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Language Battles In India: Benefits Of A Mother Tongue Education

The number of children studying in English in India increased 273% between 2003 and 2011. But the...


A Victory For LGBT Rights In India — Just Not A People's Victory

Blame for the failure to take legislative responsibility for LGBT rights must be squarely divided...


Unraveling The Secret Of The Taj Mahal's Original Color

Indian authorities are prepared to spruce up the world famous monument and restore its ancient hu...


India Grows More Food Than It Needs, Yet Hunger Persists

A right not to starve is as basic a fundamental human right as there can be.


From Fortress Europe To Family Separation, Borders Get Ugly

It's not just Donald Trump's wall. Around the world, people are erecting new and increasi...


Untouchables And Your Trash: How Indian Sanitation Counts On Caste

A case study of Angul in Odisha highlights just how much urban centers rely on lower castes when ...


Grave Risks To The Singular Himalayan Ecosystem

The Uttarakhand floods reflected the damage we had dealt to the fragile Himalayan ecosystem. Five...


Suicide By Pesticide, A Preventable Plague In India

NEW DELHI — The ban on highly hazardous pesticides (HHPs) currently being debated in India will not only protect the environment and improve the public health but will also achieve another rarely ...