The Economic Observer is a weekly Chinese-language newspaper founded in April 2001. It is one of the top business publications in China. The main editorial office is based in Beijing, China. Inspired by the Financial Times of Britain, the newspaper is printed on peach-colored paper.


Helping China's Elderly Catch Up With Our Information Age

BEIJING — A video is making the rounds across China's internet. On a bus in the western city of Xi'an, an elderly man is seen shouting at a pregnant woman that she should give up her seat. "I am ...


The "Yin-Yang" And Bad Economics Of China's Movie Industry

BEIJING — Fan Bingbing, China's highest-paid actress and star of the 2014 blockbuster X-Men, recently received some unwanted public attention—an accusation of tax evasion. The Chinese actress was ...


Teleworking In Japan: Antidote For An Overworked Nation

Japan's Senate passed a reform bill in June modifying the regulation of the workplace, and pr...


"Rich Brats" And Me: The Struggles Of Chinese Studying Abroad

BEIJING — It's that time of a year again when an ever growing number of Chinese students are leaving to study abroad. These young people attract a lot of attention, often envied by their peers ...


Why Chinese Are Choosing Europe To Invest In Real Estate

BEIJING — Yang Ke works for a high-tech company in Shenzhen on the southeast coast of China. Thanks to a few years spent abroad, he has saved up a considerable amount of money and is looking to ...


From Punjabi To Breton: Five Language Controversies Around The World

More than just a vehicle to communicate, language expresses and helps construct identity. As such, it has the power to inspire and unite people — but language can also be a source of division, or ...


An Urgent Call For Accountability In China's Vaccine Scandal

The Chinese public wants answers, and decisive government action, after learning that two vaccine...


Chinese Business Meets Confucius, On The Enduring Power Of Relationship

BEIJING — Chinese talk about ancient China as an "acquaintance" society, structured with a unique pattern of human associations. Such a pattern is also referred to as "difference in intimacy of ...