ROME- A new video showing the evacuation of passengers from sinking cruise ship Costa Concordia has been obtained by Rome daily La Repubblica.

The video is taken from the shore of the Tuscan island of Giglio and shows passengers having to jump from the ship onto life boats in order to be evacuated. With the ship already on its side, passengers can be seen dangerously close to the water as they await rescue. Camera flashes and torches can be seen lighting up the night, while panicked voices and the crashing sound of dishes are audible in the never-before-seen clip.

The massive ship partially sank on the night of January 13 2012 when it ran aground off the coast of Tuscany. There were 4,229 passengers on board; 32 of them died, two are still missing and dozens were injured. Captain Francesco Schettino is expected to be indicted within weeks after this Sunday's anniversary.

[Video via La Repubblica]


[Costa Concordia on January 14 2012. Photo by Rvongher via Wikipedia]