Founded in 1921, the "Sao Paulo Gazzette" became Brazil's leading daily in the 1980s by applying standards of openness and objectivity to its coverage of the country and Latin America as a whole.


Time To Stick A Fork In The Cult Worship Of Chefs

Restaurants are places for eating, not genuflection.


How Lula's Corruption Case Could Return Him To The Presidency

Even as Brazil's current president Michel Temer is facing corruption allegations, his nemesis...


Brazil's Gay Soccer Team Making The Game Beautiful For All

SÃO PAULO — In the nearly two years since it was formed, Unicorns FC, an amateur soccer team in São Paulo made up exclusively of LGBT players, only recorded one crisis: when a player, disappointed ...


Why This Century's Autocrats Are More Likely To Succeed

-OpEd- SAO PAULO — One of the biggest lies in modern politics is the belief that freedom is a universally-shared passion. It isn't. Freedom implies a burden of responsibility not everyone is ...


A Woman Nourishes Favela Children Hungry For Food, And Hope

SAO PAULO — "My name is Daniel Garcia and I'm 18. I love reading Folha de S. Paulo! Today, I read an article about women unsung heroes, and I believe that my own mother fits that category ...


No Sex Please, We’re Brazilian: On PlayStation And Demographics

Maybe the West's low birth rate arrived when sex was defeated by boredom? One writer's of...


Wake Up Brazil! They’re Killing The Amazon Rainforest Again

-OpEd- SÃO PAULO — Any Catholic who has attended mass since Ash Wednesday will have noticed that the Church in Brazil is very concerned about the country's environment. For the second year ...


Shooting Blind, How I Mastered Photography After Losing My Sight

After a work-related accident that progressively made him blind, Vladir da Silva discovered an un...