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United Arab Emirates

Oil On Canvas? Art As Seen Through Black Gold

An art exhibition in Dubai depicts an alternative story of the Middle East, using oil as a starti...


Egypt Should Stop Dragging Its Feet On Renewable Energy

With its abundance of sunshine and adequate wind, Egypt is well suited to embrace green-energy al...


In Egypt, A Jailed Blogger's Brief Farewell To His Father

Family and friends waited for incarcerated Egyptian blogger Shady Abu Zeid to be able to arrive a...


A Hacker Pays For Egypt's Ambiguous Relationship With Data

Dubbed "the International," a young Egyptian computer programmer had built a program to scrape us...


Egypt Eyes U.S. Foreign Policy Changes After Midterms

CAIRO — The Democratic Party chalked up victories across the United States in the midterm elections on November 6, gaining control of the House of Representatives for the first time in eight ...


Stop Victim-Blaming Egypt’s Copts

-OpEd- CAIRO — Following last Friday’s attack on two buses and a microbus in Egypt’s Minya governorate, killing at least seven Coptic Christians and injuring 16 others, both domestic and ...


Anger, Unwanted Pity And Jailhouse Colors In Cairo

CAIRO — “Wednesday isn’t blue?” Ayman looked at me like I’d gone mad. “Ok, what about your name. Isn’t it sort of reddish?” “Have you lost it?” he replied with a snort, sure I was ...


The #Metoo Backlash Against Egyptian Women

Four years ago, then president Adly Mansour made sexual harassment a criminal offense. And yet, w...