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Syria: One Thing Europe Can Do To Stop The Slaughter In Ghouta

Refusing to fund reconstruction efforts until attacks stop could be a solution to combat violence...


Forced To Flee, Forced To Return: Syrian Refugees Trapped Again

-Analysis- BEIRUT — More than 12 million Syrians have been displaced since 2011 — that is more than half of Syria’s pre-war population. And most want nothing more than to return home. Yet ...


"Weaponizing Aid" — Desperation Politics In Eastern Ghouta

BEIRUT – Russia’s proposal for a partial truce in the Eastern Ghouta suburbs of Damascus is not a “humanitarian pause,” but a “humanitarian posture,” says Dr. Annie Sparrow, a critical-care ...


"Our Time Had Come" - A First-Person Account Of A Syrian Airstrike

As another airstrike rained down in Syria, Fadi Al Dairi knew that those inside Kfr Nobol Hospita...


Syrian Women At Risk Of Losing New Economic Power To Tradition

The war in Syria has transformed the place women hold in the workforce, providing opportunities p...


Far Too Soon To Claim "Mission Accomplished" On ISIS In Syria

Last month, on the same day that President Vladimir Putin declared victory over the so-called Islamic State, the militant group launched a surprise offensive against government forces in Deir ...


Where Is My Cousin? As ISIS Retreats, Syrians Await News On Prisoners

The so-called Islamic State has been driven from most of its territory in Syria, but the fate of ...


Why Syrian Refugees Are Giving Up On Europe

The route from Turkey to Greece was once crowded with Syrian asylum seekers fleeing to Europe. Bu...