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Egypt's Neverending Story Of Incomplete Revolutions

Throughout the country's turbulent history, efforts to establish a government by and for the peop...


How Egypt's Massive Halal Meat Market Turned Into A Monopoly

CAIRO — In Egypt, all imported meat must be certified as "halal," meaning that it has been procured, stored and shipped in accordance with Islamic law. Obtaining this certificate is a crucial ...


A Surreal Facebook Alter Ego To Keep Egyptian Activists Safe

When reality transcends constitutional and legal provisions, you must be extra clever about socia...


In Egypt, Signs Of Hope And Reasons To Despair

Changes are afoot, and yet writer Mohamed Naeem struggles to see light at the end of the dark tun...


Inside Iraq's Tuk-Tuk Revolution

What began as a slogan shared among Facebook users has since morphed into a full-blown, youth-led...

Palestinian Territory

Where Women's Liberation And Palestinian Liberation Meet

A Manifesto for Tali'at, a new movement seeking to put the feminist cause at the center of the ba...


The Stakes Of Egyptian Female Soccer Go Beyond The Pitch

CAIRO — Trapped in the ordinary life of waking up early to get on with daily housework or visiting with extended family, a group of young upper Egyptian girls had a simple dream: to play ...


Egypt And Israel: How Close Is Too Close?

They have their differences, of course, but the interests of Egypt and Israel have increasingly a...