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Inside Iraq's Tuk-Tuk Revolution

What began as a slogan shared among Facebook users has since morphed into a full-blown, youth-led...

Palestinian Territory

Where Women's Liberation And Palestinian Liberation Meet

A Manifesto for Tali'at, a new movement seeking to put the feminist cause at the center of the ba...


The Stakes Of Egyptian Female Soccer Go Beyond The Pitch

CAIRO — Trapped in the ordinary life of waking up early to get on with daily housework or visiting with extended family, a group of young upper Egyptian girls had a simple dream: to play ...


Egypt And Israel: How Close Is Too Close?

They have their differences, of course, but the interests of Egypt and Israel have increasingly a...


Egypt: How A Wave Of Video Testimony Sparked The Anti-Sisi Uprising

CAIRO — Something big — that we do not yet fully understand — is happening in Egypt's halls of power. Maybe we know some of it, and will get to know more with time. Perhaps we won't ...


Noah's Ark To Carbon Capture: Looking Beyond Climate Change Miracles

There are plenty of reasons for pessimism. But we also need to keep trying — and hoping — ...


When A Subterranean Theater Emerges In Beirut

BEIRUT — Located in the heart of Beirut's vibrant Hamra Street, an area that served as a hub for intellectuals in the 1960s and 1970s, Metro al-Madina is an independent theater company and ...


The Pain Of Passing Holidays — And Years: Letter From A Cairo Prison

CAIRO — "Take care and hopefully see you soon. :)" I end the short letter to my family with a few requests for items to bring on their next visit, then hand it to one of my cellmates to ...