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Democracy Hasn't Made Latin America Any Less Turbulent

Politics in the region have become even more complex since the Cold War era of revolutions and mi...


Soccer Gods Messi And Maradona Are Not Above The Law

Soccer stars and public figures show their dismal side when they play the victims on being caught...


Why Kaczynski Isn't Smiling: Poland's Mixed Election Results

WARSAW — Poland's ruling Law and Justice party (PiS) won last weekend's parliamentary elections. So why was longtime party leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski so obviously glum during his victory ...


Argentina Is Giving Away The Farm On The Falklands

The Argentine government has bent over backwards to please the UK while getting nothing in return.


Deep Fears For What Kind Of Poland Is Coming

The expected reelection of the conservative "Law and Justice" (PiS) party could usher in new rest...


How Russia Returned To Center Stage In The Middle East

As Trump leads a U.S. retreat from the region, Russia has methodically moved back into a position...

United States

Trump's Diplomatic Recklessness Knows No Bounds

The U.S. president's abrupt decision to withdraw troops from northern Syria was short-lived. But ...


The Amazon Bioeconomy: Exploiting The Rainforest To Save It

Careful cultivation of the Amazon's curative fruits and plants could be far more profitable than ...


Colombia, The Island Mentality Of A Mountainous Nation

Some of the world's most insular places are cut off by land, not water.


India's Short-Sighted Push For Himalayan Tourism

The government recently gave foreigners the go-ahead to visit 137 peaks in four states, paving th...


What's Wrong With Rappi, Latin America's Star Of Uberization

Questions are beginning to mount about the fast-growing, tech-based company's business and hiring...


Jacques Chirac: A Mirror Of France's Many Faces

Throughout an exceptionally long political career, Jacques Chirac, who died Thursday at 86, perso...


Greta's Right, Our World Leaders Still Don't Get It

From climate change and migration, to tobacco deaths and exploitative business practices, governm...


Is Handwriting Doomed In Our Digital World?

Schools still make a point of teaching students to write the old-fashioned way. And in France, ki...


It's Complicated: Politicians And The Truth

Speaking the truth includes an honest expression of doubts and shortcomings. How many politicians...


Le Monde To Macron: Grant Snowden Asylum In France

Leading French daily says that France (and the West) must live up to claims as protectors of free...


From Paulo Coelho, A Cautionary Tale Of Terror For Bolsonaro's Brazil

The world-renowned Brazilian novelist was one of thousands jailed and tortured during the militar...


How Instagram Is Reviving Fashion-House History

Amateur fashion aficionados are using new technology to celebrate the pre-internet past, and forc...


Why Matteo Salvini Risks Winding Up Like Marine Le Pen

The far-right League party in Italy, rising in popularity, now faces the prospect of being margin...


The Gangs That Rule Along Colombia-Venezuela Border

The border of Colombia and Venezuela has become a lawless land where people are kidnaped and kill...


Modi Putting India's Future At Risk With Kashmir Gambit

It's taken the powerful prime minister just 100 days into his second term to compromise the feder...


World On Fire: The Amazon Is Only Part Of The Problem

It's easy to fault Jair Bolsonaro for his apparent indifference to the unfolding environmental di...