America Economi­a is Latin America's leading business magazine, founded in 1986 by Elias Selman and Nils Strandberg. Headquartered in Santiago, Chile, it features a region-wide monthly edition and regularly updated articles online, as well as country-specific editions in Chile, Brazil, Ecuador and Mexico.


Water Pollution And The World's Plastic Bottle Conundrum

From Flint, Michigan to Shanghai, China, bottled water is a luxury many people can't afford t...


China, Latin America And The Benefits Of Traditional Farming

Ancestral agricultural practices can provide a sustainable and creative way to boost rural econom...


Sovereign Funds, A Hidden Key To Fighting Climate Change

-OpEd- MADRID — Since September 2015, when the UN General Assembly launched its 2030 Agenda — a plan to reach 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within 15 years — the concepts have been ...


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Is Latin America Ripe For A Startup Revolution?

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Just A Handshake? Touchy Subject For Pious Muslims In The West

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Venezuela, Any Tricks Left For Halting Hyperinflation?

Hyperinflation comes from ignoring some basic economic rules. That is unlikely to change any time...


Historic Abortion Vote Puts All Eyes On Argentina

-Analysis- Months of impassioned public debate, colorful protests and determined counter-demonstrations are coming to a head today in Argentina, where the Senate is set for an historic vote on ...