CAIRO – Protests against Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi have turned deadly. Egypt's Health Ministry confirmed Thursday five deaths and 446 injuries from the latest confrontation, which turned violent Wednesday night in clashes between pro and anti Morsi demonstrators, the news site Masrawy reported.

As the clashes intensified, presidential security deployed included included five tanks on Marghany street, near the Itihadiya Presidential Palace, and three others in front of the Palace’s main façade.

Amidst the relative absence of anti-Islamists protestors, eight tents were set up by supporters of the Egyptian president, while the Health Ministry sent 16 ambulances not far away from the camping area. 

The Interior Ministry issued a declaration stating that the police are not taking any sides during the riots, and only intervened to resolve the conflict. According to Al Ahram newspaper, protestors will organize three marches from Tahrir Square to Itihadiya Palace on Thursday.

Mohamed El Bradei – opposition leader and head of El Dostour party – tweeted a call to the President : “Morsi must stop bloodshed, rescind declaration, postpone referendum & enter into immediate dialogue with opposition. Egypt is under siege.”