Gazeta Wyborcza ("Election Gazette") is a leading daily newspaper in Poland, and the country's most popular news portal. Founded in 1989 by Adam Michnik and based in Warsaw, the paper is now owned by Agora SA, and is described as center-left.


Paving Paradise? In Poland, Calls To Block Forest Road Construction

-OpEd- WARSAW — The Narewkowska trail runs through the middle of one of Europe’s last remaining protected nature reserves, Poland’s Białowieża Forest. But now, the trail is slated to be paved ...


Choking In Pollution, Poland Says Coal Is Not A Problem

-Analysis- WARSAW — For the Polish government, coal is nothing to worry about. Sixteen Polish cities exceeded the annual limit of days with smog in the first two months of this year alone. ...


Poland To Portugal, Homophobia Wave Helps Gay Couple To Wed

WARSAW — Jakub Kwiecins and Dawid had been together for nearly seven years, living rather anonymous lives as a couple in Warsaw until their 15 minutes of Internet fame arrived last July after ...


Kebab Violence And Blatant Racism In Poland

-Analysis- WARSAW — In Poland, hatred is clearly fueling violence. But after six racist attacks were registered in a four-day period, this was the reaction from the country's Interior Minister: ...


In War-Torn Donbass, Ukrainians Of Polish Origin Beg Warsaw For Help

WARSAW — More than 60 Ukrainians of Polish descent in the breakaway region of Donbass have asked Poland if they could be evacuated there, a request Warsaw has refused. Instead, it offered a modest ...


Polish Schools Celebrate LGBT Students Despite Backlash

WARSAW — Schools in Poland celebrated "Rainbow Friday" for the first time so that students, regardless of ...


Poland's Abortion Battle, Why Free Women Are Done With Weak Men

Only when an abortion is legal, can we begin to speak of moral decisions and love. But men, we ar...


The Day That Changed Polish Women Forever

The massive march in Warsaw and other protests against Poland's proposed strict new anti-...