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Between Ljubljana And Trumplandia, A French Airport Odyssey

WASHINGTON — If you ever want to fly to America from Charles de Gaulle Airport, be sure that you are not landing in terminal 2F, as you might miss your flight, or even get arrested before reaching ...


Grandmother's Memory - India's Religious Misogyny Must End

-Essay- MUMBAI — In my memories of my grandmother, one image of her comes to my mind: that of a widow with a tonsured head, wrapped in a dull brown cotton sari worn in traditional style, a ...


Achtung Autobahn! Why Germany Needs A Highway Speed Limit

Going all out on the autobahn may be part of the German way of life, but speed limits are necessa...


How Japan Can Help Soften U.S.-China Showdown

-OpEd- TOKYO — The United States has turned to inward-looking politics, while the unifying force of Europe has waned due to rampant populism and confusion in Britain, Germany and France. The ...

United Kingdom

Is Modernity Destined To Destroy Beauty?

-OpEd- PARIS — Between all the brutal Brexit fireworks, the British government took an initiative of rare poetic dimension by establishing a “Building Better, Building Beautiful” ...


Maduro, The Sequel: Can Venezuelan Democracy Be Saved?

-Analysis- BOGOTÁ — The Lima Group, a multilateral body of 14 American countries focused on resolving the institutional and democratic standoff in Venezuela, has declared Venezuelan President ...


Behind The Yellow Vests: The Great Fear Of Having Less And Less

-Analysis- PARIS — Did they really have to set France on fire for just a few cents? More than eight weeks after it began, the revolt of the "yellow vests" still seems hard to grasp. For ...


Just Call (Or Text) Me — Enough With Voice Messages!

Voice messages are unilateral and time-consuming: this is bad communication innovation.


Racism And Soccer In The Time Of Salvini, A Napoli Homecoming

NAPLES — It was the last game of 2018, and I was looking forward to it. I had planned to go with my brother, a staunch Napoli fan, my soccer-loving Argentine husband and a bunch of old friends. It ...


Will Technology Kill Traditional School-Based Education?

Novelist Isaac Asimov imagined 30 years ago that if everyone had a device connected to a broad in...


Europe, The Naive Power

Standing alone against the United States and China, Europe must wake up in 2019. And come together.


Xi Jinping's Provocative Speech And Taiwanese "Consensus"

Chinese President Xi Jinping's Jan. 2 speech addressing "reunification" with Taiwan has done what no political leader on the island nation has managed recently: set off a wave of unity among the ...


The Fundamental Right To Health, Happiness And Beauty

Beauty and happiness may be in the eye of the beholder. But they're also fundamental componen...


The Timeless Relevance Of Robinson Crusoe

Published 300 years ago, Daniel Defoe's classic story of shipwreck and survival still has muc...

United States

Shift To Asia? Africa Rising? Big Questions To Track For 2019

-Analysis- NEW YORK — As 2018 comes to a close, attention is turning to what is likely to happen in 2019. I have no idea. But if you follow these questions, you will have your finger on the ...


Staff Picks, Our 15 Best Stories Of 2018

LE MONDE Monstrous Times Call For Monstrous Fiction: A French Manifesto Against the omnipotence of "reality-show novels" and costume fiction, a group of young French authors want to reassert ...


The 2018 Dozen — Our 12 Most Popular Stories Of The Year

LE MONDE Full Translation Of French Anti-#MeToo Manifesto Signed By Catherine Deneuve Some 100 prominent French women artists and intellectuals have issued an open letter in Le Monde ...


Christmas In Colombia, Reflections On A Commercial Ritual

The celebration of Christ's birth was always a little bit pagan for its associations with the...


France: From Rousseau To Yellow Vests To The Popular Referendum

-OpEd- PARIS — In the sometimes cacophonous concert of demands from France's “yellow vests” protest movement, one measure keeps coming back: the Référendum d'initiative citoyenne (RIC), or ...

United States

Trump Has Kept His Promise: Unprecedented Unpredictability

-Analysis- WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump pledged in his campaign that he would not be predictable. He's more than lived up to that promise this week, and along the way, he has made a hash ...


Do Anti-Xenophobia Campaigns Work?

At best, pro-migrant advocacy raises awareness. At worst, it reinforces tensions, new research sh...

South Sudan

Watch: OneShot — Praying For A Miracle

Hellen lives with a mental health condition in Juba, South Sudan. She says she fell ill after the birth of her sixth child. With this powerful portrait, New-Zealand born photojournalist Robin ...