Ramadan is a sacred month of prayer and fasting from dawn to dusk observed by Muslims around the world. But the holy month, which this year runs from June 6 to July 5, comes with different rules and schedules (and soap operas) that must be integrated into busy modern lives. And yes, there's an app for that! Indeed, the mobile application business has been quick to respond to this opportunity linked to a religion of some 1.7 billion adherents, with apps for daily prayer schedules, connecting with other Muslims or even recording days left to fast. Here are five that are making some buzz:

1. Ramadan Legacy, launched in 2015 by a Scottish company, offers the opportunity to create a personalized Ramadan journal to help fulfill worshipping duties, and even offers encouragements to achieve those goals thanks to daily inspirational reminders.

Ramadan Legacy available for iOS and Android

2. Sawab – Quran Khatma is an app launched by a Lebanese company that allows the user to join 30 Muslims anytime in order to read the Koran together.

Sawab - Quran Khatma available for iOS and Android

3. Muslim Pro – Ramadan 2016, is an app from a Singapore-based technology company: Bitsmedia Pte Ltd. that gives information on prayers and fasting schedules. It also features the full Koran with Arabic scripts and audio recitations, an Islamic Hijri calendar, and a geolocating map of halal restaurants and Mosques.

Muslim Pro available for iOS and Android

4. Sidi Romdhan is an app launched by a Tunisian telecom network, Ooredoo Tunisie SA. Especially created for Ramadan, it features prayer and TV programs schedules as well as greeting cards that can be shared on social media. There are also health tips to make it through the day without food and water.

Sidi Romdhan available for iOS and Android

5. Ramadan Fitness Challenge is focused on the physical aspects of the holy month. Fasting, avoiding physical over-exertion and feasting once the sun is down can be pretty hard on your health. The fitness app delivers daily workout challenges for those who are going through fasting.

Ramadan Fitness Challenge available for iOS and Android