La Stampa ("The Press") is a top Italian daily founded in 1867 under the name Gazzetta Piemontese. Based in Turin, La Stampa is owned by the Fiat Group and distributed in many other European countries.


Je Suis Yellow Vest: Global Anti-Elite Claim Stake In French Movement

Far-right and far-left from around the world voice support for the popular uprising in France.


"Pico Pa" Arc de Triomphe! Defacing Other Countries' Monuments

The outpouring of rage and resentment that erupted in last weekend’s “yellow vest” demonstrations in Paris made headlines around the world. In far-flung Chile, which has had plenty of its own ...


Tragic Icons Of Migration, Dorothea Lange To A Turkish Beach

PARIS — Human migration is the story of our times. Victims of conflict and climate change, pushed by poverty at home and pulled toward opportunity abroad, people on the move are both a catalyst ...


Photos, Clothes And Bones: Identifying Migrants Lost At Sea

A forensic expert heads a dedicated team working to try to identify those who have died trying to...


After Mayor Is Arrested, Italy’s “Refugee Town” Fights Back

Nemesis of Italy's anti-immigrant Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, Mayor Domenico Lucano of ...


Meet Mischaël Modrikamen: Steve Bannon’s Man In Europe

"Italy is our starting point, and Salvini the model," says this Belgian politician bringing the p...


Women Need Not Apply: Why Italian Crisis Hits Female Unemployment First

Located in one of southern Italy's poorest regions, once thriving Crotone has the worst yout...


Can Tourism Save Southern Italy From A Demographic Crisis?

CASTELMEZZANO — Basilicata is facing a bona fide demographic crisis. The small region, located between the boot and heel of southern Italy, is home to roughly 570,000 people. But due to a low ...