world affairs


Watching Impeachment, Mocking India's Broken Democracy

Trump's biggest problem, it's safe to say, are all those pesky checks and balances. *Luckily, tho...


When Zelensky Met Putin : How It Looked In Kiev, Moscow, Paris

An end to the conflict in Eastern Ukraine doesn't necessarily seem closer, though at least it's n...

Côte d'Ivoire

Ivory Coast Tries To Keep Terrorists From Crossing Border

They shall not pass: Since July, soldiers have stepped up patrols along the country's 1,600-km bo...


Enemies Past And Present? How The NATO Summit Looked In Russia

-OpEd- MOSCOW — Despite the predictions before this past week's NATO summit of a major split in the alliance, and some awkward moments among its respective leaders, the meeting itself ...

United States

For Brazil And Argentina, How To Respond To New Trump Tariffs

President Trump's erratic strikes against the world's trading regime require a collective respons...


China's Next Step In Quest For Diplomatic Supremacy

The Asian giant still trails the United States economically, but it is now the world leader when ...


Mexico: How Weak Institutions Paved The Way For One-Man Rule

The weakness of institutions in Mexico once gave its presidents leeway to reform the state. Today...


Behind The Crackdown On Independent Egyptian News Outlet

The editor of Mada Masr, a Worldcrunch partner publication based in Cairo, explains how they woun...


Can Kenya Cash In On The Global Avocado Craze?

More and more Kenyan farmers are growing avocados, the native Mexican fruit that are both profita...


How China's Free Market Economy Opened The Door To Romance

Traditional ideas about marriage still hold some sway among the Chinese, but more and more, coupl...


Why The World's Central Banks Are Turning To Twitter

It's about the money ... (and other stuff)


Next Up, Colombia: Why Latin American Protests Keep Spreading

Colombians are the latest in Latin America to take to the streets, in what may be the "first clan...


Youth Unemployment: Can Apprenticeships Work In Argentina Like In Germany?

In places like Germany, the so-called 'dual system' approach gives young people a chance to learn...


Just The Two Of Us: Why Belarus' Lukashenko Is Betting On Putin

-Analysis- MINSK — Following the Nov. 17 elections for Belarus' lower house of parliament, independent observers and opposition politicians unanimously rated this campaign as one of the ...


Why Flood Gates Alone Won't Save Venice

The venerable old city needs to embrace innovation and stop putting all of its eggs in the touris...


The Economics, Both Real And Imagined, Behind Latin America's Unrest

Many people have had to tighten their purse strings in recent years. But that's only part of what...


Inside Iraq's Tuk-Tuk Revolution

What began as a slogan shared among Facebook users has since morphed into a full-blown, youth-led...


Colombia, No Country For Children

An attack on a guerilla camp killed several minors earlier this year. It was an "accident," say a...


A French Defense Of Trump's New Tariffs On European Products

The U.S. president has a history of strong-arming trading partners. But the move to tax things li...


Berlusconi's Last Dance: A Sharp Right Turn?

With a now-leaderless Democratic Party and no charismatic successor to take over from Berlusconi,...


The Case For Creating A CO2 Central Bank

It's time for the European Union to curb emissions the way it does inflation.


In Italy, Confiscated Mob Villas Handed Over To Needy Families

Buccinasco, a town just outside of Milan, was quietly invaded decades ago by the ‘Ndranghet...