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A Bloody Contrast, 24 World Front Pages After Gaza Killings

PARIS — The world reacted in a chorus of shock Tuesday after the deadliest day in Gaza since 2014, as Israeli forces opened fire on Palestinians protesting at the border against the opening of the ...


Fields Of Despair: Punjabi Farm Workers Exploited In Italy

A sociologist is helping underpaid, over-worked agricultural laborers organize in the city of Lat...

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On Nuclear Threats And Political Decency

-Analysis- From Washington to Tehran to Pyongyang, the world’s attention this week has been consumed by nuclear diplomacy (and lack thereof). Talk of bad manners and misbehaving politicians, in ...

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Iran To North Korea, Trump's My-Way Foreign Policy

WASHINGTON - President Donald Trump yanked the United States out of the Iran nuclear deal this week and will reverse decades of policy in Israel next week, in each case acting on a campaign pledge ...

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Trump's Iran Gambit And Europe's View Of History

PARIS — “Remember the Eighth of May. History may recall it as the day the United States abandoned its belief in allies.” Edward Luce’s opening sentence in a scathing column penned Wednesday for ...


Resettlement Or Return? Limbo For Syrian Refugees In Lebanon

BEIRUT — Lebanon appears to be mobilizing for the mass return of Syrian refugees, disregarding warnings that conditions in their home country are not conducive to voluntary returns in safety and ...


Are Electric Cars Doomed To Be Just A Niche Market?

The shift toward electric cars is picking up pace, but the road ahead has plenty of obstacles still.


Russian Poker? Why The New Cold War May Be About To Thaw

-Analysis- MOSCOW — The list is long: the scandal around the poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal, an unprecedented expulsion of Russian diplomats, sanctions leading to the fall of ...

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Next On The Korean Peninsula: Trump And Pyongyang Nukes

Kim Jong Un’s historic call for peace also included an unspoken message to U.S. President Donald Trump: North Korea won’t surrender its nuclear weapons easily. The agreement Kim reached Friday ...


Cali Murder Inc, A Colombian Drug Cartel War May Be Back

Expected to return to Cali after serving prison time, some old gangsters will find a "new generat...

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Why Americans Still Haven't Mastered The Work-Life Balance

-Analysis- WASHINGTON — Americans love to contemplate - and legislatively promote, to whatever degree possible - the virtue of hard work. Here in the United States, we already work more hours ...


Kisses For Macron. Cold Shoulder For Merkel?

The German chancellor's upcoming visit to Washington will be a sober affair, particularly in ...

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UK Business Hates Brexit, But Opposes Second Referendum

LONDON — The plot to reverse Brexit is missing a key ally: U.K. business. Companies have been among the most outspoken critics of the split from the European Union, and have much to lose from a ...

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Opioids And Unemployment: America's Real Recipe For Despair

The U.S. may boast the world's largest economy on one hand and a deeply problematic president...


May 1968, Month One Of The Sexual Revolution?

France will be marking 50 years since the month-long student uprising that challenged the establi...


Elections, A Favorite Prop For Strongmen

Even the most anti-democratic election can reveal much about the system.


A Flag And Signs Of Separatism In India

NEW DELHI — In the uproar over the southwestern state of Karnataka's decision to have a separate flag for the state, New Delhi-based television channels warned that the move was a threat to ...

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Syria And The Troubling Parallels With 1914

From Saudi Arabia to Iran, Moscow to Washington and beyond, the rising global tensions over the S...

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Live From The Blue Ridge Mountains, Where Facebook Stores Its Data

FOREST CITY — It was slow at the thrift shop, and manager Stephanie Henderson, 38, was looking at her laptop, trying to discover all that Facebook had collected on her: the posts, the memes, the ...


Not Just Trump: More Economists Questioning Free-Trade Orthodoxy

For decades, economists scorned protectionism as a losing proposition. Now some have begun to adm...


From Lula To Park To Zuma, Rough Times For Former Presidents

-Analysis- The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Rarely has the old expression had as much global echo as it does this morning. Over the past 48 hours, no fewer than three former heads of ...

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We May Have Just Witnessed The Moment China Overtook The U.S.

It will be marked in the historical record as the date when China took over control of Far East A...