Bain De Soleil, How France Invented The Modern Tan

-Essay- PARIS — For a superficial observer, it is one of the lesser-known cultural revolutions and a rather trivial one at that: the dramatic shift in the Western physical ideal, in just over a ...

Algerian Bikini Revolt One Year After Burkini Battle In France

Some 3,000 women gathered on the beach of Annaba to protest the mandatory wearing of burkinis — a reminder that women must choose for themselves and their bodies.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Of Lions And Plastic, Strongmen And Mother Nature

Throughout history, nature has had to bear the consequences of human delusions of grandeur. Among the various and extravagant ways men devised to display their power, wild animals have paid a ...


Tourist Hell Is My Hometown, Living In A Vacation Destination

PALMA — You live in one of those special places where people travel from all around the world to visit. A dream? More like a neverending tourist hell, says Venice resident Elisa Crepaldi. “Some of ...


Venezuela On The Brink, Lessons From Castro And ​Perón

Colombian novelist William Ospina had advice for Fidel Castro, and now for Nicolas Maduro. Given the discontent with modern capitalism, Latin America must offer a realistic and democratic alternative.


A French Case For Dismantling GAFA, America's Tech Oligarchy

Large technology companies need to be stopped before they crush our cherished freedoms, argues a new book by two French economists.


Trump's Cuba Policy Proves Obama Was Right

The Obama administration sought a Cuba policy aimed at helping ordinary Cubans. Trump is keeping most of the policy in place, with one wrong-headed exception.


Headbangers In Hijabs: Meet Muslim Teen Girl Metal Band

In Indonesia, the heavy metal band Voice of Baceprot is turning and banging heads. But critics say this is not what Muslim girls should be doing.


Portugal's Economic Miracle Makes A Case Against Austerity

-Analysis- LISBON — What a successful gamble for Lisbon: The European Commission is about to ratify the proposal to end Portugal's excessive deficit procedure. The country will be joining the ...


Not A Game: Erdogan, Maduro, Trump And The Thirst For Power

The new season of Game of Thrones, which premiered Sunday, will surely be filled with all manner of sabotage, conspiracy, and politicking. The fictional world of author George R. R. Martin is ...


An Architect's Tallest Ambition, Just A Corner Of A Beautiful City

César Pelli has designed some of the world's best known skyscrapers. But he writes that the wonder of a beautiful city is collaboration over generations of many talented architects who care about the way people live.

Central African Republic

African Blood Diamonds For Sale On Facebook And WhatsApp

They don't hide in the abyss of the Dark Web. From Bangui, Beirut, Bordeaux or elsewhere, they use social media to promote their products and services. They are blood diamond community managers ...


Mosul, A New Textbook Case For Urban Warfare

-Analysis- To win back Mosul, the Iraqi armed forces paid with their blood. But the difficult victory — obtained with the help of the international coalition — also marks a rebirth. Against all ...


The False Illusion Of Female Power In Politics

Britain, Poland and even Germany are all examples of how having women in power doesn't necessarily translate into greater social or economic power for women.


Surviving India's Modern-Day Witch Hunts

Government crime numbers show that since 2001, more than 2,000 "witches" — most of them women — have been killed.


How Forgetting Allows You To Remember — And Be A Better Thinker

Our ability to forget helps us to learn, make decisions ... and remember a face. This seeming paradox has intrigued writers and led to important new research on how the brain functions.


One Year After Nice Attack, Broken Lives And Fears Of Crowds

The French city of Nice was torn apart by the terrorist truck attack that killed 86 and left 458 injured during national holiday festivities. Victims struggle to return to normalcy.