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Take 5: Vromageries And Other Restaurants Turning Traditional Cuisine Vegan

Restaurants around the world take the meat and dairy out of food to make traditional food trendy.


Five Places Around The World Where Women Are (Still) Banned

Many are up in arms after UNESCO granted a small Japanese island World Heritage Site status in June. On face value, Okinoshima Island, home to a 17th-century Shinto shrine, is a worthy World ...


Despacito And 5 Other Non-English Hits That Went Global

Despacito, by Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi, is 2017’s runaway worldwide hit. Muy bien! It follows a long, though not-so-frequent history of non-English songs breaking down language barriers ...


5 Strange-But-True College Courses Around The World

Congratulations to all those 2017 graduates out there. It couldn't have been easy! Elsewhere, we have gathered some examples of the wackiest college courses from around the world. If you could ...


White Elephants Around The World, A Video Tour

Brazil struggled to complete the sporting venues needed for the Olympic Games, in Rio de Janeiro. But what about the brand new stadiums that were built especially for the ...


Take 5: Olympic Underdogs To Watch In Rio Games

With the Olympic Games finally upon us, many spectators are focused on living legends like Brazilian soccer superstar Neymar, Jamaica's record-holding sprinter Usain Bolt or Michael ...

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Beaches To Cheese: 5 Unexpected Brexit Consequences

"This has implications for absolutely everything," political editor for BBC News Laura ...

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Swipe, Pray, Fast: The 5 Top Apps For Ramadan 2016

Ramadan is a sacred month of prayer and fasting from dawn to dusk observed by Muslims around the world. But the holy month, which this year runs from June 6 to July ...