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Central African Republic

One Young Woman's Fight For Surgery Access For 143 Million

MUNICH — "To be above it all" has become Magdalena Gründl’s purpose in life. By this, she doesn't mean to sound egotistical. The-25 year-old research assistant working at Harvard wants to ...


Sick Children, Why The Cambodian Genocide Toll Is Still Rising

Decades after the Khmer Rouge, the legacy of their brutal regime claims a new generation of victims.


How To Fake Drinking To Hide Your Pregnancy

When a woman doesn’t drink, we all suspect her of being pregnant. But what happens when tha...


Tourist Hell Is My Hometown, Living In A Vacation Destination

PALMA — You live in one of those special places where people travel from all around the world to visit. A dream? More like a neverending tourist hell, says Venice resident Elisa Crepaldi. “Some of ...


Can A Libyan Warlord Help Europe Solve The Migrant Crisis?

Hundreds of thousands of refugees want to reach Europe via Libya, constituting a billion dollar t...


A Modern Tale Of Anti-Semitism In A Berlin School

Paul is 14 years old. For months, he was assaulted and bullied by his classmates, and finally had...


Space Junk, Time To Clean The Mass Of Debris Orbiting Earth

From bulky satellite corpses to tiny metal splinters, the Earth is surrounded by a cloud of space...


The Worldwide Epidemic Of Counterfeit Drugs

Germany was once considered the world's pharmacy. Venerable companies such as Bayer and H&oum...