Why Europe Should Boycott The World Cup In Russia

-OpEd- BERLIN — It's a strange state of affairs. Two madmen are leading two of the three greatest world powers: Donald Trump, who has turned his former TV show The Apprentice into a governing ...

Documenting War Crimes In Syria Can Serve More Than Justice

-OpEd- In the Syrian conflict, loss means means different things to different people. For many, it means the loss of loved ones. For those displaced or forced to flee the country, it also means ...

Donald Trump And The Divided State Of The Americas

The U.S. president will cast a long shadow over the upcoming Summit of the Americas gathering in Lima, Peru — even if he decides not to show up.

Hunting Mob Bosses In The Mountains Of Calabria

Inside an elite unit of the Carabinieri military police using old and new tactics to track down fugitive leaders of the powerful 'Ndrangheta crime syndicate.


Watch: OneShot — Colorized Portrait Of Czeslawa Kwoka

OneShot — Colored portrait of Czeslawa Kwoka, 1943 (©Marina Amaral/Wilhelm Brasse) OneShot is a new digital format to tell the story of a single photograph in an immersive one-minute ...


Foie Gras Farm

I once visited a foie gras farm in southwestern France, years before goose liver became one of the world's most controversial delicacies. Désolé, but foie gras still is a péché mignon of ...


Appetizing Art Deco

Wandering the narrow streets of Peniscola, a village in eastern Spain, I stumbled upon this quaint — if kitsch — house. Not only did it get me wondering how long it took to plaster all the shells ...


Bankers Be Warned, GAFA Web Giants Are Coming For You

-OpEd- PARIS — The year is 2050. Cash has disappeared. People now pay for their purchases with their smartphones. And as in so many other sectors, Apple and Google are the big winners — along ...


Turning Feminism Into A Spiritual Quest

The power of love, or the celebration of a future society that values spiritual oneness rather than patriarchal divisions, is the ultimate source of resistance.


Mother Russia And Us, What Now?

The result came as no surprise: Vladimir Putin won yesterday’s Russian presidential election and will serve a fourth term. More importantly for the Kremlin leader, he obtained the comfortable ...


How A Strong Dollar Could Squeeze Emerging Economies

Prospects of a rising dollar in 2018 could push developing countries like Argentina to take conservative measures like raising interest rates and curbing deficits.


Potent New "Rambo" Drug Finds Fertile Ground In Casablanca

Young, poor Moroccans, desperate for a fleeting sense of power and control are turning to a nasty chemical cocktail called "karkoubi."


Syria: One Thing Europe Can Do To Stop The Slaughter In Ghouta

Refusing to fund reconstruction efforts until attacks stop could be a solution to combat violence against civilians in war torn Syrian cities such as Ghouta and Alleppo.

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Berkeley To Paris To Moscow, Eternal Ideals Of Youth

-Essay- PARIS — Growing up in Northern California, acts of public protest were never far away. It felt perfectly natural for me to join fellow students in the annual “Day of Silence,” refusing ...

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Farewell Rex, Hello Mike — Will Pompeo's Arrival Kill Iran Nuclear Deal?

-Analysis- WASHINGTON — The nomination of Mike Pompeo to be the next secretary of state signals President Donald Trump's determination to quit the landmark Iran nuclear deal, which could cause ...

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Facebook And Uber, Eye On A European Techlash

-Analysis- The term “techlash” has been around for awhile, but get ready to see and hear it more and more. The company that stands at the center of this “technology backlash” is no doubt ...


Putin's Toughest Challenge: A High-Tech Future For Russia

MOSCOW — Rumor has it that Vladimir Putin is something of a techie. Though the man in charge at the Kremlin has been vague about his economic priorities after the March 18 presidential election, ...


In Colombia, A Losing Battle To Keep A Dump Off Native Lands

Indigenous communities in the country's Caribbean coastal area dug in for more than decade to keep their traditional lands from being trashed.


Inside The Right-Wing Stronghold That Elected Italy's First Black Senator

Voters in the northern town of Spirano helped put a hardline conservative in the senate. Only the man in question —Toni Chike Iwobi — is an immigrant from Nigeria.