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American Sanctions Are Back On Iran — Will It Work?

-OpEd- BERLIN — Thousands of students marched through Tehran last weekend, and state television broadcast the protest march live. The crowd burned U.S. flags and pictures of President Donald ...


How Bolsonaro's Brazil Will Turn Latin America Upside Down

The Brazilian president-elect's plans for his first foreign trips offer just one clue to neig...


#MeToo And Due Process — How It Looks In India

The expanding movement to denounce sexual assault is a symptom of the problem, not the cure.

United States

U.S. Midterms: A First Umbrella After The Trump Tsunami

America's midterm elections saw Democrats recapture the House, but lose ground in the Senate....

United States

Midterms, Trump And An Anxious World Looking On

-Analysis- BERLIN — Democracies are made of constant ups and downs. Sometimes one party is on top, the next it's another. And what may look like a dramatic election result often is, in reality, ...


The Similar And (Scary) New Presidents Of Brazil And Mexico

President-elects Jair Bolsonaro and Andrés Manuel López Obrador may not have the sa...


The Next Middle East Trouble Spot: Jordan

The longstanding peace accord between Israel and Jordan ensures stability in the region, but King...

United States

Anti-Semitism In America: Rising Hate Speech Turns To Terror

This is what they had long been fearing. As the threats increased, as the online abuse grew increasingly vicious, as the defacing of synagogues and community centers with swastikas became more ...


Natural Look: Argentine Fashion Weaving Back To Basics

Forget nylon!. Local clothing lines like Animaná are rediscovering all-natural fibers such...

Saudi Arabia

Companies (And Governments) Must Take A Stand On Saudi Arabia

-OpEd- MUNICH — A business conference will take place next week in Saudi Arabia, dubbed "Davos in the Desert." It comes at a delicate moment to say the least: Nearly two weeks ago, the ...


In Iraq, The Revolt Of Generation 2018

Young people with little memory of the Saddam Hussein era are fed up with unemployment, public se...


Rumblings Of War Against Venezuela? A Trap For Colombia

The Venezuelan crisis impacts Colombia directly. But military intervention, as hinted by Trump, c...


Why German Unification Is Still Unfinished Business

There is much to admire about Germany's nearly 70-year-old constitution. But it also contains...


Brazil's Path To Populism Should Not Surprise Anyone

Jair Bolsonaro's triumph in the first round of the presidential election is worrisome, but a ...


Macron's Unpopularity And The Timeless Wisdom Of Machiavelli

After 17 months in power, Emmanuel Macron is touching the depths of unpopularity. He still has wa...


Bangladesh Boiler Rooms: On The Mundane Perils Of Our Global Economy

DHAKA — Bangladesh is shifting from an agrarian economy to an industrial one, with an average annual industrial growth rate of 6.8% (as per the CIA World Factbook) over the past decade. While this ...


Let Them Lead: The Power And Insight Of Refugee Women

It's time to recognize refugee women for what they are: intrepid organizers and providers, ar...


Bolsonaro Blues: Why Brazil Can't Afford A Far-Right President

Jair Bolsonaro is threatening to curtail rights and liberties, and bring the army back into polit...


Argentina Measures The Political Price Of Financial Crisis

A worsening economy in Argentina may cause political shifts before the 2019 presidential elections.

United States

The Infuriating, Durable Power Of The American Dollar

As U.S. hegemony fades, the dollar has become the worst currency in the world — expect, of ...

United States

Kavanaugh Confirmation: Washington Broken, Nation Divided

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The subject was supposed to be the selection of a new justice on the Supreme Court. Instead Thursday’s showdown on Capitol Hill was a raw, scorched-earth confrontation across ...


Latin America Needs To Get Serious About The Venezuelan Exodus

The flood of people fleeing Venezuela's dire economic and political situation is more than an...