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United States

Our Self-Driving Future: Can We Trust Artificial Intelligence?

-Essay- WASHINGTON — As I was driving back to Washington last Christmas, I needed the navigation smartphone application Waze to get me out of Brooklyn, onto the Verrazano bridge, then across ...

Vatican City

China And The Vatican, Intrigue At The Heart Of Power

The old, retired cardinal has had enough. He does not like what the Vatican is doing in China. He takes a plane and asks to be received by the pope. But instead of bringing it to an end, the ...

United States

Dope In Denver, Taking A Mile-High Legal Marijuana Stroll

Colorado was among the first states in the U.S. to decriminalize marijuana. Our European correspo...

United States

Trump For Christmas, A Grim Update For My Friends In Europe

Impeachment is coming, and other failed predictions.

United States

Washington: On Missing Squares And The Meaning Of A Park

WASHINGTON — This is an elegant city. It is smooth and soft-spoken. It’s clean and well kept, possibly because most of the residential buildings in the city are family townhouses. Low, two, ...


Tiananmen To Apple Stores, Who Owns Our Modern Spaces?

Apple has opened the doors of its new 175-acre campus, built in the shape of a gigantic UFO, where 12,000 employees will be working. It will cost Apple $5 billion – five times as much as NASA's ...

United States

North Korea Brinksmanship And My Pyongyang Memories

In May 1999, I visited North Korea. I was based at the time in Beijing as a correspondent for a Slovenian newspaper, and it was impossible not to visit the country that had aroused so many ...


My Trip Back Home Finds A New Face Of Slovenia

LJUBLJANA — I have been traveling for a few weeks now, on a journey filled with inner dialogue. Searching first for long-desired destinations, I was soon digging deep into my childhood. It was a ...