America Economi­a is Latin America's leading business magazine, founded in 1986 by Elias Selman and Nils Strandberg. Headquartered in Santiago, Chile, it features a region-wide monthly edition and regularly updated articles online, as well as country-specific editions in Chile, Brazil, Ecuador and Mexico.


Gauging China's Military Intentions In Latin America

China is setting up a naval base in Djibouti. Could it do the same in Latin America? Depends on t...


The Many Misconceptions About 'Liberalism'

Partisans of political moderation are mistaken if they are looking for the ideals of the European...


Why Colombia's Peace Process Was Destined To Self-Destruct

The FARC, a segment of which is now reneging on its peace-deal commitments, should never have bee...


Time To Copyright Indigenous Designs? A Mexican Fashion Spat

Mexico should consider revising copyright laws to protect its traditional arts and crafts, after ...


Bitcoin, Petro, Libra ... Why Cryptocurrency Isn't Really Currency

Cryptocurrencies are not so much money as flexible "assets" that may be used in payments, without...

United States

The Backlash To Globalization Did Not Begin With Trump

President Trump is not curbing global trade alone, but is part of a trend traced back to the cras...


Profile 360° → Remembering Jaime Garzon, Colombia's Brave Comic

This coming August will mark 20 years since the death of Jaime Garzón, an unlikely martyr in Colombia's long-running battles with organized crime, drug trafficking and government corruption. ...


Disrupting Decades Of U.S.-Mexican Cooperation

Donald Trump's decision to threaten Mexican exports over migration is weakening years of U.S.-Mex...