Undercover Hunt In Italy's Black Market For Sperm Donors

Medically assisted procreation is restricted by law in Italy to heterosexual couples. A La Stampa reporter posed as a woman seeking to get pregnant and found dozens of willing men online.

Work In Progress: TikTok Hiring, CV Hacking, Pawternity Leave

PARIS — We've seen the employee of the future … and she's pale, red-eyed and hunchbacked. A recent article and a spooky life-size doll named Emma showing what can happen to the human body ...

Revisiting The Science Vs. Religion Paradigm

Darwin may have poked a hole in the Christian creation myth. But historically speaking, the relationship between science and religion has been far more nuanced than most people imagine.

China's Next Step In Quest For Diplomatic Supremacy

The Asian giant still trails the United States economically, but it is now the world leader when counting total number of embassies and consulates. Bad news for Taiwan — and for the rest of the world?


Mexico: How Weak Institutions Paved The Way For One-Man Rule

The weakness of institutions in Mexico once gave its presidents leeway to reform the state. Today President López Obrador is using it as a tool to accumulate more and more power of his own.


Behind The Crackdown On Independent Egyptian News Outlet

The editor of Mada Masr, a Worldcrunch partner publication based in Cairo, explains how they wound up making news itself last month.


How 21st Century Democracies Destroy Themselves From Within

From Venezuela to Hungary, populist leaders are carving away at fundamental checks and balances in slow and often subtle ways.


Italian Alzheimer's Village, Where The Past Doesn't Exist

A facility that opened last year in the northern city of Monza offers residents a fleeting respite from the lonely, disorienting effects of dementia.


Golden Passports, Citizenship For Sale From Cyprus To The Caribbean

MOSCOW — Last month, the Interior Minister of Cyprus Constantinos Petrides announced the revocation of 26 "citizenships by investment" that had been granted before stricter criteria of this ...


India's Most Photogenic Temple

Sure, there's the Taj Mahal. But at this moment in the Jain temple of Ranakpur, in northwestern India, everything an amateur photographer like myself could ask for fell into place: the whiteness ...


Pope Francis: The Poor Offer Salvation For The Rest Of Us

A closer reading of the Pope's recent treatise that challenges the way contemporary culture sees poverty in society.


Can Kenya Cash In On The Global Avocado Craze?

More and more Kenyan farmers are growing avocados, the native Mexican fruit that are both profitable and relatively easy to produce. But global competition is fierce.


How China's Free Market Economy Opened The Door To Romance

Traditional ideas about marriage still hold some sway among the Chinese, but more and more, couples are finally giving love a chance.


Why The World's Central Banks Are Turning To Twitter

It's about the money ... (and other stuff)


Next Up, Colombia: Why Latin American Protests Keep Spreading

Colombians are the latest in Latin America to take to the streets, in what may be the "first clang of the bell" of many aimed at President Ivan Duque.


Behind The Changing Face Of Italy's Sex Trade

Thousands of Romanian girls are tricked and coerced into working the Italian streets, which are controlled by brutal Albanian mafia clans.


Why Facebook Should Ban Political Ads In India

Facebook, Google and other platforms are not doing enough to make political ads more transparent.


Youth Unemployment: Can Apprenticeships Work In Argentina Like In Germany?

In places like Germany, the so-called 'dual system' approach gives young people a chance to learn marketable skills by continuing their education in a proper workplace setting.


Just The Two Of Us: Why Belarus' Lukashenko Is Betting On Putin

-Analysis- MINSK — Following the Nov. 17 elections for Belarus' lower house of parliament, independent observers and opposition politicians unanimously rated this campaign as one of the ...