Die Welt ("The World") is a German daily founded in Hamburg in 1946, and currently owned by the Axel Springer AG company, Europe's largest publishing house. Now based in Berlin, Die Welt is sold in more than 130 countries. A Sunday edition called Welt am Sonntag has been published since 1948.

United States

Berkeley To Paris To Moscow, Eternal Ideals Of Youth

-Essay- PARIS — Growing up in Northern California, acts of public protest were never far away. It felt perfectly natural for me to join fellow students in the annual “Day of Silence,” refusing ...


Minority Rights In Algeria: Tension Among Tuareg Chiefs

TAMANRASSET — The rugged Hoggar mountains, stretching over an expanse of the Sahara desert in southern Algeria, are home to a large ethnic Tuareg population that has long been marginalized at the ...


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Penguins Beware: China's Super-Rich Flock To Antarctica

A chilly bit of "wealth flaunting" in time for the Chinese New Year.


Russia And Europe, Putin's Ambitions Have Roots In History

Russia's imperial history is far from over for Vladimir Putin, who loudly declares that where...


In Sickness Or In Health? My Exhausting Life As A Hypochondriac

For the entire time that I was in the Caribbean on vacation, I was convinced I had lymphoma.


Facebook Limits, When A Sharing American Lands In Germany

-Essay- “Germans are coconuts, Americans peaches...” In the German Studies department at the University of Michigan, this saying bounced around as a shorthand way for us to describe the ...