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Love It Or Hate It, Amazon May Be Impossible To Live Without

Amazon is upending the commercial status quo. And yet, as much as people like to complain about i...


Greetings From The Instagram Hotel

MUNICH — From a digital point of view, the Norwegian Erik Nissen Johansen is at the forefront: Even his cat has Instagram. No wonder then that the hotel designer also pays attention to Instagram ...


Turkish Crisis, An Unprecedented Test For Erdogan Regime

-Analysis- Turkey is a country with extreme social differences. If the inflation rate rises, the lira tumbles and price stickers in supermarkets are rewritten daily, which means those who ...


Why Europe Must Stand Up To Trump On Iran

The U.S. president wants to impose his will and whims on all partners. The EU, for the sake of it...


How English (And Etsy) Killed Germany's Online Crafts Leader

DaWanda will soon disappear, clearing the way for its top competitor — the U.S. firm Etsy &...


More Than Soccer: Özil’s Resignation Is A Fatal Message For Integration In Germany

-OpEd- In Germany, there are many people who criticize the policies of Recep Tayyip Erdogan — rightly so. Many of his toughest critics here are Germans with Turkish roots, who also denounce the ...


The "Alzheimer Village" Treatment Model Starts To Take Root

Like an elaborate film set, everything about the place may look real — like a typical 1950s town square, for example, or a medieval "bastide" (fortified village). And there are certainly some real ...


Europe, Trapped Between U.S. Protectionism And Chinese Ambition

-Analysis- MUNICH — As far as industrial strategies and international competition are concerned, there’s no greater contrast than that between Europe's resignation and China's iron ...