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Crime In Mexico, Getting Used To A Warped Idea Of Normal

The state of insecurity in Mexico has gone beyond isolated remedies like tweaking laws or reformi...


Oui To EU, But Macron Is Pushing European Integration Too Far

-OpEd- PARIS — At a time when nationalism is coming back to life across the continent, the pro-European activism of Emmanuel Macron is to be applauded. The emergence of a new sheen of European ...


Argentina Crisis: Will We Learn Our Economic History Lesson?

The Macri administration should take a hard look at its own economic policies and stop blaming th...


Exclusive - Lula's Letter From Jail: Brazil Needs Me More Than Ever

Brazil's imprisoned former president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, writes an impassioned...


Population Control, The Environmental Fix No One Wants To Talk About

Climate change is a real and alarming problem. But there's another — and intimately rel...


The Specter Of May 1968, From Hamlet To Marx To May 2018

The violent protests that struck Paris last week weren't the start of a new, 1968-style upris...


A French Survival Guide For The Coming A.I. Revolution

Countries like France can either prepare, and make research into artificial intelligence a nation...


Gerhard Schröder Bows Before Putin, With A Nod To Steven Seagal

The former German Chancellor has had a troubling second act in global politics.


Europe Needs Common Front Against Trump's Bullying On Trade

-OpEd- MUNICH — Donald Trump may have extended the grace period by one month, but make no mistake about it, he's still holding a gun to Europe's head in the tariffs dispute. The EU shouldn't ...


Nicaragua, A Death Toll And Daniel Ortega's Destiny

-Analysis- Nicaragua’s crafty caudillo, Daniel Ortega, has weathered the storm — for now at least. But his grip on power is certainly not what it was before the dramatic developments of the ...


Are Electric Cars Doomed To Be Just A Niche Market?

The shift toward electric cars is picking up pace, but the road ahead has plenty of obstacles still.

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Compared To Google, Amazon And Facebook, Apple Ain't So Bad After All

Tim Cook’s company is a rock of common sense in an industry that’s gone rogue.


Robot Brains Need Human Rules

Artificial intelligence is too useful and advanced and to ignore. But it also comes with huge ris...


A Dangerous Analogy: Islamic Terrorism As Reality TV

Today's terrorism is different, with a specific way of scripting the violence that echos popu...


Kisses For Macron. Cold Shoulder For Merkel?

The German chancellor's upcoming visit to Washington will be a sober affair, particularly in ...


China's BAT Tech Giants Giving GAFA Run For Their Money

Upstarts no longer, the so-called BAT companies — Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent — are a ...


Brace Yourself For The Digital Counter-Revolution

The world has mostly embraced technological advances. But as fallout over the Facebook data-breac...

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Not Just Starbucks, Why White America Calls The Cops On Black People

-OpEd- WASHINGTON — It’s good that Starbucks, with its announcement this week that it will close thousands of stores for a day of “racial bias training” in May, is taking steps in the right ...


Boston To Hamburg, Finding The Romance In Our Tinder Age

-Essay- PARIS — This is not news, but dating today is a completely different animal than it was even five years ago, as new apps keep arriving to create “matches” between people online who may ...

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Opioids And Unemployment: America's Real Recipe For Despair

The U.S. may boast the world's largest economy on one hand and a deeply problematic president...


Syria, Victim Of Western Errors Of The Recent Past

We should not be proud of of the insufficient response against the Damascus regime, but total ina...


In Latin America, Politics Of Fear Makes A Comeback

Countries like Colombia, traumatized by decades of violence, have yet to shake off the tyrant'...