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Partition, The Founding Wound Of Modern India That Won't Heal

Even after 72 years, the echoes of India's division into two independent states continue to rever...


Why India Is Lukewarm To Native Son's Nobel Prize In Economics

Economist Abhijit Banerjee's win is a non-cricketing triumph on the global stage. So why aren't I...

South Africa

Gandhi, A Singular Guide For MLK And Civil Rights Movement

At the 150th anniversary of the Indian independence leader and philosopher of non-violence, looki...


Bad Language Politics In India: Why Modi Wants To Demote English

The BJP wants to turn back to clock by imposing Hindi on south and northeastern India and elimina...


India's Short-Sighted Push For Himalayan Tourism

The government recently gave foreigners the go-ahead to visit 137 peaks in four states, paving th...


Global Warming North: A Balmy Research Journey To The Arctic

Warmer temperatures and plastic waste lying about reminded an expedition to Svalbard that no part...


Kashmir Is Quietly Feeding India-Pakistan Nuclear Tensions

As the showdown deepens over the contested region with Pakistan, India is now weighing whether to...


Modi Putting India's Future At Risk With Kashmir Gambit

It's taken the powerful prime minister just 100 days into his second term to compromise the feder...