Bolivian President Evo Morales has announced the end of Coca Cola in his country starting from December 21 2012, Latinosenlared website reports.

The date of the ban is symbolic, explains the South American website, quoting the Bolivian blog Nada nos libre de Escorpio. For the Bolivian government, this infamous date on the Maya calendar represents "the end of capitalism" and "the beginning of the culture of life."

Bolivia is not the only Latin American country criticizing the popular soft drink. Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez asked his citizens to avoid drinking Coke and to replace it with Uvita, a grape juice produced by a state-run company.

The Bolivian website Opinion reports two other countries have already banned the American soda: Cuba and North Korea.

Coca Cola is not the only American company who is not welcome in Bolivia. According to Forbes, Mc Donald's also had to leave the country last year, after ten years of presence. 

The photo reads: Drink Con-Science: There are reasons to believe in a better world but you won't find them in a soda.

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