TOKYO - Japan is a country known for its cutting-edge science and technology.

Walkmans, videocassette recorders, Compact Discs, Blue-Ray, digital cameras, flat panel tvs – you name it, it was invented in Japan.

But this new Japanese invention will – literally – blow your tail off.

The “Tailly,” according to the Asahi Shimbun, is a wearable tail that is connected to heart-rate sensors. When the user’s heart rate increases, the tail wags excitedly, “radiating cuteness and happiness,” according to its inventor Shota Ishiwatari.

Photo - Tailly

The idea, is to help you express your feelings. 


Ishiwatari is seeking funding of $96,200 to develop his product globally through crowd-funding website Kickstarter.

The tail comes in four colors: white, black, brown and gray.

You might remember Shota Ishiwatari from his previous invention, the Necomimi headband – a pair of cat ears “that read the wearer’s brain waves and then move accordingly,” reports the Asahi Shimbun.

Photo Necomimi