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Losing My Faith In The Catholic Church

The major disgrace of America’s Catholic bishops was to foster a culture in which priests sexually assaulted children and were then sent on to new duties as their ungodly behavior was covered ...

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Storm Looms For Trump After Courtroom Bombshells

The President's former lawyer pleads guilty on the same day his former campaign chairman is c...

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The Battle For A Constitutional Right To Literacy

Lawyers representing students in several U.S. states are making the case that the right to litera...


From Punjabi To Breton: Five Language Controversies Around The World

More than just a vehicle to communicate, language expresses and helps construct identity. As such, it has the power to inspire and unite people — but language can also be a source of division, or ...

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Future Defense, Europe Must Get Equipped For Post-U.S. Order

-OpEd- WASHINGTON — After many weeks of claiming, dishonestly, that European allies "owe us a tremendous amount of money for many years back" — in fact, Europeans spend far more money on ...

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Power Couple: Trump And Kim Make History, But What's Next?

-Analysis- With smiles and handshakes and words of mutual warmth, President Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un entered the history books in Singapore on Tuesday as the first sitting leaders of ...

North Korea

North Korean Defectors Watch Summit With Hope, Trepidation

SEOUL - They are the simplest of dreams. To see familiar streets once more. Or walk along a river at the center of childhood memories. Or throw a big party with wine. These dreams belong to ...

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The Mercantilist: Why Trump Economics Are Stuck In 17th Century

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump often seems as though he’s stuck in the '80s. But maybe the better comparison is to the 1680s, not the Reagan era. Consider his announcement Thursday of new ...