This leading French daily newspaper Le Monde ("The World") was founded in December 1944 in the aftermath of World War II. Today, it is distributed in 120 countries. In late 2010, a trio formed by Pierre Berge, Xavier Niel and Matthieu Pigasse took a controlling 64.5% stake in the newspaper.


Brussels Wakeup: Europe Must Find A Way To Work With Populist Extremes

-Analysis- BRUSSELS — It was a colleague from Agence France-Presse who set us thinking a few days ago, by retweeting an interview that Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European ...


Spain To Senegal To Brazil, "Other" 1968 Movements To Remember

PARIS — Political conflict and social movements around the world in 1968 made it a year for the history books. The 50th anniversary of several signature episodes are being marked throughout this ...


Exclusive - Lula's Letter From Jail: Brazil Needs Me More Than Ever

Brazil's imprisoned former president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, writes an impassioned...

United States

Trump's Iran Gambit And Europe's View Of History

PARIS — “Remember the Eighth of May. History may recall it as the day the United States abandoned its belief in allies.” Edward Luce’s opening sentence in a scathing column penned Wednesday for ...


Potent New "Rambo" Drug Finds Fertile Ground In Casablanca

Young, poor Moroccans, desperate for a fleeting sense of power and control are turning to a nasty...


Islamic Antidote To Radicalism: A French One-Man Show On The Koran

In the southern city of Marseille, actor Selman Reda draws on his personal experiences to explore...


After Deneuve, #Metoo Backlash: Is French Feminism Unique?

France is the land of seduction, where relations between men and women can seem more harmonious, ...


Tunisia, The Long And Fragile Arc Of Democratic Revolution

The attachment to autocracy prevails over the current appreciation of the state of democracy. Sti...