as victims of culturally-coded forms of discrimination.

A Meditation: Modi And I Share The Same Position On Yoga

-Essay- NEW DELHI — I'm convinced Prime Minister Narendra Modi and I have one thing in common: We both practice our version of yoga regularly and desperately want to be yogis. Sure, the ...

The Hidden War On The Colombian-Venezuelan Border

The crush of migrants trying to flee Venezuela is only part of what makes the border region so chaotic. There's also a dangerous power struggle between guerillas and criminal gangs.


Morsi's Death: How Cairo Controlled The Narrative

CAIRO — If Egypt's daily newspapers are your only source of news, you might have woken up Tuesday to discover that a citizen by the name of Mohamed Morsi al-Ayat died yesterday during a court ...


Ruinous Parking

This shot dates back from the very first of my 11 trips to Greece. My wife (whom you can see in the car) and I had driven our Simca Aronde from France through Italy, then onto a ferry, and up the ...

United States

Currency And All: The Facebook State Is A Menace To Democracy

Though seductive as pure financial innovation, Facebook's crypto currency project risks a concentration of power that must be stopped at all costs.


Ljubljana Postcard: Slovenian Native Son And A Beauty Restored

The author grew up in the city. On a recent trip back, he finds the Slovenian capital revitalized in a way he'd dreamed about during his youth.


Trump And AMLO, The Double Threat Dividing Mexico

Facing U.S. brinkmanship over tariffs and migration, Mexico's president must act to unite his country with sensible policies and end his "confrontational" strategy with domestic critics.


Past And Present Mingle In The Vibrant Markets Of Delhi

NEW DELHI — While growing up we were subjected, like most school-going children in this country, to rather boring texts in class. The texts were taught by teachers who were even less ...


Why Some Foreigners Like Italy's Anti-Migrant League Party

Social media dialogue and reader comments on news stories suggest that the far-right's xenophobic rhetoric resonates for immigrants.


Why Colombia Should Legalize Coca And Leave Cocaine To Others

Coca leaf is part of the traditional fare of Andean people. So it is "absurd" and wasteful for Colombia to ban its cultivation to hinder cocaine production.


Germany, Norway, California: How To Boost Electric Car Sales

A new study shows Germany must look for other ways to convince automobile buyers to switch to electric cars. Shall we say: quota?


Why Sudan Should Matter To Us All

Beyond the geopolitical ramifications, what's happening in Sudan is our problem too. Between the violence from those in charge and the meaning of citizen movements, the stakes couldn't be higher.


How Ecology Could Be The Engine To Relaunch The Economy

Overproduction has become a blight not just to the planet, but to profitability itself. It's time for economics to revise its idea of the cost-benefit relationship.


Flexibility First: Time To Reinvent Business Management

To survive and prosper, large firms must have adaptable leaders and constantly revise targets and performance.


Refugee v. Migrant? What We're Missing In Immigration Debate

By distinguishing between refugees and migrants, international law underestimates the plight of people displaced by poverty and climate change.


Parisian Visitors And Natives

"If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast." Now unlike Ernest Hemingway, ...


Visiting A Surprisingly Quiet And Cheerful Side Of Caracas

A recent trip to Caracas showed a city where many people continue to function for better or worse, and where the rich are still living large.