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United States

Behold The Google-Facebook Duopoly

Google tried and failed to play the social media game. But that's not necessarily a bad thing...


Where The Geopolitical Chessboard Makes Sense Today: Asia

In the West, the era of grand, strategic pacts between nation-states seems to have come and gone....


The Yellow Vests, A Wake-Up Call For France And The World

The "yellow vest" uprising is about more than Macron's ill-conceived fuel tax. It's sympt...


How Europe Can Win The Blockchain Battle

After being left behind in the Internet revolution, places like France, Malta and Switzerland are...


Carlos Ghosn: The Extraordinary Fate Of A Boss Outside The Box

A path through Lebanon, Brazil and France, the former top Michelin manager may have met the end o...


AI In Healthcare: New Battleground For Big Tech And Startups

PARIS — What if the GAFA quartet (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple) also became giants in the healthcare sector? Google first tried to put on the white coat more than a decade ago. After "Google ...

United Kingdom

How Brexit Has Ignited Some Serious EU Peace And Love

-OpEd- PARIS — While Brexit uncertainty continues with “last-chance summit” after “last-chance summit,” the hard questions are becoming more difficult to avoid with each passing day. Are we ...


The Myth That Strongman Regimes Are Good For Business

-Analysis- PARIS — And then, Brazil. The list of countries that are switching to so-called “strongman” regimes keeps growing. Vladimir Putin's Russia, Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Turkey, Narendra ...