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Another Consequence Of Kenya's Drought: Obesity

With drought comes malnutrition and a run to the slums, where fatty foods, sugar, and obesity await.


Slovakia's First Woman President, Another Velvet Revolution?

Zuzana Čaputová becomes the country's first female head of state, and brings hope to ...


A Hard Road For Europe's Truck Drivers, Left Behind By Globalization

HOLZKIRCHEN — Holzkirchen-Süd rest stop at 1 p.m., when many drivers stop for lunch. Lawyer Nadia Kluge very slowly approaches a truck, keeps a little distance, and starts a conversation. She ...


If Only Marie Kondo Could Clean Up My Social Life

If it doesn't "spark joy," the guest of the hit Netflix series "Tidying Up" tells us, get rid of ...


Knocked Out By A Headscarf: German Boxer Fights For Her Rights

Zeina Nassar is already a national featherweight champion. But to reach greater heights, she'll h...


Myth Debunked: Machines Create More Jobs Than They Destroy

MUNICH — Do machines replace humans? Since the beginning of industrialization 200 years ago, we earthlings have been plagued by this fear. From the early uprisings of the weavers to the 1970s ...


German Study: Gender Stereotypes Stick In Children's Literature

We know that children's books educate, shape, socialize. And yes, according to a new study based ...


Is This The Final Chapter For World's Iconic Bookshops?

From Madrid to Cork to Shanghai, some of the most revered old bookshops are closing doors as they...