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Egypt Eyes U.S. Foreign Policy Changes After Midterms

CAIRO — The Democratic Party chalked up victories across the United States in the midterm elections on November 6, gaining control of the House of Representatives for the first time in eight ...


Stop Victim-Blaming Egypt’s Copts

-OpEd- CAIRO — Following last Friday’s attack on two buses and a microbus in Egypt’s Minya governorate, killing at least seven Coptic Christians and injuring 16 others, both domestic and ...


Anger, Unwanted Pity And Jailhouse Colors In Cairo

CAIRO — “Wednesday isn’t blue?” Ayman looked at me like I’d gone mad. “Ok, what about your name. Isn’t it sort of reddish?” “Have you lost it?” he replied with a snort, sure I was ...


The #Metoo Backlash Against Egyptian Women

Four years ago, then president Adly Mansour made sexual harassment a criminal offense. And yet, w...


Tora Prison Diary: Conjuring Harry Potter Magic In The Darkness

Abdelrahman al-Gendy, a standout student and Harry Potter aficionado, was just 17 when he was arr...


Female Sexuality, Still A Victim Of Egypt's Patriarchy

CAIRO — A friend of mine lived alone in downtown Cairo. She was single when she moved in but after getting into a relationship, her boyfriend joined her. One day in 2012, her neighbors saw her ...


Exile Of Mind: To Be Young And Far Away From My Native Egypt

BERLIN — On the bus I now take to university in Berlin every day, I reach compulsively for my phone to check Facebook for updates from Egypt. I see that someone else has been arrested, this time a ...


Yemen And Egypt, A Close But Complicated Relationship

GOTHENBURG — I'm often asked: “Where do Yemenis escape to?" Syrians largely flee to Lebanon and Turkey, but where do Yemenis go? “The majority cannot afford to flee,” I respond. “For those who ...