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Is The Academic Publishing Industry Ripe For Disruption?

Taxpayers sometimes have to pay three times for any scientific article.


R&D And Innovation, A Patent Failure In Latin America

In spite of dynamic consumer figures, Latin America lags when it comes to investment in research ...


Women And Robots, More Than Just A Pretty Face

The sex robot market is expanding, but women must play a core role in the development of all arti...

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An IKEA Acquisition Shows Limits Of The Sharing Economy

SAN FRANCISCO — I can't help but feel disappointed that TaskRabbit, the San Francisco-based startup and "sharing economy" pioneer, has agreed to become a unit of Ikea. Although the company has ...


When Irma Was Born, The Making Of A Mega-Storm

The origins of this particularly powerful Caribbean storm can be traced back to an El Nino no-show.

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A Cold Reality Check On Harvey — And The Next Time

From zoning laws and insurance polices to the realities of climate change, there are ways to prev...


Computers Claiming Copyright And Other Puzzles Of Our AI Era

-Analysis- Do GIFs have a place in serious publications? Where the hell is my giraffe emoji? Do androids dream of electric sheep? The digital world is presenting us with questions we never ...


Top Of The World, One Family's Adventures To The North Pole

Now on their third "Under the Pole" expedition, French explorers Emmanuelle Périé-B...

Central African Republic

One Young Woman's Fight For Surgery Access For 143 Million

MUNICH — "To be above it all" has become Magdalena Gründl’s purpose in life. By this, she doesn't mean to sound egotistical. The-25 year-old research assistant working at Harvard wants to ...


Collection Of DNA Spells Doom In India

-Analysis- In 2007, the department of biotechnology in India began drafting a controversial legislative bill to collect and store the DNA information of Indian citizens in a national databank ...


The Good Wall, An Ingenious Conservation Idea From A Bogota Garage

A Bogotá family invented a system to drain rainwater from any rooftop and store it in an "...

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Mixed Feelings From The Masses Awaiting Tesla's New Model 3

PALO ALTO — While his high-school classmates were blowing their money on Chipotle burritos and concert tickets, Truman Hale was saving up for a Tesla. In March of last year, after years of penny ...


A French Case For Dismantling GAFA, America's Tech Oligarchy

Large technology companies need to be stopped before they crush our cherished freedoms, argues a ...


How Forgetting Allows You To Remember — And Be A Better Thinker

Our ability to forget helps us to learn, make decisions ... and remember a face. This seeming par...


High And Dry: Architecture In the Age Of Climate Change

Designers are starting to take global warming into account when planning buildings, particularly ...


How Big Data Is Revolutionizing The Soccer Transfer Market

GENEVA — A high stack of papers dominates the desk of this president of a Swiss soccer club. "These are resumes from players. We get 50 of them every week, together with video cassettes of their ...


Don't Hate Robots, They Just Want You To Have A Cooler Job

Technology is indeed eliminating jobs, but mostly routine tasks that young people spurn. It is al...


IT Ecosystems In Africa

SPONSORED CONTENT The IT ecosystem in Africa is thriving. Microsoft alone now has offices in more than 14 African countries, and has announced that it will open its first data centers on the ...


The Antarctic, One Last Chance To "Do Right" By Mother Nature

The Antarctic, one of the last, unspoiled parts of the natural world, will, like the Amazon, face...

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Ariana Huffington's Mission To Save Uber From Its Own "Brilliant Jerks"

The online media star, who sits on the board of the ride-sharing app company, says Uber doesn'...


Why Do Zika-Infected Babies Born In São Paulo Suffer Less?

A new study found that dozens of São Paulo women infected with Zika gave birth to babies w...


Augmented Reality, Tech Miracle Or Surveillance Tool?

Exploitation of so much data by artificial intelligence could lead to the automatic evaluation of...