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"Opium" No More: The Changing Relevance Of Religion In Austerity-Hit Egypt

Is religion numbing Egyptians into acquiescence amid a number of merciless austerity measures?


Why Egypt Is Ultimately Destined For Democracy

Egypt's "operating system," to borrow a tech-world term, needs replacing — and the mili...


In Cairo, Makeshift Slums v. Government Housing Project

The two-year-old housing project is clean and orderly, unlike the makeshift dwellings its thousan...


Four Years Later, Brazil Counts On World Cup Superstition

Ask anybody with a minimum of knowledge about either the sport or the country, and they'll tell you that soccer in Brazil is like a religion. This truism becomes all the more true every four ...


BDS And Me: Time To Spread Boycott Of Israel Far And Wide

-Essay- CAIRO — As someone who fully supports the Palestinian cause, it is challenging to write an article about boycotting Israel for fear of being dragged into the particulars of the ...


Mohamed Salah, The Soccer Star Inspiring Egypt's Youth

CAIRO — In the year of Mohamed Salah’s rise to fame as one of the world’s best soccer players, his every move and success has been well documented across the globe, no more so than in his native ...


Yarmouk, A Palestinian Tragedy Plays Out In Syria

The Yarmouk Camp for Palestinian refugees in Damascus has been the site of a grueling “zero...


Low Pay, Limited Freedom: Dark Days For Egypt's Journalists

Low wages, government censorship and even arbitrary detentions. Practicing journalism has become ...