Clarín, March 13

A concert for fans of Argentine music star Indio Solari turned deadly, and the grim details dominated front pages Monday of the nation's newspapers, along with questions about bad planning and crowd control. "Another tragedy due to lack of controls", reads today's front page of Buenos-Aires based daily Clarín.

At last Saturday's massive open-air rock concert in the eastern city of Olavarria, the situation got out of control when the crowd rushed towards the stage at the end of the performance — a stampede that killed two people and injured dozens. According to the Argentine newspaper, 350,000 spectators turned up for the show, instead of the expected 150,000. Preliminary investigations were launched to determine who was responsible for this lack of crowd control.

In April last year, the organizers of the Time Warp Argentina electronic music festival were arrested and charged for negligence after six people died, due to similar bad planning issues.

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