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When Business Crosses Cultures, Etiquette Alone Won't Cut It

When dealing with "distant cultures" like China, communication is key. But a bit of business-is-b...

Palestinian Territory

Can Middle East Diplomacy Help UNESCO Preserve Itself?

The UN culture and patrimony organization's new chief, Audrey Azoulay, a former French cultur...


Europe, Trapped Between U.S. Protectionism And Chinese Ambition

-Analysis- MUNICH — As far as industrial strategies and international competition are concerned, there’s no greater contrast than that between Europe's resignation and China's iron ...


Mandela, Obama And French Lessons On World Cup Racism

“Sport [...] is more powerful than government in breaking down racial barriers. It laughs in the face of all kinds of discrimination.” Ever relevant words for 2018 from one of the great figures of ...


China Unleashed, Europe Paralyzed: A View From Germany

The Asian giant is like a super-charged Formula 1 car racing past a beautiful, but old Fiat 500.


Who Is Killing Colombia's Community Organizers?

-OpEd- BOGOTA — There has been an alarming spike in targeted killings of activists since the decades-long war between the state and FARC guerilla force finally came to an end. Cases are ...

United Kingdom

Brexit To Greek Debt: EU Is Easy Boogeyman, Brutal Negotiator

Promising voters to get the EU to change is easy, delivering that change is next to impossible.


Merkel, May And A New Wave Of Women Mayors Around The World

PARIS — When they met Thursday in Berlin, Angela Merkel and Theresa May were two leaders in crisis: the German Chancellor trying to salvage her governing coalition in the face of criticism of her ...


Will Mexico's New President Be More Lula Or Chávez?

Andrés Manuel López Obrador promises to give Mexico an extreme socialist makeover. ...


Holy Vox Pop: Poland's Youth And The Religion Age Gap

The Catholic Church may have only itself to blame for failing to attract young people.


For Merkel, Migration Debate Is Bound To Strike Again

BERLIN — Angela Merkel has yielded. It was just this past Saturday that the chancellor's sticking to her guns had brought her Interior Minister Horst Seehofer to the threat of resignation over the ...


Mexico's Election, Between Fear And Disgust

There are three candidates but really just two choices in Sunday's presidential election in M...


Why German Turks Can't Get Enough Of Erdogan

BERLIN — They lined up in motorcades, honking horns, waving flags. It was as if Turkey had just won the World Cup, except that Turkey isn’t even in the tournament this year. Instead, these ...


Rotten In Denmark? Europe's Happy Bellwether Turns Dark

Crackdowns on immigration are one more sign that the small but influential northern European nati...


Where Is Europe? The Other World Powers No Longer Even Ask

-Analysis- PARIS — A historic, surreal handshake between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. A G7 summit in Canada that officially confirmed the rift between Europe ...


Italy Is Closing The Borders, And Nobody Can Blame Them

Finger pointing isn't going to help Italy solve its migration problems. What it needs is help...

United States

Power Couple: Trump And Kim Make History, But What's Next?

-Analysis- With smiles and handshakes and words of mutual warmth, President Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un entered the history books in Singapore on Tuesday as the first sitting leaders of ...


In Southern Italy, A City's Perfect Storm Of Populism

The populist Five-Star Movement and the right-wing League won over half the vote in the strugglin...


Austrian Wunderkind? Kurz Eyes Pivotal Role In Geopolitics

-OpEd- BERLIN — With his most recent visit to Vienna, made on Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin has now met Austria's 32-year-old Chancellor Sebastian Kurz for the second time this ...


Bayer Can Drop The Name Monsanto, But Can’t Erase The Hate

The German pharma giant wants to do a bit of "rebranding," after the mega merger with the U.S.-ba...


If Italy Crashes, Germany And The Whole EU Will Pay The Price

-Analysis- BERLIN — While Brussels is palavering over a plastic tax that will never materialize, dark clouds are gathering over Europe. Right now, in plain view, the European Union is sliding ...


Latin American Elections, A Mirror Of Global Unrest In 2018

Governments in several Latin American states are facing angry voters who may remove them from pow...