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Instagram's International Influencers: One Global Recipe

PARIS — In the beauty and fashion industry, Instagram and brands have begun to blend into one. And it's happening all over the world. As Sabine Delanglade explains in Les Echos, the French ...


Morsi Death Exposes 'Medieval' Medical Care In Egypt's Prisons

After the death in prison of deposed President Mohammed Morsi, rights organizations accuse again ...


The Fourth Pyramid? Mohamed Salah As Pious Meme For Arab World

Egyptian soccer star Mohamed Salah has been turned into a symbol of pride, modesty, and good mora...


Morsi's Death: How Cairo Controlled The Narrative

CAIRO — If Egypt's daily newspapers are your only source of news, you might have woken up Tuesday to discover that a citizen by the name of Mohamed Morsi al-Ayat died yesterday during a court ...


Egypt's Disabled Demand New Laws, Changed Attitudes

CAIRO — Using sign language, Aya Mohamed, an ambitious secretary in a government-owned institution, explains that she is verbally bullied when she pursues simple daily activities, such as ...


Ancient Greek, Greta Thunberg And The Gift Of Education

Should schools add new subjects every year to keep up with the times? Or is their job simply to h...


IPO And Beyond: How Uber Rolled Into Our Lives - A World Tour

Long before Uber's multi-billion-dollar IPO, the ride-hailing app has been shaking the economic and legal foundations of the dozens of countries around the world where it's landed. Not only has it ...


Egypt's Lukewarm Response To Climate Change

CAIRO — Two years after Egypt joined other nations as a signatory of the 2016 Paris Agreement, many questions remain over what the Egyptian government is planning to do in order to adapt to ...