This leading French daily newspaper Le Monde ("The World") was founded in December 1944 in the aftermath of World War II. Today, it is distributed in 120 countries. In late 2010, a trio formed by Pierre Berge, Xavier Niel and Matthieu Pigasse took a controlling 64.5% stake in the newspaper.


Au Pair Or Indentured Servant? Globetrotting Babysitters Face Exploitation

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Catalonia Like Quebec? Spain Should Be As Cool As Canada

PARIS — What is France to do, as neighbors, and we Europeans, as fellow citizens, faced with the declaration of independence of Catalonia? It undermines a large European democracy on our border, ...

Palestinian Territory

Yahya Sinwar, A Charismatic New Hamas Leader Ready To Talk

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New York To Toulouse, What Not To Remember

PARIS — Before Charlie Hebdo and the Bataclan, before the Bastille Day massacre in Nice and last month’s fatal stabbing in Marseille by a man shouting “Allahu akbar,” there was Toulouse. Back ...


The Hard Labor Of North Korean Workers In China

Recent UN sanctions are trying to limit the flow of money North Korea generates by sending worker...


Power And Language, Where Weinstein Meets French Grammar

PARIS — Le masculin l’emporte. In the French language, this is the idea that “the masculine form takes precedence” over the feminine form when matching an adjective or pronoun to a plural noun. If ...