Etienne Mallard has spent a lifetime venturing far and wide. A retired high-school philosophy teacher, he has always considered himself nothing more or less than an amateur photographer — with decent equipment. He has visited a running total now of 80 countries since he first went to Austria in 1949, all the while taking more than 20,000 pictures: from views across the Iron Curtain, a still sleepy Brazil in the 1960s to his most recent tour of the Balkans.

With a little help from his grandson (and Worldcrunch's photo editor) Bertrand, for the past five years Etienne Mallard a.k.a. "Grand-Père" has been sharing his 60+ years of travels with the world. With OneShot, he adds his voice, and our editors help make the story move.

Soviet memorial, 1967 (©Étienne Mallard/My Grand-Père's World)

At the end of World War II, several monuments were built across Berlin to commemorate the Soviet soldiers fallen during the war. Visiting in the middle of the Cold War, it was a bit risky to snap this photo of his wife Claudine walking past Soviet soldiers, who controlled East Berlin at the time.

OneShot is a new digital format to tell the story of a single photograph in an immersive one-minute video.

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