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Facebook May Suddenly Find Itself Without A Business Model

There's simply no way for Mark Zuckerberg to fix the fake news and data abuse problems withou...

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Minneapolis, Urban Growth Doesn't Need To Depend On Tech

The city in the U.S. midwest has found a different way to make it in the modern economy.

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Why I Don't Believe Your Conspiracy Theory

-Essay- NEW YORK — I am of the view that incompetence, random error and sheer complexity explain most of the mistakes and strange events in our world, and that we shouldn’t readily jump to ...

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When Billionaires Turn To Nonprofits

NEW YORK — Inc., Berkshire Hathaway Inc. and JPMorgan Chase & Co. are publicly traded, profit-oriented corporations. So it is interesting that when they announced their new joint ...

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Home Alone? The Risks If Trump's Top Advisors Resign

-Analysis- WASHINGTON — So Michael Wolff wrote a book about Donald Trump. Perhaps you've heard about it? The internet spent a few days pointing and laughing at the more extraordinary claims ...

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For Latest Trump Revelations, Follow The (Family) Money

Trump's former strategist Steven Bannon was quoted as saying the families of Trump and his so...

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Folks, We Will Be Just Fine Without Net Neutrality

The evidence so far is that corporations won't be much affected and consumers could even bene...

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Donald Trump And Jerusalem: It's Complicated

Is the American in good faith? Why now? What's next? Questions pile up in the wake of a decis...