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Posterity, Pleasure, Revenge: What Drives Writers To Write

There are countless reasons for becoming a writer or a poet, but thankfully very few that we coul...


In India, God Is No Environmentalist

The country's landscape is ravaged by plastics and environmental collapse seems imminent. And yet...


It's Time For Europe And The U.S. To Bury The GAFA Hatchet

Economist Bruno Alomar pleads for an appeasement of tensions on both sides of the Atlantic regard...

United States

The Backlash To Globalization Did Not Begin With Trump

President Trump is not curbing global trade alone, but is part of a trend traced back to the cras...


Kashmir: Revoking Article 370 Is Undemocratic And Dangerous

Indian Prime Minister Modi's decision is both unsurprising, and a shock.


A Dutch Architectural Revolution In Creative Pragmatism

The future of architecture is here: the studio MVRDV in Rotterdam is one of the most daring in th...


Northern Space To Grow: A Possible Upside To Global Warming?

Global warming, melting ice, depletion of resources... the Earth seems doomed. Yet this futurist ...


End Times And Ecology: Finding Meaning With Our Planet In Peril

Can the possibility of the end of the world give meaning to life? A French philosopher (and mothe...

United Kingdom

Bauhaus In Britain: History Of London's 'Modern Living' Experiment

A derivative of the Bauhaus revolution, the Isokon building brought modernity, and affordable ren...


In An Age Of Roaring Internet Trolls, Silence Is Golden

Squabbling online isn't the only way to connect with the world.


Canada v. France: Rethinking Role Of Nurses To Meet Healthcare Needs

To meet its current healthcare needs, France looks to the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebe...


On India's Space Success And Big Tech Talent Poaching

ISRO is forced to compete with U.S. tech giants for India's engineering talent. And with its brea...


A New Industrial Policy For The 21st Century

In a world that is closing up, industrial policy is coming back in force. But to succeed, it will...


Don't Underestimate The Upside Of EU-Mercosur Trade Pact

The EU-Mercosur free trade agreement will likely force economies like those of Brazil and Argenti...


Mexico's AMLO Evokes Ghosts Of Argentina's Perón

President López Obrador's confrontational approach to ruling Mexico has reminded many of V...


Turkey, Time For A Truly Democratic Constitution

Ekrem Imamoglu's victory in the recent rerun election in Istanbul was a breath of fresh air for T...


Brazil's Bolsonaro: A Six-Month Reality Check For 'El Mito'

A spotty performance as a communicator and uncertain start to downsizing the state mark the fiery...


In India, Dissent Gets More Dicey Since Modi's Reelection

There has been an obvious and unnerving crackdown on dissenting voices in the weeks since Narendr...


Carola Rackete & Greta Thunberg: A New Kind Of Heroine For Our Times

Today, young women like Carola Rackete and Greta Thunberg have the power to conquer hearts and in...


100% Vegan: A Tempting But Misguided Recipe To Save The Planet

It is necessary to drastically reduce our beef consumption for both sanitary reasons and to fight...


A Yankee Journalist's Unexpected Foray Into French Baseball

No, no...not one of *those Yankees! But this lifelong American baseball fan (Milwaukee Brewers wa...


Safeguarding Satire: A French Take On New York Times Cartoon Ban

In the land of Charlie Hebdo and Plantu, the decision of the American newspaper to eliminate cart...