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From Around The World, 8 Real Ways To Fight Fake News

By 2022, disinformation could completely replace real facts online. So what are we supposed to do...


Putin's Plan To Transform Russia's Forgotten Far East

With billions in investments and a land distribution scheme not unlike the Homestead Act, in the ...


Why The World Can No Longer Ignore Bitcoin

-Analysis- PARIS — The whole world has been talking about it for over a week, and yet, — admit it — you still don’t quite get what all the Bitcoin fuss is about. You know it’s a virtual ...


Zero-Everything! That Modern Illusion Of Life Without Risk

-Essay- PARIS — Growing crops without the herbicide glyphosate is probably a good thing. Or maybe not. I admit that I have no idea. I’m no doctor, no farmer, nor do I possess any technical ...

United States

When Trump Went To China, "America First" Blindness v. Visionary Xi

Xi Jinping knows exactly where he wants to go. Donald Trump, not so much...


No One At The Helm, Anchors Up On Self-Sailing Boats

Boats will soon be capable of sailing without captains on board. The first tests will take place...


Striking Politics When Drilling For Gas In Mediterranean

-Analysis- PARIS — Drilling operations have begun off the coast of Cyprus despite Ankara's threats against the Cypriot government. And for French oil and gas multinational Total and its Italian ...

United Kingdom

Global Warming Pushes Champagne Vines Into England

For several years, the south of England has started to fill with Champagne vines. Faced with glob...