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Is It Time For AI To Replace Politicians?

Our political leaders are woefully inefficient and too often dishonest. So maybe we should let ma...


Where Is Europe? The Other World Powers No Longer Even Ask

-Analysis- PARIS — A historic, surreal handshake between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. A G7 summit in Canada that officially confirmed the rift between Europe ...

United States

What Donald Gets Wrong About Deal-Making On Diplomacy Front

The U.S. president talks lots about the "art of the deal." But when it comes to diplomatic negoti...


Synthetic Diamonds Go Ultra Chic, With New Place Vendôme Boutique

PARIS — The address is not by chance. Courbet, a jewelry designer that sells synthetic diamonds, has decided to open at the world's most prestigious location for any jeweler: the Place Vendôme in ...

South Korea

Postcard From The Korean DMZ, The Last Cold War Border

Bill Clinton once called it "the most terrifying place on earth." A no-man's land with barbed...


Oui To EU, But Macron Is Pushing European Integration Too Far

-OpEd- PARIS — At a time when nationalism is coming back to life across the continent, the pro-European activism of Emmanuel Macron is to be applauded. The emergence of a new sheen of European ...


Population Control, The Environmental Fix No One Wants To Talk About

Climate change is a real and alarming problem. But there's another — and intimately rel...


The Specter Of May 1968, From Hamlet To Marx To May 2018

The violent protests that struck Paris last week weren't the start of a new, 1968-style upris...