Clarin is the largest newspaper in Argentina. It was founded in August 1945 and is based in Buenos Aires.


Pig Farming Makes Inroads In Beef-Loving Argentina

A pig farm outside Buenos Aires is a carefully planned, self-sustaining and multidimensional busi...


Biofuel Or Fossil Fuel? For Argentina, It's A False Choice

As the world moves to reduce the role of hydrocarbons, Argentina must exploit the biofuels potent...


Conspiracy Theories Rise And Fall In Era Of Fake News

-Analysis- PARIS — Remember conspiracy theories? There was a time, not so long ago, when we used to worry about how the internet encourages the proliferation of crackpot versions of what ...

South Korea

Olympic Peace Dreams, From Ancient Greece To The Korean Peninsula

-Analysis- PARIS — Compete, don’t kill. The idea that peace might be achieved through sporting is an old paradox. Pitting athletes and countries against each other in a non-lethal — and ...


In Argentina, Cow Dung Generates Heaps Of Electricity

CHRISTOPHERSEN — Argentina's Adecoagro, an industrial farming multinational has turned one of its dairy farms into a surprising source of power. A new technique for generating energy from cow dung ...


Amazon v. MercadoLibre: Latin America's Online Retail War Heats Up

The online retail giant now has its eyes set on Argentina, putting it on a collision course with ...


Austria-Hungary And Far-Right Echoes Of History

-Analysis- Is this the “return of Austria-Hungary”? Following the formation of the new right-wing government in Vienna, acknowledging the like-minded leadership next door in Budapest is a ...


Havana Restores Heritage Sites Ahead Of 500th Anniversary

Cuba is restoring its colonial architecture in Havana and beyond, and promoting the national heri...