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In India, A Domestic Servant Rises To National Politics

Married at the age of five and speaking neither English nor Hindi, 68-year-old Pramila Bisoi has ...


Hate Speech In India, And Why Reporting It Is Risky

A growing number of Indians — including some lawmakers — have taken to social media to in...


In India, A Fight Over Cricket With Fascist Undertones

A recent attack on a Muslim family in Gurgaon shows how cricket has become yet another — and ...


A Sober Look At The Latest HIV Treatments

The news that a patient in London was recently cured of HIV is remarkable. But the media buzz is ...


Why Trump Is Taking His Trade War To India

-Analysis- NEW DELHI — U.S. President Donald Trump's decision to end preferential trade treatment for India, will end benefits under a nearly 50-year-old program for up to $5.6 billion ...


In India-Pakistan Showdown, The China Factor Raises Stakes

-Analysis- NEW DELHI — The Kashmir Valley has been gripped by fear and confusion created by a slew of unexplained government orders, which in turn have led to speculation that something ...

Saudi Arabia

Gauging Saudi Stakes On Pakistan And India

NEW DELHI — Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman's visits to India and Pakistan in the immediate aftermath of a deadly suicide attack on Indian security personnel in Kashmir have been a test ...


The Violent Roots Of India's Subjugation Of Women

Two centuries ago, widows were sometimes strapped to the funeral pyres of their husbands and burn...