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Why Flood Gates Alone Won't Save Venice

The venerable old city needs to embrace innovation and stop putting all of its eggs in the touris...


The Economics, Both Real And Imagined, Behind Latin America's Unrest

Many people have had to tighten their purse strings in recent years. But that's only part of what...


'Blue Cards' And Quotas: Europe's Search For A United Immigration System

The EU introduced its "Blue Card" system to facilitate the arrival of qualified, non-European pro...


Inside Iraq's Tuk-Tuk Revolution

What began as a slogan shared among Facebook users has since morphed into a full-blown, youth-led...


A French Defense Of Trump's New Tariffs On European Products

The U.S. president has a history of strong-arming trading partners. But the move to tax things li...


Berlusconi's Last Dance: A Sharp Right Turn?

With a now-leaderless Democratic Party and no charismatic successor to take over from Berlusconi,...


Will Iran Step In To Suppress Lebanon And Iraq Uprisings?

Protesters in Lebanon and Iraq have been venting their fury at Iran, which is accused of practica...


The Case For Creating A CO2 Central Bank

It's time for the European Union to curb emissions the way it does inflation.


The Geopolitics Of Washington's Stand On Armenian Genocide

MOSCOW — For the first time, the U.S. Congress has recognized the mass killings and deportations in the Ottoman Empire from 1915 to 1923 as genocide. So why now? It doesn't seem that the ...


Chile And The Paradox Of (Relative) Prosperity

Chileans are fairly well off, but only in comparison to their Latin American neighbors. The count...


Fernández v. Bolsonaro: Argentina-Brazil Trade Now At Risk

It's no secret that Brazil's ultra-conservative leader and the incoming president of Argentina ha...

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Disarmament To Rearmament: The Quiet Return Of Nuclear Risk

PARIS — "Kolossal'naya opasnost." In a recent BBC interview, Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev used those two words - "colossal danger" - to sound the alarm of the risk the world faces as ...


Why Latin America Should Go All In On The Sharing Economy

The collaborative approach to trade, production and services could help countries like Colombia e...


Argentina's Next President Has A Mandate, Not A Blank Check

Election winners Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner will soon take over leadership of...


AMLO's Disconcerting Push For Total Control In Mexico

President López Obrador is bending Congress and the judiciary to his will, and scaring awa...


What If Moscow Is The Real Loser In The New Syrian Chessboard?

-Analysis- MOSCOW — The USA betrayed the Kurds. This was the blunt interpretation from Dmitry Peskov, press secretary to Russian President Vladimir Putin, following the Turkey-Russia ...


Is Venezuela Behind Latin America's Surge In Civil Unrest?

South American states like Chile and Ecuador suspect Venezuela's socialist regime of fanning riot...


Bad Language Politics In India: Why Modi Wants To Demote English

The BJP wants to turn back to clock by imposing Hindi on south and northeastern India and elimina...


Democracy Hasn't Made Latin America Any Less Turbulent

Politics in the region have become even more complex since the Cold War era of revolutions and mi...


Mare Nostrum: Jews, Palestinians And Our Mediterranean Identity

On a recent trip to Sicily, Israeli novelist A. B. Yehoshua was reminded of the Mediterranean's s...


Argentina Is Giving Away The Farm On The Falklands

The Argentine government has bent over backwards to please the UK while getting nothing in return.


Egypt And Israel: How Close Is Too Close?

They have their differences, of course, but the interests of Egypt and Israel have increasingly a...