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The 5G Debate: Time To Choose Sides In China-U.S. Showdown?

Allowing Beijing to have a hand in the new, faster mobile network would entail significant risks....


From Facebook To Finance, The Blockchain Era Is Now

Expect use of blockchain, the digital record-keeping system, to become generalized this year in b...


If Penguins Could Text: African Birds Compress Language Like Humans

The tendency to compress language belongs not only to humans, but also to this particular African...


Why Sending A Female Android To Space Is A Problem

India's space program will use a female android named Vyommitra to test the crew module ahead of ...


Instagram Filters: The Tyranny Of Digital Retouching

A "plastic surgery style" is a new part of the culture exploding on social media.


Carbon Offsetting: Tree-Hugger Dream Or Greenwashing Scam?

PARIS – "We're proud to be pioneers..." It was a few days before Christmas, and Air France CEO Anne Rigail had a smile on her face, as she sat in an armchair surrounded by other noteworthy ...


The Case For Banning Facial Recognition Systems Altogether

With automated electronic surveillance systems, suspicion does not precede data collection but is...


A Philosophical Take On Why Emojis Are Just Dumb

Modern languages are rich, beautiful and complex, and took ages to develop. Hearts and smiley fac...


A Surreal Facebook Alter Ego To Keep Egyptian Activists Safe

When reality transcends constitutional and legal provisions, you must be extra clever about socia...


HappyBreak: Headset Meditation App To Prevent Work Burnout

A Chilean startup develops an application to take office workers into a meditative 'happy space' ...


Staff Picks, Our 15 Best Stories Of 2019

LES ECHOS France's Yellow Vests And The Problem With Post-Truth Economics Opinion shapers have a habit these days of disregarding facts, be they scientific or economic. Opinions matter, of ...


Predictive Politics: When Algorithms Will Run Our Democracy

New tech may soon be able to predict future political problems and independently develop solution...


The 2019 Dozen — Our 12 Most Popular Stories Of The Year

LA STAMPA Meet The Doctor's Maid Who Inspired The Mediterranean Diet A housekeeper with serious culinary skills helped feed the mind and mouth of Ancel Keys, the American doctor famous for ...


Slovakian Artist Ctrl Shift Face, King Of "Deepfakes"

He's the mastermind behind has most famous deepfakes of the web. Donald Trump, Bruce Lee or even ...


What Latin America Can Learn From China About Smart Cities

Most people in Latin America and the Caribbean live in urban areas. And many of those cities are ...


In Beef-Loving Argentina, The Hunt For A Lab Meat Alternative

An Argentine pharmaceutical firm has begun testing lab beef production and expects to have a tast...


Revisiting The Science Vs. Religion Paradigm

Darwin may have poked a hole in the Christian creation myth. But historically speaking, the relat...


Why Facebook Should Ban Political Ads In India

Facebook, Google and other platforms are not doing enough to make political ads more transparent.


In Senegal, An App To Tackle Violence Against Women

Femicide is a major problem in the West African country. A French entrepreneur of Senegalese orig...


What The Data From France's Top Dating Site Tells Us About Love

A pioneering Swedish researcher has come up with new insights about love and romance after analyz...

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Take 5: How Nations Protect High-Tech Assets

It's part trade war, part cyber defense — and the rumblings of conflict grow louder as countries (and companies alike) maneuver to protect their high-tech assets. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ...


As Online Medicine Spreads, Doctors Push Back In Argentina

Doctors still make house calls in the South American country. But more and more, health care serv...