Anger against the West is spreading throughout the Muslim world as further reports of attacks on the UK, German and US embassies develop Friday afternoon.

Following Pope Benedict XVI's arrival Friday for a three-day trip to Lebanon, anti-Western protests amassed in the country's second-largest city Tripoli. Reuters reports at least one demonstrator has been killed and a branch of the Kentucky Fried Chicken fast-food restaurant was set on fire earlier in the afternoon.

Reuters is also reporting that the U.S. Embassy compound in Tunis has been attacked, with officials firing warning shots. Demonstrators in Tunisia, where the pro-democracy Arab Spring was launched, are reportedly waving an Islamic flag similar to the one used after protestors tore down the American flag in Cairo on Tuesday, that reads: "There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger."

Al Jazeera is currently reporting that black smoke is rising from the German embassy in Khartoum, Sudan. Reports have confirmed that the fire has been contained in the embassy compound and not the building itself.

SANA the state-run Syrian news agency is reporting that hundreds of protesters have assembled outside the American embassy in Damascus. The protesters seem to be pro-Syrian government supporters, brandishing images of current President Bashar al-Assad.

The BBC reported there have also been additional clashes in Egypt and Yemen, which have witnessed previous scenes of anti-American discontent. 

Similar protests against the anti-Islam film have spread to Malaysia, Morocco, Nigeria and Pakistan amongst others since Tuesday.