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"Pico Pa" Arc de Triomphe! Defacing Other Countries' Monuments

The outpouring of rage and resentment that erupted in last weekend’s “yellow vest” demonstrations in Paris made headlines around the world. In far-flung Chile, which has had plenty of its own ...

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Annals Of Technophobia: When Mark Twain Met The Typewriter

This is a story about love, hate and Mark Twain. The object of Twain's desire (then resentment): the typewriter. Twain first laid eyes on a "newfangled typing machine," as he called it, ...

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U.S. Midterms: A First Umbrella After The Trump Tsunami

America's midterm elections saw Democrats recapture the House, but lose ground in the Senate....

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Anti-Semitism In America: Rising Hate Speech Turns To Terror

This is what they had long been fearing. As the threats increased, as the online abuse grew increasingly vicious, as the defacing of synagogues and community centers with swastikas became more ...

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Kavanaugh And Supreme Court: No Way Out For U.S. Culture War?

WASHINGTON — When Christine Blasey Ford accused Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault last month, she did more than open herself up to unwanted scrutiny. She held up a mirror to a country in ...

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Kavanaugh Confirmation: Washington Broken, Nation Divided

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The subject was supposed to be the selection of a new justice on the Supreme Court. Instead Thursday’s showdown on Capitol Hill was a raw, scorched-earth confrontation across ...

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Losing My Faith In The Catholic Church

The major disgrace of America’s Catholic bishops was to foster a culture in which priests sexually assaulted children and were then sent on to new duties as their ungodly behavior was covered ...

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Storm Looms For Trump After Courtroom Bombshells

The President's former lawyer pleads guilty on the same day his former campaign chairman is c...