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The VR Couch: Virtual Reality Takes On Mental Illness

How VR can help patients suffering from eating disorders, phobias and schizophrenia.

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Behold The Google-Facebook Duopoly

Google tried and failed to play the social media game. But that's not necessarily a bad thing...


Inside Facebook’s Top Secret Moderation Center

BARCELONA — It’s a large, bright open space, in which 80 people work, sitting behind brand new desks. The grey of the carpet is still pristine, the walls too white, impersonal. Except for a large ...


In Tierra Del Fuego, Findings Of A Unique American Biologist

In far southern Argentina, writer Pablo Bizón recalls a chance encounter with a woman who ...


Why Dieselgate Was Really An IT Problem

If cars are supercomputers, why are we not programming them for fewer emissions and speed?


Is Human Gene Editing Simply Scientific Progress?

Ethical concerns about last week's CRISPR breakthrough in China are valid. But they can evolv...


Autobahn Alternative? A Peek At Germany's First Solar Road

A visionary engineer and his two-person company have a plan to pave the country's roads with ...


German Police Deploy Controversial Silicon Valley Surveillance Tool

Critics worry that by partnering with Palantir, a Silicon Valley company with ties to the CIA, po...

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Annals Of Technophobia: When Mark Twain Met The Typewriter

This is a story about love, hate and Mark Twain. The object of Twain's desire (then resentment): the typewriter. Twain first laid eyes on a "newfangled typing machine," as he called it, ...


Solar Power: Researchers Map Out Colombia's Sunshine Hotspots

Engineers in Antioquia decided to cross-reference data on solar radiation and cloud cover to enco...


Archeology Or Apathy: Digging For Dinosaur Relics In India

Unlike countries like the US or even China, India doesn’t have a national repository to sto...


When Buddhist Monks Meet Quantum Physicists

Scientists and Tibetan Buddhists gathered in Gangtok, India earlier this month for an unlikely me...


Simply Into Science: How To Tear Down STEM's Gender Wall

One study says it will take at least 100 years to bridge the global gender gap. And 217 years to ...

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Why AI Is Now The Key Ingredient For Modern Productivity

-Analysis- CARACAS — Artificial Intelligence is opening up new opportunities for the economy and society. But it will also affect millions of human jobs, and thus poses a huge challenge for ...


Helping China's Elderly Catch Up With Our Information Age

BEIJING — A video is making the rounds across China's internet. On a bus in the western city of Xi'an, an elderly man is seen shouting at a pregnant woman that she should give up her seat. "I am ...


Boyan Slat, A (Nicer) Elon Musk To Save Our Oceans

The project "The Ocean Cleanup" wants to use its system to rid the oceans from plastic waste. The...


The Lucrative Business Of Bogus Scientific Conferences

PARIS — The French capital was set to be the world capital of science. On May 17-18, no fewer than 50 conferences in the fields of aerospace, mechanics, energy, the environment, civil engineering, ...


Grimm Choices: How Energy Transition Threatens A Fairy Tale Forest

Wind power has its drawbacks, especially in central German region of Hesse, where developers want...

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Is Empathy Determined By Genes?

Education and experience certainly play a role in how well an individual understands other people...


Google Or Baidu? Chinese Have Their Say In Short-Lived Survey

The U.S. web giant may be planning a return to China. But would web users there actually embrace ...


Swamped By Toxic Seaweed, The French Antilles' Cry For Help

Since 2011, the Caribbean islands have been attacked by rafts of algae which give off a pungent o...


In Beijing, The Chilling Job Of "Stability-Maintenance"

China's efforts to maintain control over citizens now include implementing volunteer "stabili...