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Clean Trees In Naples: When Ecology Invades Mob Territory

Outside of Naples, researchers have turned land polluted by illegally-dumped chemicals into a liv...


What China Flexing Tech Muscle Means For India

The digital relationship between the Asian neighbors has rapidly evolved over the past decade, an...


A Hacker Pays For Egypt's Ambiguous Relationship With Data

Dubbed "the International," a young Egyptian computer programmer had built a program to scrape us...


Just Call (Or Text) Me — Enough With Voice Messages!

Voice messages are unilateral and time-consuming: this is bad communication innovation.


Staff Picks, Our 15 Best Stories Of 2018

LE MONDE Monstrous Times Call For Monstrous Fiction: A French Manifesto Against the omnipotence of "reality-show novels" and costume fiction, a group of young French authors want to reassert ...


The Dirty Truth Behind Electric Vehicles

The procurement of raw materials and the difficulties in recycling batteries show that electric v...


The 2018 Dozen — Our 12 Most Popular Stories Of The Year

LE MONDE Full Translation Of French Anti-#MeToo Manifesto Signed By Catherine Deneuve Some 100 prominent French women artists and intellectuals have issued an open letter in Le Monde ...

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Watch: OneShot — 50 Years Ago, Earthrise

The Earth also rises ... On Dec. 24, 1968, on the first human orbit of the Moon, astronaut Williams Anders looked out the window of Apollo 8. Reaching for his camera, and its color film, Anders ...


How Two Middle-Aged Dads Invented Germany's Hottest Toy

Patric Fassbender​ and Marcus Stahl are struggling to keep up with demand for their "Tonieb...


The VR Couch: Virtual Reality Takes On Mental Illness

How VR can help patients suffering from eating disorders, phobias and schizophrenia.

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Behold The Google-Facebook Duopoly

Google tried and failed to play the social media game. But that's not necessarily a bad thing...


Inside Facebook’s Top Secret Moderation Center

BARCELONA — It’s a large, bright open space, in which 80 people work, sitting behind brand new desks. The grey of the carpet is still pristine, the walls too white, impersonal. Except for a large ...


Beyond Nobel: In Search Of A Better Way To Measure Science

NEW DELHI — In an article in The Atlantic, Patrick Collison and Michael Nielsen express their concerns about the perceived slowdown of scientific progress. With “more scientists, more funding for ...


Why Dieselgate Was Really An IT Problem

If cars are supercomputers, why are we not programming them for fewer emissions and speed?


Is Human Gene Editing Simply Scientific Progress?

Ethical concerns about last week's CRISPR breakthrough in China are valid. But they can evolv...


Autobahn Alternative? A Peek At Germany's First Solar Road

A visionary engineer and his two-person company have a plan to pave the country's roads with ...


AI In Healthcare: New Battleground For Big Tech And Startups

PARIS — What if the GAFA quartet (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple) also became giants in the healthcare sector? Google first tried to put on the white coat more than a decade ago. After "Google ...

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Annals Of Technophobia: When Mark Twain Met The Typewriter

This is a story about love, hate and Mark Twain. The object of Twain's desire (then resentment): the typewriter. Twain first laid eyes on a "newfangled typing machine," as he called it, ...


Solar Power: Researchers Map Out Colombia's Sunshine Hotspots

Engineers in Antioquia decided to cross-reference data on solar radiation and cloud cover to enco...


Archeology Or Apathy: Digging For Dinosaur Relics In India

Unlike countries like the US or even China, India doesn’t have a national repository to sto...


How Canada Is Using AI To Help Decide Immigration Cases

Algorithms can certainly speed things up. But are they an appropriate tool processing residency a...


Simply Into Science: How To Tear Down STEM's Gender Wall

One study says it will take at least 100 years to bridge the global gender gap. And 217 years to ...