La Stampa ("The Press") is a top Italian daily founded in 1867 under the name Gazzetta Piemontese. Based in Turin, La Stampa is owned by the Fiat Group and distributed in many other European countries.


Veneto Referendum: Is This Italian Region The Next Catalonia?

The northern Italian region of Veneto will hold a referendum on gaining greater autonomy from the...


In Palermo, Mafia Takes Aim At Historic Vucciria Market

PALERMO — As the Sicilian capital’s oldest market, La Vucciria has long drawn visitors from around the world for its myriad colors and aromas. While its peculiar traditions live on, with vendors ...


Miracle Vineyard, Small Winery Survives Italy's Massive Earthquake

VISSO — Francesco Sbaffi was recouping after a long day during a busy wine harvest when a powerful earthquake struck this idyllic town in the Apennine Mountains 11 months ago. The grape must ...


Private Lives And Public Service, An Australian Story

-OpEd- TURIN — Everyone knew that Australian politician Rachel Carling-Jenkins had filed for a divorce, but nobody knew why. She explained it herself, a few days ago, standing up to speak ...


How Mussolini Is Making A Comeback On Social Media

The "brand" of Il Duce is doing particularly well on Facebook and Instagram.


Algerian Bikini Revolt One Year After Burkini Battle In France

Some 3,000 women gathered on the beach of Annaba to protest the mandatory wearing of burkinis &md...


The Humble Power Of Interfaith Soccer In Jerusalem's Old City

JERUSALEM — In front of Zion Gate in the heart of the Old City of Jerusalem, just a short walk from the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, lies a soccer pitch. Standing on the field, nestled beside an ...

North Korea

Pyongyang Puts On A Modern Face But Misery Lingers

An Italian reporter gets a rare glimpse past the North Korean regime's attempt to portray the...