El Watan ("The Homeland") is an independently owned French-language daily published in Algiers, Algeria. Founded in 1991, the newspaper is an outspoken proponent of democracy and tends to politically align with the Algerian opposition, opposing government censorship.


Battle Of The Ages In Algeria

-Analysis- It's a striking contrast in both age and public exposure. Defying a sometimes repressive police force, a bold youth-led Algerian street protest movement has risen up against the ...


Algeria Cocaine Bust Reveals New Global Hub In Narcotics Network

Authorities seized 701 kilograms of cocaine on a ship in the port of Oran. The record haul points...


Border Row Is Bad News For Moroccan Workers In Algeria

An estimated 15,000 undocumented Moroccans work in construction sites, bakeries, and in skilled t...


A New Migrant Gateway On Algeria's Western Border

Algerian authorities have been accused of harsh treatment of asylum seekers.


Minority Rights In Algeria: Tension Among Tuareg Chiefs

TAMANRASSET — The rugged Hoggar mountains, stretching over an expanse of the Sahara desert in southern Algeria, are home to a large ethnic Tuareg population that has long been marginalized at ...


Algeria To Sardinia, A New Migrant Route To Europe

CAGLIARI — Just over 280 kilometers (174 miles) of Mediterranean water separates the Algerian port city of Annaba from the Sulcis on the southwest coast of the Italian island of Sardinia. As ...


Cash For All In Developing World? Algeria Ponders Universal Basic Income

It's the big idea of the moment among certain economists and activists in the West: Universal basic income (UBI), a policy of allocating a fixed amount of money to every citizen, is seen by some ...


In Algeria, Berbers Fight For Equal Amazigh-Arabic Language Status

Amazigh is spoken by around 10 million in Algeria. Despite its new official status, it is not man...