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Uberization v. Red Tape, Digital Economy Drama On Streets Of Chile

For all the economic accolades they've earned over the years, Chilean authorities are draggin...


Tourism And Technology, Bienvenido To The Intelligent Traveler

-Analysis- MADRID — Virtually everyone now uses the Internet before, during and after they travel, whether its downloading an app to become familiar with a particular destination or sharing ...


R&D And Innovation, A Patent Failure In Latin America

In spite of dynamic consumer figures, Latin America lags when it comes to investment in research ...


In Earthquake Rubble, Political Aftershocks May Hit Mexico

The devastating earthquake in 1985 upended politics in Mexico. Could last month's deadly disa...


How Smartphones Can Save (Or Sabotage) Your Next Event

-Essay- SANTIAGO — Nowadays, it's virtually impossible to surprise anyone. This is a big challenge, especially in the entertainment industry where you need to make a considerable effort to ...


The Benefits Of Democratizing Big Data

In places like Venezuela, electronic interactions may be a more reliable source of information th...


Maduro's Strongest Weapon In Venezuela? A Divided Opposition

-OpEd- CARACAS — The Venezuelan regime has established, slowly but surely, a full-blown dictatorship. How did we get here? In 2005, the opposition boycotted parliamentary elections to ...


Trump's Cuba Policy Proves Obama Was Right

The Obama administration sought a Cuba policy aimed at helping ordinary Cubans. Trump is keeping ...