Suddeutsche Zeitung is one of Germany's premiere daily quality newspapers. It was founded on 6 October 1945, and has been called "The New York Times of Munich".

United States

Europe To Silicon Valley: Time To Pay For Your False Promises

-OpEd- MUNICH — We are making the world a better place: That has been a central promise that helped Silicon Valley's Internet giants seduce the public, on their way to gaining unprecedented ...

United States

Facebook And Uber, Eye On A European Techlash

-Analysis- The term “techlash” has been around for awhile, but get ready to see and hear it more and more. The company that stands at the center of this “technology backlash” is no doubt ...


Mother Russia And Us, What Now?

The result came as no surprise: Vladimir Putin won yesterday’s Russian presidential election and will serve a fourth term. More importantly for the Kremlin leader, he obtained the comfortable ...


Are Gamers Real Athletes? German E-Sports Teams Get Serious

With over 20 years of history, SK Gaming is one of the oldest and most successful e-sport teams k...


The Reformed Favela Drug Queen Behind Brazil's Favorite Telenovela

RIO DE JANEIRO — Every night at around 9 o’clock, Fabiana Escobar sits down in front of the TV and watches her life play out on the small screen: whether the police haul her away or her husband ...


Hold The Kielbasa! Touring A Surprisingly Vegan-Friendly Poland

POZNAN — We're in an old bar mleczny, a so-called "milk bar," a gastronomic remnant from Soviet times where workers could get fed for very little. The lunch at this dining spot, situated in the ...

South Korea

Welcome To Songdo, South Korea: The Smartest Of Smart Cities

Many have hailed the innovations of Songdo, a planned community near the South Korean capital of ...


An Inside Look At Ukraine's Terrifying TB Outbreak

Strains of drug-resistant tuberculosis are spreading across Ukraine, where armed conflict and mar...