Founded in 1921, the "Sao Paulo Gazzette" became Brazil's leading daily in the 1980s by applying standards of openness and objectivity to its coverage of the country and Latin America as a whole.


How Brazilian Soccer Became An Elitist Pastime

High ticket prices and fancy stadiums are making the games of the national pastime off-limits for...

United States

The Enduring Relevance Of Henry David Thoreau

-Essay- Does anyone even read Henry David Thoreau anymore? Today, July 12, marks the 200th anniversary of the American poet and philosopher's birth. And much is being said and written about ...


How ISIS’ Defeat In Mosul Could Make It Stronger Worldwide

-Analysis- The recapture of Mosul by the Iraqi armed forces, with the support of the international coalition led by the United States, is a real achievement. ISIS has seen its biggest military ...


The G20, Trump And A World In Search Of A New Leader

-Analysis- SAO PAULO — The G20, the club gathering the world's biggest economies, is the offspring of two crises. First, the 1997 Asian financial crisis led to the creation of the group in ...


Dire States: Does India Have A Hidden Debt Bubble?

The western state of Maharashtra, home of Mumbai and the biggest regional economy of India, announced this month that it will waive farmer loans worth 1,140 billion rupees, or nearly $18 ...


Welcome To "Cracolandia," São Paulo's Roving Drug Bazaar

A pulsing, hazy world comes to life every night in Brazil's largest city, as drug traffickers...


Why Do Zika-Infected Babies Born In São Paulo Suffer Less?

A new study found that dozens of São Paulo women infected with Zika gave birth to babies w...


Time To Stick A Fork In The Cult Worship Of Chefs

Restaurants are places for eating, not genuflection.