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Inside The Minds And Maneuverings Of A Cannes Festival Jury

Shrouded in secrecy, the process for picking the winners is a mix of glamour and intrigue.


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Macron, The Choice Of Hope And Reason

-OpEd- PARIS — Upon returning from exile in 1870, legendary French author Victor Hugo declared that "the instinct of the people always matches the ideal of civilization." That very instinct ...


Protectionism, A False Promise For France's Future

In France's presidential campaign, like last year's race in the United States, protection...


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When Algorithms Enter The Courtroom

PARIS — On the left-hand side of the blue screen, court decisions appear at the speed of light. Some words are highlighted. Simultaneously, on the right-hand side, a map of France takes shape. ...


Haussmann’s 19th-Century Paris: A Model Of Sustainability

PARIS — In their quest for a sustainable urban future, city planners can learn a lot from history. And in Paris, that can mean just taking a moment to look around. Georges-Eugène Haussmann, ...


How Luxembourg Could Cash In On Brexit

The tiny European country has improved its position as a post-Brexit business destination by refo...