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A United Europe, The Stakes Couldn't Be Higher

The world is becoming divided again as China takes the USSR's place facing the United States....


How Paris Became The World's Electric Scooter Capital

Competition is fierce as no fewer than six self-service electric scooter startups vie for control...


From Lenin To Macron, The Limits Of Pedagogy In Politics

It's tempting to imagine that if our leaders were better teachers, consensus would ensue. But...


Video Surveillance: How Far Will France Go In Face Of Terror?

PARIS — Are there pictures? Nowadays, in almost every criminal inquiry, this is the first thing judges and prosecutors ask. "We can’t work without these tools," says Elisabeth Sellos-Cartel, ...


How We Build Human Bias Into Artificial Intelligence

-OpEd- PARIS — When Amazon realized that its AI recruiting tool favored men, the company quickly shelved it. Back in 2016, a chatbot released by Microsoft turned into a sex-obsessed neo-Nazi ...

United States

Thou Shalt Never Be Polite To Robots

Google and Amazon are trying to force us to speak politely to their AI-driven personal assistants...

United Kingdom

Is Modernity Destined To Destroy Beauty?

-OpEd- PARIS — Between all the brutal Brexit fireworks, the British government took an initiative of rare poetic dimension by establishing a “Building Better, Building Beautiful” ...


Behind The Yellow Vests: The Great Fear Of Having Less And Less

-Analysis- PARIS — Did they really have to set France on fire for just a few cents? More than eight weeks after it began, the revolt of the "yellow vests" still seems hard to grasp. For ...