Formerly called The Daily Yomiuri, The Japan News is the English-language edition of Yomiuri Shimbun, one of Japan's leading newspapers, founded in 1874, and considered to have the largest daily print circulation in the world at circa 14 million.


73 Years On, Hiroshima And Nagasaki Survivors Still Grapple With Guilt

TOKYO — Seventy-three years after atomic bombs laid waste to the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, remaining survivors still bear the physical and psychological scars of the horror they ...


From The Sea Of Japan To The Mediterranean, The Risk Of Leaving

-Analysis- A boat is drifting along the coast. There’s no captain manning it, no visible passengers on the derelict wooden vessel. The “ghost ship” is missing its rotor blade, making it look ...


Ramadan Crackdown: Islam Weighs On Post-Revolution Tunisia

The pro-democracy Jasmine Revolution of 2011 has been followed by more, not less, religious polic...


Not A Crowd? Breakthrough Three-Way Marriage In Colombia

Three men tied the knot in a city-sanctioned ceremony that protects inheritance rights of this se...


As Trump Revs Up Car Industry Rhetoric, Japan Should Ride It Out

-Editorial- TOKYO — It is a situation in which automobile trade issues could develop into new friction between Japan and the United States. Japan must counter the United States appropriately ...


Cats Purr Past Dogs To Become Japan's Favorite Pet

TOKYO — Cats are all the rage in Japan these days. Bookstores are lined with dozens of photo books featuring cute little felines, and they're popular online too. They also ...


Marine Life Flourishes In Underwater Fukushima Debris

Five years since the devastating Japan earthquake prompted a tsunami that washed tons of refuse i...


Five Years Later, Still Trying To Count Fukushima Deaths

The earthquake and subequent nuclear diaster in Fukushima were no doubt devastating, but Japan st...