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On Political Correctness And The American Left, A French Take

-OpEd- PARIS — The gravity of the situation at the White House grows clearer each day. The anonymous article published by the New York Times in which a high-ranking official from the Trump ...


Salvini v. Macron: A Battle For The Soul Of Europe

The French president is the populist Italian Interior Minister’s favorite target. But is Sa...

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The Dollar, The World's One Currency Is Trump's Best Weapon

Donald Trump's all-out trade war has a singular source of ammunition, even as China is pushin...


Turkey, No Limit To How Far The Contagion Can Spread

The "sudden stop" scenario has hit the Turkish economy, which threatens other countries around th...


Why Old Europe Needs A New Approach To Infrastructure

It's time to overhaul the Old Continent's roads, bridges, airports and electrical systems...


Only Environmentalism Can Save Capitalism

Rescuing the planet from the ravages of capitalism may be just the thing our dominant economic sy...


How The "Chinese Dream" Has Put "The American Dream" To Bed

-OpEd- PARIS — My conversation partner is a Japanese banker. He has just returned from Amman, the capital of Jordan. And he's talking about the Chinese who were also there at a joint meeting of ...


For Dating Sites, Artificial Intelligence v. The Human Heart

French experts doubt that a machine can help you find your soulmate better than trusting the eter...