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Why Dieselgate Was Really An IT Problem

If cars are supercomputers, why are we not programming them for fewer emissions and speed?


Autobahn Alternative? A Peek At Germany's First Solar Road

A visionary engineer and his two-person company have a plan to pave the country's roads with ...


German Police Deploy Controversial Silicon Valley Surveillance Tool

Critics worry that by partnering with Palantir, a Silicon Valley company with ties to the CIA, po...


Retro Sports Diplomacy: Adidas And The Iron Curtain

MUNICH — The past snuck up on Adidas last spring when it issued a retro jersey for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia that copied the last Soviet Union national team shirt. It included the USSR ...


Merkel, The Right Time To Say Auf Wiedersehen

-Analysis- MUNICH — Angela Merkel has seldom sounded so straightforward and genuine. It was a clear speech, it was an honest speech. It was such a remarkably clever speech too that you could ...


German Automakers: Dump Diesel Strategy Once And For All

German car makers must change their entire model, and even accept lower short-term profits.

Saudi Arabia

Companies (And Governments) Must Take A Stand On Saudi Arabia

-OpEd- MUNICH — A business conference will take place next week in Saudi Arabia, dubbed "Davos in the Desert." It comes at a delicate moment to say the least: Nearly two weeks ago, the ...


Why German Unification Is Still Unfinished Business

There is much to admire about Germany's nearly 70-year-old constitution. But it also contains...