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Salty Turkish Mirage

That's not snow: During the summer, Lake Tuz in central Turkey dries up, revealing a thick layer of salt. My wife Claudine and daughter Cécile were gearing up against the August sun as we pulled ...


More At Stake Than Merkel In Germany's Political Crisis

-Analysis- Are we witnessing “the twilight of Angela Merkel”? The question, asked Tuesday in Le Figaro’s lead editorial, is on everybody’s mind, both inside and outside Germany. To be sure, in ...


The Siamese Storks

This recent photo of nestling storks at an open-air museum in eastern France's Alsace region shows that even 85 years after the stork brought me ... I still can be quick with my ...


From Mugabe To Merkel, The Many Ways To Cling To Power

-Analysis- Lord Acton’s famous phrase about the corrupting effect of power (and absolute power) should have come with a footnote about the “clinging” factor. On any given day, it isn’t hard to ...


Displaced Guatemalans Languish On Mexican Border

LAGUNA LARGA — Four months ago, hundreds of villagers were expelled from their land in the jungles of northern Guatemala. The government claimed they were encroaching on a protected national park, ...


From Aung to Zimbabwe, Foreign Pressure Goes Only So Far

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe’s three decades in power may finally be over. Gunfire broke out late Tuesday in the Zimbabwean capital of Harare as military panzers moved in to prevent ...


Central American Gray

This is the capital of Belize, the tiny state in Central America. Unlike colorful cities in neighboring Mexico and Guatemala, I remember the capital Belmopan as a particularly uninspiring subject, ...


An Italian Soccer Metaphor For Europe's Troubles

-Essay- This was not how he wanted to say goodbye. Gianluigi “Gigi” Buffon’s tears were featured Tuesday on the front pages of Italian newspapers, and not just the all-sports publications. At ...