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"They Came To Kill," Sinai Mosque Victim Describes Attack

BIR AL-ABED — "For 20 minutes, they kept firing at us. We couldn’t hear anything else because of the sounds of the gunfire. Everybody was running. Some were trying to escape and others were ...


Reflections On Capital Punishment, Cries From Death Row

-Essay- CAIRO — I had never really thought much about my position on the death penalty. After I watched the film The Life of David Gale, I started to ask myself how one might possibly work on ...


Bedouins Bring Tourists Back To Sinai, Steer Clear Of Terror

In light of the devaluation of the Egyptian pound and increasingly difficult visa processes, more and more Egyptians are turning to domestic tourism. Yet, while tourists continue for the most part ...


Cairo Bipolar, A Tale Of Stage Management And Survival

An Egyptian writer shares her struggle with keeping bipolar disorder from invading everything she...


Egypt's "Christian-Free" Soccer Traditions

The absence of Christian players at the professional level can be traced to discrimination that b...


Cairo's Islanders Denied The Nile They Call Home

CAIRO — Just north of the Egyptian capital, a short ferryboat ride will take you to the southern tip of the Nile island of Warraq. It has patches of agricultural land and scattered houses and ...


Flight Of The Nile, The Pigeon-Keepers Of Cairo

CAIRO — “It’s a hobby, but it’s also more than that,” Ahmed Shaloufa says, as we climb the final ladder to his pigeon coop in the working-class district of Sayeda Zeinab. “It’s a passion.” Once ...


Widening Clampdown On Internet News In Egypt

CAIRO — The Egyptian government has blocked access to a total of 21 news and information websites since last Wednesday, including the original publisher of this article, Cairo-based Mada Masr. A ...