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Dark And Dynamic, A Tale Of Two Polands

Much has and hasn't changed in Poland since the fall of Communism. But while the country'...

Palestinian Territory

The Jobless Youth Of Gaza Have Lost Faith In Everyone

GAZA CITY — Their world doesn't extend much beyond this piece of sidewalk that never seems to change. Glued to their white plastic chairs, Khaled, Mohammed and Abdel Rahman spend their time ...


Veneto Referendum: Is This Italian Region The Next Catalonia?

The northern Italian region of Veneto will hold a referendum on gaining greater autonomy from the...


R&D And Innovation, A Patent Failure In Latin America

In spite of dynamic consumer figures, Latin America lags when it comes to investment in research ...


Fleeing Violence, Central American Child Migrants Flock Into Mexico

MEXICO CITY — As the Trump administration threatens to expel nearly a million undocumented immigrants who entered the United States as children, Mexico is seeing a spike in arrivals of children ...


Three Highways In The Amazon And Dilemmas Of Deforestation

Plans to build highways through the Amazon rainforest are clear violations of pledges made in Par...


Saving Sirte, Libyan City Returns To Life After Fall Of ISIS

SIRTE — If it were theater, it would be bad theater. Too incongruous, too unreal. The stage — buildings in ruins all along the boulevard — just doesn't fit the happiness on the people's faces. ...


The Formidable Challenge Of Electrifying Rural India

The current challenge in rural electrification is not just connecting households, but providing s...


Fifty Years On, Che Guevara's Economic Ideas Are What Matter

The Marxist leader killed in an ambush in 1967 achieved icon status as a warrior for the revoluti...

United States

Extra! "Relentless" Fires Wreak Havoc In Northern California

San Francisco Chronicle, Oct. 11 Hellish firestorms in northern California have killed at least 17 people and razed entire neighborhoods, destroying more than 2,000 structures. Dozens of ...


Catalonia, Declaration Of Independence With A Caveat

Backers of Catalonia’s quest to break away from Spain had just eight seconds Tuesday night to savor the moment they’d long been waiting for. “I accept the mandate of the people that Catalonia ...


State-Sponsored Barbarism, From The Philippines To Brazil

-OpEd- SAO PAULO — Barbarism has actually become popular in the Philippines. According to a recent study by the Pew Research Center, 78% of Filipinos support the "license to kill" President ...


In Syria, Rape Used As Weapon On All Sides Of Civil War

Sexual violence is being used by almost all the warring factions in the Syrian conflict. When vic...

United States

If Washington Kills Iran Nuke Deal, Europe Will Be Furious

—Analysis— WASHINGTON — More than any other issue that has threatened transatlantic cohesion this year, President Donald Trump's decision to decertify Iranian compliance with the nuclear deal ...

United States

Donald Trump: Asshole Or Idiot Or More Fake News?

-OpEd- PARIS — Donald Trump’s task on Tuesday should have been simple enough. Traveling to the storm-ravaged island of Puerto Rico, the American president was supposed to offer some comforting ...

United States

Las Vegas: Mass Shootings And The 'Terrorism' Label

The carnage in Las Vegas is evil and tragic, but is it terrorism?


When France's Foreign Legion Becomes French

Each year, about 200 soldiers from the elite military unit become naturalized French citizens.

United States

Las Vegas, Worst Mass Shooting In U.S. History

Las Vegas Review-Journal, Oct. 2, 2017 "Mass shooting on Strip," reads the front page of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, just hours after a man opened fire on a crowd of an open-air country ...


Conflict Over Catalonia, Bad To Worse

MADRID — For Mariano Rajoy, it's as if October 1 never happened. The Spanish Prime Minister insisted that his government was simply implementing Spain's democratic constitution in sending ...


Kelantan, A Laboratory For Sharia Law In Malaysia

KOTA BHARU — On Sultan Zaineb street, congregants leave the mosque one by one in Kota Bharu, the capital of the rural Kelantan state, in northeastern Malaysia. After Friday prayers, the ...


AfD Watershed, 5 Reasons For The Far Right Rising In Germany

Though Angela Merkel has secured a fourth term with Sunday's election, the populist party Alt...

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Facebook And Transparency, Zuckerberg Must Go Farther

Facebook has agreed to give the government information on political ad campaigns. But the social ...