LIANJIANG - A Chinese centenarian woke up after being dead for 16 hours, reports the South Metropolitan Daily.

Peng Xiuhua, a 101-year-old woman from Shenshuidong Village in China’s southeastern Guangdong Province, had been living alone since the death of her husband 11 years ago.

She had taken a fall two weeks ago and had been bed-ridden since. Her daughters, who are in their 70s, had returned home to take care of her. On Jan. 19, they noticed that she was not breathing and that she had no pulse, says the South Metropolitan Daily.

After Peng was declared dead, she was taken to a funeral home and the village prepared for her funeral.

The next day, she was dressed in a shroud and as she was being laid in a coffin, Peng suddenly opened her eyes. "There you are!" she smiled and said to one of the funeral staff. She was in very good spirits.

Needless to say, family and friends were very happy. Village officials promptly decided to turn the funeral wake into a feast to celebrate the centenarian's longevity.