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In India, A Domestic Servant Rises To National Politics

Married at the age of five and speaking neither English nor Hindi, 68-year-old Pramila Bisoi has ...


Another Consequence Of Kenya's Drought: Obesity

With drought comes malnutrition and a run to the slums, where fatty foods, sugar, and obesity await.


Notre Dame Fire: French Lessons In Risk Management

In all likelihood, the cause of the Notre Dame fire is linked to mundane management issues. It's ...


Turkey, India And Israel: The Changing Faces Of Populism

Political Scientist Soner Cagaptay once dubbed Recep Tayyip Erdogan the "inventor of 21st-century populism." There may be some truth to that, especially given the way the Turkish president's style ...


Art As Antidote To Xenophobia

From films to photography, artwork can help arouse the empathy we need to counter these dark days...


Notre Dame On Fire, 25 Front Pages From Around The World

PARIS — Firefighters said early Tuesday that they'd extinguished the final flames of the massive Notre Dame cathedral fire that began shortly before 7 p.m. local time Monday. Authorities say ...


Italian Politics, A Mix Of Pro Wrestling And Turkish Coffee

It started as an unlikely marriage of convenience: after Italy's elections in March 2018, the far-right League party and the anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S) formed a coalition ...


The Women At The Forefront Of The Sudanese Revolution

"Kandakas" are leading the protests in Sudan, asking for more recognition and space in society.


Why The Stakes Are So High For Erdogan In Istanbul

Turkey's president first burst on the scene in 1994 when he was elected mayor of Istanbul. Now, h...


To Be Young, British And Living In Paris As Brexit Looms

How the current Brexit debacle looks (and feels) from a member of what may be Britain's last gene...


In Jordan, A Safe Space For Refugee Fathers

A group in East Amman gives men from Syria and other conflict zones an opportunity to open up and...


From Algiers To Ankara, A Warning To Authoritarian Leaders

In Algeria, the Bouteflika clan was driven out of power. In Turkey, Erdogan's AKP has "only" lost...


Dare Not Steal The Opposition Victory In Istanbul Elections

Turkey's politics has been shaken up after President Erdogan's ruling AKP lost major cities in na...


Bolsonaro, Brazil And The Expanding Role Of The Military

The increasingly unpopular president is collaborating with dozens of current or retired soldiers ...


Brexit Babel: Will The EU Bid Adieu To The English Language?

French was once the international language of diplomacy. In Europe, at least, it may have to resu...


Slovakia's First Woman President, Another Velvet Revolution?

Zuzana Čaputová becomes the country's first female head of state, and brings hope to ...


Blueprint For A Second European Renaissance

-OpEd- BERLIN — The late Chancellor Helmut Kohl, a great European who led Germany through its unification, was wrong. European integration is no longer "irreversible." Today, in 2019, ...


Brexit: Europe's Silver Lining On An Epic Mess

The Brexit debacle has had at least one virtue: Eurosceptic leaders from other countries are no l...


Venezuela: How Russia And China Could Keep Maduro In Power

Venezuela's fate is becoming a strategic stake and source of conflict between Western democracies...

United States

After Mueller, What's Next For Trump — And America?

WASHINGTON — Next, more of the same, but with more entrenched division, a bitter crossfire of allegations and then, finally, a reckoning in the form of the 2020 presidential election. The ...


Why Mexico's López Obrador Is Playing With Fire

The new president is uniquely positioned to fix the country's long-ignored economic shortcomings....


How Brexit Nightmare Is Cooling Italy's Anti-EU Fever

Italy's political leaders who rejoiced with Brexit referendum are now silent.