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The Worldwide Epidemic Of Counterfeit Drugs

Germany was once considered the world's pharmacy. Venerable companies such as Bayer and H&oum...


Hydropower, The Clean Motor Of Latin America's Energy Future

-Analysis- LA PAZ — At it stands now, half of Latin America's power is generated by hydroelectricity, an energy source that is also of vital importance worldwide, producing more electricity ...


Up Close With Dr. Zee, The Godfather Of Legal Highs

Dr. Zee, as he's known, is an Amsterdam-based researcher who regularly invents new drugs. And...


When Algorithms Enter The Courtroom

PARIS — On the left-hand side of the blue screen, court decisions appear at the speed of light. Some words are highlighted. Simultaneously, on the right-hand side, a map of France takes shape. ...


The Shady Business Of Experimental Stem Cell Treatments

GENEVA — At the Geneva University Hospitals, pneumologist Jean-Paul Janssens receives patients suffering from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). This rare disease is caused by the degeneration ...


Color That Pigeon! Parakeets Invade European Cities

Wild parakeet populations are expanding in many European cities, where they enjoy the relative wa...


A Few Jobs AI Can Never Render Obsolete

Technology is transforming how goods and services are sold, and may soon kick millions of workers...

United States

Apple’s Next Game Changer: Augmented Reality

Apple CEO Tim Cook is betting on AR, which he sees as potentially as groundbreaking as the smartp...


Losing Hand, Uber Drivers In Brazil Play Waiting Game

A day in the life of an Uber driver in São Paulo.

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Real-Life Dangers Of Our Digital Distraction Age

-Analysis- PARIS — How could something like this happen? Some of us have spent the past week trying to find out the facts (and comprehend the enormity) of Sunday night’s Academy Awards ...


SESAME: A New Accelerator Of Science And Middle East Peace

Modeled on Swiss-based nuclear research center CERN after the 1994 Oslo accords, the idea of the ...


Zuckerberg’s Megalomania, A Big Brother Of Good Intentions

The Facebook founder's recent self-important manifesto reads like comedy, until we see how it...


Cyber Security — Is The Internet A Sitting Duck?

-Analysis- MUNICH — The recent attacks on the Internet would be great material for a movie. But it would be more a horror film than action flick — and it could be a low-budget production since ...


Sting Operation, In Search Of The Perfect Bee

PARIS — Researchers are on the hunt for the perfect bee. Today, pesticides, mites, viruses and other parasites decimate tens of millions of colonies of pollinators on the planet. Researchers ...


Perils And Convenience Of A Microchip Implant In Your Hand

Big Brother, if and when he arrives, will start out looking small. Take that mundane office badge or key card you use to pass security before entering your office. Rather than having to carry ...


How Our "Education Genes" Decline While Collective IQ Rises

BERLIN — Is our intelligence determined by our genes? That’s the question driving genetic and psychological research ever since these scientific disciplines were born. But to this day, the ...


Pushing The Limits Of Weather Forecasting

Climate change is giving meteorologists an added incentive to make accurate, ever more timely pre...

South Korea

Make Room For Robots In South Korean Middle Schools

For more than a decade, South Korea has been a pioneer in the use of robots to aid teaching. Now,...

United States

Skip A Heartbeat, Why Medical Implants Can Be Easily Hacked

PARIS — Here’s some terrible news for millions of people around the world who need pacemakers, insulin pumps or electrodes that relieve chronic pain or symptoms of Parkinson's disease: These ...

United Kingdom

How Underwater Cables Power The Internet Across The Atlantic

Nearly all of the data sent between continents goes through fiber optic cables that reside at the...

Hong Kong

Why People In Hong Kong Live Really Long Lives

Hong Kongers really like soup. Is that the secret to their long leases on life?


Brains And Beauty, Can Neuroscience Measure How Art Affects Us?

Several decades of reflection and study have led neurobiologist Jean-Pierre Changeux to stake out...