Pineapple Drying, Solar Economic Development In Kenya

In rural Kenya, the Waata people were displaced by the creation of a national park. But a sustainable development program is also a way to making a living.

Colombia: Deforestation And Usurping Indigenous Land Go Together

Ranchers, farmers or plain criminals are pushing their way into and expanding their presence in Colombia's remotest nature reservations.

Snapping Turtle Photos In China

Since turtle shells are used in traditional Chinese medicine and their meat is considered a delicacy there, this bit of Guangzhou's street market is definitely not a pet sale. ...

Gentrification Reflections, An Uber Day In Washington D.C.

Yonder's Slovenian-born Andrej Mrevlje is also a part-time Uber driver in Washington. Oh, the people he meets.


Echoes Of The 1930s As Global Currency War Ignites

The U.S./China trade war is also sparking a currency conflict, one that brings to mind the international climate in the early years of the the Great Depression.


Siberian Photos Help Connect Argentina To Its Asian Ancestry

There's something strangely familiar about the 99 images on display at the Abadía Art and Latin American Studies Center in Buenos Aires.

Saudi Arabia

Companies (And Governments) Must Take A Stand On Saudi Arabia

-OpEd- MUNICH — A business conference will take place next week in Saudi Arabia, dubbed "Davos in the Desert." It comes at a delicate moment to say the least: Nearly two weeks ago, the ...


Watch: OneShot — A Broken Daughter In Syria

After returning home from his job as a Syrian construction worker, Fadia's father collapsed onto his bed, dusting the sheets with the debris that fell from his work clothes. Soon after, the ...


From Weinstein To Bollywood, The Economics Of #MeToo

NEW DELHI — A year after the Harvey Weinstein story first broke, India's own #MeToo movement is finally taking off. Working women are coming forward on social media with stories and details of ...


China's Long-Game Strategy For The Caribbean Sea

The U.S. has long enjoyed hegemony over the 2.7-million sq km Caribbean basin. But whether Washington likes it or not, Beijing is showing that it too wants a piece of the pie.


In Moscow, Modern Solutions For Working Mothers

Co-working centers with free childcare offer a lifeline to the business women of Moscow.


In Iraq, The Revolt Of Generation 2018

Young people with little memory of the Saddam Hussein era are fed up with unemployment, public sector corruption and unfulfilled government promises.


The Plastic Ruins Of Turkey

One of my two granddaughters used to live in Özdere, a quiet village on the Turkish coast near Izmir. I went there a couple of times, taking the opportunity to visit the nearby ruins of the ...


Rumblings Of War Against Venezuela? A Trap For Colombia

The Venezuelan crisis impacts Colombia directly. But military intervention, as hinted by Trump, could be disastrous.


Watch: A Toast To Australia's Favorite Tap-Dancing Mutant

Asked in a mock interview by fellow actor Ryan Reynolds: "Do you ever age?" Hugh Jackman replied, "Not since 2008." The Sydney-born actor seems to share something with Wolverine, the ...


40 Years On, How Egypt Saw The Camp David Accords

Peace with Israel, signed in 1978, was never widely popular, but the context of a poor, war-torn nation made feelings vary widely.


Why German Unification Is Still Unfinished Business

There is much to admire about Germany's nearly 70-year-old constitution. But it also contains a serious flaw.


Brazil's Path To Populism Should Not Surprise Anyone

Jair Bolsonaro's triumph in the first round of the presidential election is worrisome, but a simple response to economic hard times and a corrupt political class.


How Canada Is Using AI To Help Decide Immigration Cases

Algorithms can certainly speed things up. But are they an appropriate tool processing residency and asylum claims that are nuanced and complex by nature?