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United States

UK Business Hates Brexit, But Opposes Second Referendum

LONDON — The plot to reverse Brexit is missing a key ally: U.K. business. Companies have been among the most outspoken critics of the split from the European Union, and have much to lose from a ...


May 1968, Month One Of The Sexual Revolution?

France will be marking 50 years since the month-long student uprising that challenged the establi...


Elections, A Favorite Prop For Strongmen

Even the most anti-democratic election can reveal much about the system.


After Raúl: What A Post-Castro Cuba Could Look Like

With Castro's retirement as Cuban President, Cuba is left to face ongoing issues of the commu...

United States

We May Have Just Witnessed The Moment China Overtook The U.S.

It will be marked in the historical record as the date when China took over control of Far East A...


Moldova Movement Eyes Reunification With Romania (Not Russia)

As parliamentary elections nears, voter frustrations are fueling a campaign in the landlocked, fo...


Why Al-Azhar Is Resisting Sisi's Religious Reforms For Egypt

The president thinks it's time to "revolutionize" Islam. But to do so, he needs help from the...


Mexico, A Republic Of Corruption

Mexicans have become as used to politicians' promises to end corruption as they are used to k...


When Terrorists Get Help From Amazon Recommendations

"Other bombmakers who bought products like these..."


The World Needs A Strong France-Germany Alliance More Than Ever

In a time of Trump, Putin, and Xi Jinping, Europe represents a democratic ideal alone—respe...


Berlin To Bethlehem, When Art Takes Over Border Walls

PARIS — Its destruction, nearly three decades ago, sent waves of joy across the globe. And yet, tourists of all nationalities still come to photograph its remains. The object of this paradox is ...


Mother Russia And Us, What Now?

The result came as no surprise: Vladimir Putin won yesterday’s Russian presidential election and will serve a fourth term. More importantly for the Kremlin leader, he obtained the comfortable ...


How The Kremlin Silences Youth Protests Ahead Of Elections

Little room is left for the movement led by Alexei Navalny to challenge Vladimir Putin's bid ...


Forced To Flee, Forced To Return: Syrian Refugees Trapped Again

-Analysis- BEIRUT — More than 12 million Syrians have been displaced since 2011 — that is more than half of Syria’s pre-war population. And most want nothing more than to return home. Yet ...


Libya Revisited: Young People Nudge Benghazi Back To Life

BENGHAZI — They call it the "Café of the Displaced," and it's always full. "It's because my customers followed me here," says Ahmed, a smile on his face as he pours a clever blend of coffee, ...


In Southern Italy, Where Populist 5 Star Movement Took Off

In Sunday's stunning national elections, the former leftist stronghold near Naples joined the...


"Weaponizing Aid" — Desperation Politics In Eastern Ghouta

BEIRUT – Russia’s proposal for a partial truce in the Eastern Ghouta suburbs of Damascus is not a “humanitarian pause,” but a “humanitarian posture,” says Dr. Annie Sparrow, a critical-care ...


Islamic Antidote To Radicalism: A French One-Man Show On The Koran

In the southern city of Marseille, actor Selman Reda draws on his personal experiences to explore...


Slain Slovak Journalist: How Italian Mob Expands Into Eastern Europe

Slovakian authorities are investigating ties between politicians and the Calabria-based Ndr&agrav...


How Colombian Crime Networks Cash In On Venezuela's Misery

Venezuelans are sloshing their way across the Táchira River to seek jobs in Colombia, or s...


Can India And Iran Rekindle Their 1990s-Era Romance?

After a difficult 15 years, relations between New Delhi and Tehran are in need of improvement. Th...

South Africa

Cape Town, Bogota, Sao Paulo: When Cities Run Out Of Water

-Analysis- Good news for the people of Cape Town: “Day Zero,” when South Africa’s second most-populated city is expected to run out of water has been pushed back. But it’s only a very temporary ...