The Economic Observer is a weekly Chinese-language newspaper founded in April 2001. It is one of the top business publications in China. The main editorial office is based in Beijing, China. Inspired by the Financial Times of Britain, the newspaper is printed on peach-colored paper.

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The World Marks One Year Since Trump Elected

-Analysis- A political neophyte who launched his presidential campaign by railing against Mexican “rapists” and “murderers” was never supposed to win, especially against a seasoned stateswoman ...


A Hollywood Pig, The Weinstein Scandal Viewed From France

PARIS — According to an ever expanding list of accusers, Harvey Weinstein has been sexually harassing and assaulting women for decades. As of Friday, 28 women have come forward to denounce the ...


When Politics Invades The Soccer Pitch, And Vice Versa

-Analysis- The fraught drama of politics landing in the arena of sports has popped up recently in several different places around the world. It also happens to date back (at least) as far as ...


In Face Of New Rivals, Apple Loses Its Shine In China

Chinese domestic brands like Huawei, Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi are undercutting the American giant, w...


Japan Facing World War II Truth Before Last Witnesses Die

A recent series of documentaries unveil untold chapters of ugly Japanese history.


In Beijing, Sham Marriages To Bypass Government Policies

BEIJING — "Goodbye," Ying told her third husband. "Oh," he responded indifferently. Through their legal, but dishonnest, marriage, Ying earned 40,000 yuan ($6,000). Her "husband" was allowed ...


The Hard Part About Selling Volvos In China

Bling and style are barriers that the Chinese-owned, Swedish-based company may not be able to ove...


Who Is To Blame For China's Awful Movies?

-OpEd- BEIJING — Many Chinese films are awful. Who is to blame for this objective fact? An audience typically praises a film when they think it’s good and complain when it isn’t. Yet Feng ...