Syria Crisis


Why They Return: Syrian Refugee Tales Of Going Back Home

Some 31,000 Syrians have returned to their war-torn country from abroad this year and many are st...


In Lebanon, Syrian Refugees Run Out Of Space To Bury Their Dead

In Lebanon, the country with the highest number of refugees per capita in the world, a cemetery f...


On Raqqa Frontline: Kurds, Arabs, Italians Close In On ISIS

Kurdish-led forces advance with hopes to recapture the ISIS capital. Together with Arab and forei...


Details Emerge Of ISIS' Mass Abduction Of Christians In Syria

Christian Assyrians have been targeted repeatedly through history — and found themselves un...


Slaves Of ISIS, Yazidi Survivors Share Unspeakable Horrors

The minority Yazidi people were killed and taken captive by the Islamic State. Once held as sex s...


In Syria, The Next War Has Already Begun

Russia, Iran and U.S. are all looking beyond the defeat of ISIS in Syria. But the little game the...


Arming Syrian Kurds, A Nasty Thorn In U.S.-Turkey Relations

As Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan meets with U.S. President Donald Trump, mutual objectiv...

United States

World Newspapers Analyze Trump's "Trigger-Happy" Turnaround On Syria

-Analysis- For the longest time, Donald Trump has disparaged U.S. military involvement in the Middle East, mocked his rival’s strategy in Syria, and unequivocally stated that America’s enemy in ...


Direct Cash, Is This The Future Of Humanitarian Aid?

Experiments among Syrian refugees in Lebanon are testing the best way to help those in need.


In Syria, The Extra Weak Link Of Women’s Health

As the bombs continue to drop on parts of Syria, doctors struggle to give basic medical care to w...


New Monday, New World: Russia Is In Charge

Well that was quite a first weekend. After Donald Trump's inauguration on Friday, an estimated two million people took to the streets worldwide to protest against the controversial new president, ...


Why Wounded Syrians Keep Winding Up In Israeli Hospitals

"We wondered how we should react until they told us they'd been wounded by the regime forces ...


From The Ashes Of Aleppo, A New World Order Is Born

PARIS — The victory of the Russians, Iranians and of the Syrian regime in Aleppo is a strategic turning point in the organization of international relations. It marks the West's fading out and the ...


The ISIS Rockets “Made In Turkey”

In Iraq, near Mosul, ISIS was running a sophisticated operation to make guns and explosives. A ne...


Aleppo, A Historic City Of Peace And Commerce Turns To Dust

Before it became the Syrian rebellion stronghold, Aleppo was the heart of ancient civilizations.


After Aleppo Inferno, Idlib To Become "Purgatory"

For moderate, unarmed rebels, as well as anyone wanted by the government, the rapid and brutal of...


Syrian Brothers Split By War Report From Both Sides Of Border

GAZIANTEP — "The nightmares only started when I left Aleppo," says 30-year-old Mahmoud, a Syrian activist and journalist now living as a refugee in Turkey. "Before — even after my best friend ...


Iraqi Christians Who Fled ISIS Invasion Return Home

After two years of occupation by terror group ISIS, the largest Christian city in Iraq, Qaraqosh,...


Trump, Just The President Assad Has Been Waiting For

-Analysis- BEIRUT — On the morning of Nov. 9, as the U.S. presidential votes were being counted, residents of rebel-held eastern Aleppo, which has been under total siege since July, were trying ...


Putin’s Way, How Russia Is Imposing Its Mandate In Syria

ALEPPO — In his smoke-filled office in western Aleppo, Tarif Attoura holds a copy of the draft agreement to let the rebels leave the eastern part of the city, under siege for three months. "It was ...


How The U.S. Is Unintentionally Helping Syria’s Assad

The United States intervened militarily in Syria under the premise of the "war on terror" and the...


Why UN Security Council Failing Aleppo Surprises No One

-OpEd- NEW YORK — I'm almost certain I saw Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at the Strand bookstore in Manhattan today. I wanted to walk over and call ...