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Far Too Soon To Claim "Mission Accomplished" On ISIS In Syria

Last month, on the same day that President Vladimir Putin declared victory over the so-called Islamic State, the militant group launched a surprise offensive against government forces in Deir ...


Where Is My Cousin? As ISIS Retreats, Syrians Await News On Prisoners

The so-called Islamic State has been driven from most of its territory in Syria, but the fate of ...


Why Syrian Refugees Are Giving Up On Europe

The route from Turkey to Greece was once crowded with Syrian asylum seekers fleeing to Europe. Bu...


Syria's Next Battle: Deradicalization In Ruins Left By ISIS

The Islamic State (ISIS) is facing defeat on the battlefield. Can it be eliminated from hearts an...


Syrian War, With The Displaced Of Homs Trickling Back Home

HOMS – Akram al-Khoule and his 7-year-old son hold hands as they stare at the once familiar primary school building, now demolished, looted of its contents and stripped of its identifying markers. ...


The Disappeared Of Syria, Missing From Peace Talks Too

Tens of thousands of people remain in detention or have 'disappeared' in Syria, devastati...


Jihadist Brides, Tales Of The Ex-Wives Of ISIS

They were the brides of ISIS. These days, they are detained in a camp for the internally displace...


In Syria, Rape Used As Weapon On All Sides Of Civil War

Sexual violence is being used by almost all the warring factions in the Syrian conflict. When vic...