Süddeutsche Zeitung is one of Germany's premiere daily quality newspapers. It was founded on 6 October 1945, and has been called "The New York Times of Munich".


Resort Hotels' Extra Responsibility For Plastic Waste In The Sea

For areas like the Mediterranean basin, tourism is huge business. But it's also an inordinate sou...


Capitalism's Original Sin: Gender Distribution Of Work

Men do not do their fair share of housework and childcare. And companies still discriminate again...


Predictive Politics: When Algorithms Will Run Our Democracy

New tech may soon be able to predict future political problems and independently develop solution...


In Germany, Confronting Child Sex Abuse From The Past

An independent commission is shedding light on years-old allegations of abuse by priests, swim co...

United States

Why Europe Is So Ill-Prepared For The Next Great Recession

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No, Capitalism Is Not To Blame For Climate Change

It has become fashionable to blame the climate crisis on the economy, but it's important to fight...


You Can Still Go On Holiday, But It's Time To Do It Sustainably

Air travel is booming despite the current climate debate. But vacationers have to rethink their s...

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Work → In Progress: Keeping It Human

A lot of the current debate surrounding the world of work is about figuring who will get the job in the future: machines or humans? We have covered it before, and we will continue covering it. But ...