Why Sudan Should Matter To Us All

Beyond the geopolitical ramifications, what's happening in Sudan is our problem too. Between the violence from those in charge and the meaning of citizen movements, the stakes couldn't be higher.


Memories Of Tiananmen And A Passing Yugoslav-Chinese Flirt


Refugee v. Migrant? What We're Missing In Immigration Debate

By distinguishing between refugees and migrants, international law underestimates the plight of people displaced by poverty and climate change.


Nationalism 2.0: The Far Right's Dark Powers Of Storytelling

From France to Poland, the far-right draws people in with plot lines that offer fast and easy answers but no long-term solutions.


70 Years On, Germans Find Pride In Their Constitution

Against a tide of right-wing nationalism, Germany's Basic Law — with its emphasis on fundamental rights — is as relevant now as it was 70 years ago, when it first appeared.


What We Learned From Austria's Far-Right Experiment

Chancellor Kurz deserves credit for trying to work with the populist FPÖ. But he's also right to end the relationship in the wake of the damning scandal


From Berlusconi's TV Optimism To Salvini's Dark Tweets

Once upon a time, Italy embraced its own politically incorrect billionaire-turned-politico. And yet the real shift toward Trump-style nationalism came after Berlusconi's departure.


Turkey, India And Israel: The Changing Faces Of Populism

Political Scientist Soner Cagaptay once dubbed Recep Tayyip Erdogan the "inventor of 21st-century ...


Art As Antidote To Xenophobia

From films to photography, artwork can help arouse the empathy we need to counter these dark days of border walls and White nationalist terrorism, not yet extinct, and art foments it.


Old Names Die Hard: "Karachi Bakery" In India Has Whiff Of Past

Current nationalism in post-Partition India and Pakistan can't kill the spirit of the independent businesses that embody memory and history.


Traits Of A Nation? Blind Spots Of The Old China Hands

How is it that analysis of the rising world power is reduced to an abstract notion from the field of genetics? Established experts on China are not looking at the future.

United Kingdom

V For Villain: What Western History Forgets About Churchill

His record in Britain's former colonies more closely resembles that of a war criminal than a defender of democracy and freedom.


Venezuela Crisis: Why China Will Ultimately Turn On Maduro

With business sense and political pragmatism, communist China probably sees more sense backing Venezuela's liberal opposition, which could seal the fate of its longtime ally.


Chinese Pride, Global Power And The Battle For 5G

WASHINGTON — How long must you live, how strong must be your memory, to turn back and say: damn it, this world has really changed. Look at the millennials, they seem to......


Why Hindu Nationalism Will Never Kill Gandhi's Legacy

Despite episodes of hatred and nationalism, Gandhi's ideas are still alive and well in India.


In Basque Country, The First Seeds Of A Post-Growth World

In southwest France, the "eusko" currency has become the centerpiece of an alternative ecosystem that is not obsessed with economic growth.

United States

Shift To Asia? Africa Rising? Big Questions To Track For 2019

-Analysis- NEW YORK — As 2018 comes to a close, attention is turning to what is likely to happen in 2019. I have no idea. But if you follow these questions, yo......


D&G Chopsticks Incident And China's Quest For Cultural Power

WASHINGTON — My first encounter with China was, oddly, at the top of the Empire State Building. I was a young student, and climbing to the top of the Manhattan landmark......


Je Suis Yellow Vest: Global Anti-Elite Claim Stake In French Movement

Far-right and far-left from around the world voice support for the popular uprising in France.


Can AMLO Spread Mexico's Wealth Without Sinking The Economy?

The new president is hoping to strike what has tended to be an elusive balance in Latin America: equitable economic growth.


Where The Geopolitical Chessboard Makes Sense Today: Asia

In the West, the era of grand, strategic pacts between nation-states seems to have come and gone. But in Asia, the trend may just be catching on.


Sinead O'Connor And The Muslim-Hindu Minefield In India

NEW DELHI — When Shehla Rashid, a student leader in India, tweeted to welcome Irish singer Sinead O'Connor into the Islamic fold, she could not have expected much of a controvers......