Why Matteo Salvini Risks Winding Up Like Marine Le Pen

The far-right League party in Italy, rising in popularity, now faces the prospect of being marginalized by its extremist rhetoric after this summer's gamble by its populist leader backfired.


Modi Putting India's Future At Risk With Kashmir Gambit


Ecofascism: When Far-Right Ideology Fuses With Ecology

Some of the recent racist mass killers were also worried about the degradation of the environment. It's part of a old twisted ideology that mixes love of nature and xenophobia.


Next For Italy: An Unlikely (And Up To Now Unthinkable) Alliance?

A traditional party and a populist movement may join forces to get Italy out of its political crisis and avoid yet another election.


RoboJudge: When Laws Are Transformed Into Computer Code

Laws take time to catch up with reality. Could we program them into binary systems? It is tempting, but it is also dangerous.


Why Sudan Should Matter To Us All

Beyond the geopolitical ramifications, what's happening in Sudan is our problem too. Between the violence from those in charge and the meaning of citizen movements, the stakes couldn't be higher.


Why Some Foreigners Like Italy's Anti-Migrant League Party

Social media dialogue and reader comments on news stories suggest that the far-right's xenophobic rhetoric resonates for immigrants.


Memories Of Tiananmen And A Passing Yugoslav-Chinese Flirt

I was not at Tiananmen those weeks in the spring 1989, when thousands of students occupied the square, demanding more room in a modernizing ...


Nationalism 2.0: The Far Right's Dark Powers Of Storytelling

From France to Poland, the far-right draws people in with plot lines that offer fast and easy answers but no long-term solutions.


Narendra Modi's Mass Appeal, And Risks For India's Democracy

NEW DELHI — The great Indian electoral war of 2019 ended with Narendra Modi securing a historic mandate to ...


70 Years On, Germans Find Pride In Their Constitution

Against a tide of right-wing nationalism, Germany's Basic Law — with its emphasis on fundamental rights — is as relevant now as it was 70 years ago, when it first appeared.


What We Learned From Austria's Far-Right Experiment

Chancellor Kurz deserves credit for trying to work with the populist FPÖ. But he's also right to end the relationship in the wake of the damning scandal


Turkey, India And Israel: The Changing Faces Of Populism

Political Scientist Soner Cagaptay once dubbed Recep Tayyip Erdogan the "inventor of 21st-century ...


In India, A Fight Over Cricket With Fascist Undertones

A recent attack on a Muslim family in Gurgaon shows how cricket has become yet another — and dangerous — metaphor of internal partitions.


Art As Antidote To Xenophobia

From films to photography, artwork can help arouse the empathy we need to counter these dark days of border walls and White nationalist terrorism, not yet extinct, and art foments it.


Old Names Die Hard: "Karachi Bakery" In India Has Whiff Of Past

Current nationalism in post-Partition India and Pakistan can't kill the spirit of the independent businesses that embody memory and history.

United Kingdom

V For Villain: What Western History Forgets About Churchill

His record in Britain's former colonies more closely resembles that of a war criminal than a defender of democracy and freedom.


The Violent Roots Of India's Subjugation Of Women

Two centuries ago, widows were sometimes strapped to the funeral pyres of their husbands and burned alive, historian Tanika Sarkar explains.


Venezuela Crisis: Why China Will Ultimately Turn On Maduro

With business sense and political pragmatism, communist China probably sees more sense backing Venezuela's liberal opposition, which could seal the fate of its longtime ally.


Chinese Pride, Global Power And The Battle For 5G

WASHINGTON — How long must you live, how strong must be your memory, to turn back and say: damn it, this world has really changed. Look at the millennials, they seem to......


In Basque Country, The First Seeds Of A Post-Growth World

In southwest France, the "eusko" currency has become the centerpiece of an alternative ecosystem that is not obsessed with economic growth.


A Brief And Bitter History Of Being Atheist In Modern Egypt

Egyptian society simply doesn't recognize the reality of atheism, and often punishes anyone who declares it publicly.