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United Kingdom

How Brexit Has Ignited Some Serious EU Peace And Love

-OpEd- PARIS — While Brexit uncertainty continues with “last-chance summit” after “last-chance summit,” the hard questions are becoming more difficult to avoid with each passing day. Are we ...


American Sanctions Are Back On Iran — Will It Work?

-OpEd- BERLIN — Thousands of students marched through Tehran last weekend, and state television broadcast the protest march live. The crowd burned U.S. flags and pictures of President Donald ...


The Myth That Strongman Regimes Are Good For Business

-Analysis- PARIS — And then, Brazil. The list of countries that are switching to so-called “strongman” regimes keeps growing. Vladimir Putin's Russia, Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Turkey, Narendra ...


How Bolsonaro's Brazil Will Turn Latin America Upside Down

The Brazilian president-elect's plans for his first foreign trips offer just one clue to neig...

United States

U.S. Midterms: A First Umbrella After The Trump Tsunami

America's midterm elections saw Democrats recapture the House, but lose ground in the Senate....


Stop Victim-Blaming Egypt’s Copts

-OpEd- CAIRO — Following last Friday’s attack on two buses and a microbus in Egypt’s Minya governorate, killing at least seven Coptic Christians and injuring 16 others, both domestic and ...


Modern Politicians And The Christ Factor

The tendency of politicians in Latin America (and beyond) to cite Christ in their speeches may in...


Merkel, The Right Time To Say Auf Wiedersehen

-Analysis- MUNICH — Angela Merkel has seldom sounded so straightforward and genuine. It was a clear speech, it was an honest speech. It was such a remarkably clever speech too that you could ...


India: Where Hindus And Muslims Live Together In Peace

Residents of Sadhan village have a different story to tell

United States

The Trump Effect: Can We Blame Him For The Bombs?

A series of bombing attempts have targeted prominent Democrats and other Trump critics. Is this t...


The Ecological Scourge We Fail To Talk About: Overpopulation

-Open Letter- PARIS — In the weeks since France's popular environment minister, Nicolas Hulot resigned, after expressing disappointment with President Emmanuel Macron’s environmental record, ...


Colombia: Deforestation And Usurping Indigenous Land Go Together

Ranchers, farmers or plain criminals are pushing their way into and expanding their presence in C...

United States

Gentrification Reflections, An Uber Day In Washington D.C.

Yonder's Slovenian-born Andrej Mrevlje is also a part-time Uber driver in Washington. Oh, the...


Why German Unification Is Still Unfinished Business

There is much to admire about Germany's nearly 70-year-old constitution. But it also contains...


Macron's Unpopularity And The Timeless Wisdom Of Machiavelli

After 17 months in power, Emmanuel Macron is touching the depths of unpopularity. He still has wa...


Bolsonaro Blues: Why Brazil Can't Afford A Far-Right President

Jair Bolsonaro is threatening to curtail rights and liberties, and bring the army back into polit...


Argentina Measures The Political Price Of Financial Crisis

A worsening economy in Argentina may cause political shifts before the 2019 presidential elections.


Simply Into Science: How To Tear Down STEM's Gender Wall

One study says it will take at least 100 years to bridge the global gender gap. And 217 years to ...


Blasey Ford To Bollywood, When #MeToo Begets #IBelieve

Saying that we believe survivors doesn’t cost us much, but it gives a lot of women the vali...


The Real Invisible Threat To Democracy: Poverty

Even in economically powerful Germany, poverty threatens the social fabric. And neither the left ...


Latin America Needs To Get Serious About The Venezuelan Exodus

The flood of people fleeing Venezuela's dire economic and political situation is more than an...