Clarin is the largest newspaper in Argentina. It was founded in August 1945 and is based in Buenos Aires.


Donald Trump And The Divided State Of The Americas

The U.S. president will cast a long shadow over the upcoming Summit of the Americas gathering in ...

United States

Facebook And Uber, Eye On A European Techlash

-Analysis- The term “techlash” has been around for awhile, but get ready to see and hear it more and more. The company that stands at the center of this “technology backlash” is no doubt ...


How A Strong Dollar Could Squeeze Emerging Economies

Prospects of a rising dollar in 2018 could push developing countries like Argentina to take conse...

United States

The Trump Presidency: Tune In Or Tune Out?

PARIS — "Previously on President Trump …" We have gotten used to following the news from the White House as we would a prime-time television drama. This week's plot includes the long-awaited boot ...


The Tragic Story Of Pablo Neruda's Abandoned Daughter

The Nobel Prize-winning poet was a renowned defender of humanitarian causes through much of the 2...


Buenos Aires Postcard: Why Dominican Barbers Conquer The World

Their close cuts, unusual trims and friendly demeanor have made Dominican barbers a hit in the Ar...


Defining Elections And Democracy, From China To Italy

-Analysis- There is no set recipe for democracy. Still, we can agree that the ingredients must include basic guarantees of free speech and free elections: If you don’t have the right to speak ...


China To Argentina, Betting On Agrobusiness' Green Future

-Analysis- BUENOS AIRES — Everything suggests that in the future, the world may want practically anything Argentina can produce. The question is whether the response to this demand should be ...