LOS ANGELES – After a seven-day manhunt that ended in a shootout and a forest standoff, renegade ex-LAPD officer Christopher J. Dorner was apparently killed in a cabin as it burned down around him. 

San Bernadino County sheriff’s spokeswoman told the AP that charred human remains had been found in the rubble of the burned cabin where the fugitive was believed to be holed up in the San Bernadino Mountains above Los Angeles. Forensic investigators still have to identify the debris.

Dorner, a self-described survivalist believed to be heavily armed, had holed up in the rental cabin hours earlier and engaged deputies in a shootout during which one deputy was killed, bringing to four the number of killings Dorner is suspected of committing, the New York Times reports.

Dorner was terminated from the LAPD in 2008, according to the Los Angeles Times. The 33-year-old man sought in the most extensive manhunt in South California’s history, went on a revenge-fueled rampage after posting a 6,000 word manifesto on Facebook claiming he had been dismissed wrongfully and in which he threatened police officials and their families.