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In India, Sex Workers Try To Shield Girls From Suffering Their Same Fate

HYDERABAD — Sex workers in towns and villages in the southern Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka are often married off at a young age, or trafficked to larger cities. Statistics ...


International Women's Day, From Oscar Night To Indian Streets

-Analysis- PARIS — #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have made the past year a crucial one for women’s rights. Or at least it has, from our Western, Oscar-Night point of view. As the world ...


The Meaning Of Brecht In Modern-Day Mumbai

The famous playwright who fled Nazi Germany only to be hauled, years later, before the House Comm...


Virginity Test, Why An Ugly Patriarchal Rite Won't Go Away

In India, a centuries-old custom comes up against basic demands for human rights.


Valentine’s Day Violence In India, A Culture And Policing Divide

India’s police and political leaders need to find better ways to halt regular acts of vanda...


On "Love Jihad," When India's Patriarchy Mixes With Bad Faith

"Love jihad" is a brutally constructed political agenda combining patriarchal notions of "our wom...


Muslim Women's Rights, A New Favorite Smokescreen Of Strongmen

The authoritarian and religious men leading Saudi Arabia, Iran and India are using women's ri...


India-Pakistan, A Cricket Metaphor For Nationalism

NEW DELHI — Farooque was a Kashmiri. He hated India. His cousin was killed by security forces at a demonstration in Srinagar. This was 1990. We were classmates, and I always took him head on for ...