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Cutting-Edge Fear: Technologies That Should Scare Us

Computers that can perfectly mimic the human voice? Hyper sensitive surveillance cameras? Advance...


Bayer Can Drop The Name Monsanto, But Can’t Erase The Hate

The German pharma giant wants to do a bit of "rebranding," after the mega merger with the U.S.-ba...


Visiting The Murky World Of Underground Berlin

Built on a soggy bed of sand, the German capital isn't an ideal place for underground infrast...


Anti-Semitism In German Rap, A Loaded Question

-Essay- MUNICH — Artists are now using anti-Semitism and Islamism to shock, and that’s not surprising. But if both listeners and rappers started to finally take music seriously, this could ...

United States

Femtech Finance: Why Women Founders Must Fight To Find Capital

MUNICH — Most investors just don't understand what it's all about — and so the scenario almost always plays out the same: Sophia Yen enters a room full of venture capitalists, almost all older ...


Europe Needs Common Front Against Trump's Bullying On Trade

-OpEd- MUNICH — Donald Trump may have extended the grace period by one month, but make no mistake about it, he's still holding a gun to Europe's head in the tariffs dispute. The EU shouldn't ...


Robot Brains Need Human Rules

Artificial intelligence is too useful and advanced and to ignore. But it also comes with huge ris...


Boston To Hamburg, Finding The Romance In Our Tinder Age

-Essay- PARIS — This is not news, but dating today is a completely different animal than it was even five years ago, as new apps keep arriving to create “matches” between people online who may ...