A Call To Philosophers: Join The Fray, Help Fix Our World

Our era of authoritarian rulers and "alternative facts" makes the guiding light of philosophy more vital than ever.


Xi Jinping's Dream Megacity To Burnish His Legacy

Ground has been broken on the signature domestic project of the Chinese leader's next term. It is meant to be a massive model city of innovation, forever linked to Xi's Chinese Dream.


After 40 Years, Bidding Adieu To Versailles

Béatrix Saule knows the Palace like the back of her hand. About to retire, she tells all — from introducing vacuums to handling selfies problems, to her “views” on contemporary art.


How Death Makes Us Human — For Now

Thinking of death is inherent to being human. Technological advances, like so many human activities, reflect our desire to avoid it. But that may all be bound to change.


Your Ego Online, Psychoanalysis In The Social Media Age

Because the narcissist boom, the symptom of our times, will never give access to the desire and the secret of the being. Screenwriting your life online will never stem anxiety.


Generation Putin, Taking The Temperature Of Russian Youth

Ahead of next year's presidential election, where Vladimir Putin will seek a fourth term, young people in Russia are divided over the country's future.


How Did Turkey Become Isolated So Quickly?

It wasn't long ago that Turkey was a nation envied around the world for growing freedoms and a growing economy. Things have changed fast.


In Turin, Good News Buried With A Lover’s Bench

Riding their bicycles along the banks of the Po river last Sunday, a university professor and his wife came upon a scene that caught their attention.


Part I: When President Trump Meets President Macron

Part II: When President Trump Met President Le Pen

Three months before the French presidential election, Worldcrunch’s Marc Alves imagined the two possible outcomes for our True Fiction series. Enlightening reads, particularly in hindsight.


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