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On The False Happiness Parents Demand From Schools

-OpEd- MEDELLÍN — A recurring theme one hears from families coming to school is that, above all, they just want their children to be happy. And when you ask parents what happiness means, ...


Ahead Of Women's World Cup, A Global Fight For Equality

From Afghanistan to Argentina, women soccer players are pushing against the grain to earn equal t...


To Connect With Women, A More "Purposeful" Path For Advertising

SANTIAGO — In Chile, 94% of women do not identify with advertising directed at them: this is what market research firm Adimark showed in a study published in August 2018. That means brands are ...


Why Mexico's López Obrador Is Playing With Fire

The new president is uniquely positioned to fix the country's long-ignored economic shortcomings....


100 Days: AMLO's Presidency Has Not Crashed Mexico's Economy

Fears of an economic meltdown in Mexico provoked by the new socialist president have not materia...


Venezuela's Fate Now Rests In The Hands Of The Generals

-Editorial- SANTIAGO - Ten days ago, on Feb. 23, our continent and the whole world were watching what would happen at Venezuela's borders with Colombia and Brazil . In an attempted show of ...


Chinese Students In Latin America: Barriers Beyond Language

Chinese students visiting Chile's universities are eager to learn Spanish but reluctant to adopt ...


The New NAFTA's Real Target? China

The Trump administration had more than America's commercial deficit with Mexico in mind when it d...