La Nacion is one of Argentinia's most read dailies. Like its main rival Clarín, it was also known as a major opposition newspaper while the Kirchners were in power, from 2003 to 2015. La Nacion has received several awards and some of the most prominent writers of the Spanish-speaking world have appeared in its columns.

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Work → In Progress: Finding A Job In The Matrix

In early civilizations, landing a job amounted to interning until your employer died. Fast-forward a few thousand years and fortunately, internships have gotten shorter ... and life expectancy has ...


Violence Against Women, The Drawing Behind Argentina's Massive Protests

The black-on-pink drawing of a wide-eyed girl covering half her face with an open hand seems, at first glance, to be too cute, too pretty to convey the horror implanted in so many peopleâ€TMs ...


Extra! End Of Kirchnerism, Macri Wins In Argentina

BUENOS AIRES — Mauricio Macri's victory in Argentina's presidential election puts an "end to 12 consecutive years of Kirchner government," the Buenos Aires-based ...