Ten years ago, the invasion of Iraq began like a Hollywood movie. Speeches were given at the UN, statements were made for the television cameras, and former ally Saddam Hussein was put forth as the world’s Public Enemy No. 1. 

His theatrical capture, his short trial and the date of his execution were perfect scenes carved out of a third-rate movie. The ugly little truths of the past decade, however, never quite made it to the final cut. Ten years after, the justifications for the war detailed to the international community have been proven baldly false, but no decisionmaker in the biggest scam of the 21th century was brought to justice. On top of that, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair keeps getting generously paid to defend the rationale for the war in conferences and interviews, even if we now know the initial motives were deceitful.

Lewis Libby, Karl Rove and Dick Cheney are sleeping soundly despite the thousands of dead they are responsible for, and the destruction of one of the world’s great ancient lands.

Since holding grudges never leads anywhere, is there any way we can say the Iraqis live a better life now? Is the world a better place today? Can we believe justice was done, and equality respected, while the treasured subsoil was getting plundered?

The former non-religious state is once more a battleground between Shi'ites and Sunnis, but at least they have their oil back. Happily-ever-after ending? Not really, no.

The current bloody situation in Syria is linked to the Bush administration and their vassals’ bad calculations. Without the money and legitimacy, it’s hard to get involved in another war, nevermind all the innocent victims. Too bad for Syria, it has no oil.