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Beyond Nobel: In Search Of A Better Way To Measure Science

NEW DELHI — In an article in The Atlantic, Patrick Collison and Michael Nielsen express their concerns about the perceived slowdown of scientific progress. With “more scientists, more funding for ...


What The Mumbai Attacks Changed For India — And For Terrorists

MUMBAI — They say that human memory tends to shut out trauma. But the pain caused by the attack 10 years ago on Mumbai will always be difficult to forget. What happened on November 26, 2008 was an ...


Sinead O’Connor And The Muslim-Hindu Minefield In India

NEW DELHI — When Shehla Rashid, a student leader in India, tweeted to welcome Irish singer Sinead O’Connor into the Islamic fold, she could not have expected much of a controversy. Islam, like ...


Archeology Or Apathy: Digging For Dinosaur Relics In India

Unlike countries like the US or even China, India doesn’t have a national repository to sto...


India: Where Hindus And Muslims Live Together In Peace

Residents of Sadhan village have a different story to tell


When Buddhist Monks Meet Quantum Physicists

Scientists and Tibetan Buddhists gathered in Gangtok, India earlier this month for an unlikely me...


From Weinstein To Bollywood, The Economics Of #MeToo

NEW DELHI — A year after the Harvey Weinstein story first broke, India's own #MeToo movement is finally taking off. Working women are coming forward on social media with stories and details of ...


Bangladesh Boiler Rooms: On The Mundane Perils Of Our Global Economy

DHAKA — Bangladesh is shifting from an agrarian economy to an industrial one, with an average annual industrial growth rate of 6.8% (as per the CIA World Factbook) over the past decade. While this ...