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America And Us, Trump’s Victory Is Very Bad News For The World

FRANCE — Les Echos, Nov. 21

Panama Papers: Link Between Magnitsky Probe And Putin's Cellist Pal

GERMANY — Süddeutsche Zeitung, May 4

Letter From A Turkish Prison, When A Journalist Writes About Erdogan

TURKEY — Le Monde, Jan. 14

The German Detective Hunting Down The Last Nazis In Brazil

BRAZIL — Folha de S. Paulo, April 8

Flaws And All, The World Will Miss Barack Obama

GERMANY — Die Welt, Nov. 4

Botticelli to Body Shaming: How Our Ideal Of Beauty Went Awry

ARGENTINA — Clarin, March 28

At Former Soviet Nuclear Test Site, “Best Not To Take Souvenirs”

KAZAKHSTAN — Kommersant, Sept. 23

How To Buy Antiquities Looted By ISIS From An Italian Mobster

ITALY — La Stampa, Oct. 19

Brexit, The Tough Lessons Europe Must Learn

FRANCE — Le Monde, June 24

Trump Victory: We'll Never Talk About Globalization The Same Way Again

UNITED STATES — Le Figaro, Nov. 13

A Woman’s Sacred Right To Wear Shorts — Or A Headscarf

TURKEY — Cumhuriyet, Sept. 30

Little Britain, Petite Europe — Lost In This Big Bad World

FRANCE — Les Echos, June 28

Poland's Abortion Battle, Why Free Women Are Done With Weak Men

POLAND — Gazeta Wyborcza, Oct. 27

Muslim And Hipster, Why “Mipster” Fashion Is Trending

SWITZERLAND — Le Temps, June 4

Time To Choose Between Oil Wealth And Saving The Planet

ARGENTINA — Clarin, July 21

A Father's Perilous Hunt For His Sons, Lost To Syria And ISIS

GERMANY — Die Welt, April 4

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