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United States

Why Big Tech Hasn't Joined The Crypto-Revolution

Internet giants have now started flirting with decentralization, to try and replace the so-far fa...

United States

Compared To Google, Amazon And Facebook, Apple Ain't So Bad After All

Tim Cook’s company is a rock of common sense in an industry that’s gone rogue.

North Korea

Next On The Korean Peninsula: Trump And Pyongyang Nukes

Kim Jong Un’s historic call for peace also included an unspoken message to U.S. President Donald Trump: North Korea won’t surrender its nuclear weapons easily. The agreement Kim reached Friday ...

United States

UK Business Hates Brexit, But Opposes Second Referendum

LONDON — The plot to reverse Brexit is missing a key ally: U.K. business. Companies have been among the most outspoken critics of the split from the European Union, and have much to lose from a ...

United Kingdom

Sweet! Upcoming Tax Scares UK Into Taking It Easy On Sugar

Beverage companies have responded to the planned tax by reducing the sugar content of their drinks.

United States

Facebook May Suddenly Find Itself Without A Business Model

There's simply no way for Mark Zuckerberg to fix the fake news and data abuse problems withou...

United States

Minneapolis, Urban Growth Doesn't Need To Depend On Tech

The city in the U.S. midwest has found a different way to make it in the modern economy.

United States

Why I Don't Believe Your Conspiracy Theory

-Essay- NEW YORK — I am of the view that incompetence, random error and sheer complexity explain most of the mistakes and strange events in our world, and that we shouldn’t readily jump to ...