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40 Years On, How Egypt Saw The Camp David Accords

Peace with Israel, signed in 1978, was never widely popular, but the context of a poor, war-torn ...


Tora Prison Diary: Conjuring Harry Potter Magic In The Darkness

Abdelrahman al-Gendy, a standout student and Harry Potter aficionado, was just 17 when he was arr...


Female Sexuality, Still A Victim Of Egypt's Patriarchy

CAIRO — A friend of mine lived alone in downtown Cairo. She was single when she moved in but after getting into a relationship, her boyfriend joined her. One day in 2012, her neighbors saw her ...


Exile Of Mind: To Be Young And Far Away From My Native Egypt

BERLIN — On the bus I now take to university in Berlin every day, I reach compulsively for my phone to check Facebook for updates from Egypt. I see that someone else has been arrested, this time a ...


Why Egypt Could Be In The Path Of Turkey's Currency Crisis

Egypt’s Finance Minister says the country is actually benefiting from the Turkish crisis, b...


"Opium" No More: The Changing Relevance Of Religion In Austerity-Hit Egypt

Is religion numbing Egyptians into acquiescence amid a number of merciless austerity measures?


Why Egypt Is Ultimately Destined For Democracy

Egypt's "operating system," to borrow a tech-world term, needs replacing — and the mili...


In Cairo, Makeshift Slums v. Government Housing Project

The two-year-old housing project is clean and orderly, unlike the makeshift dwellings its thousan...