Le Figaro is a French daily founded in 1826 and published in Paris. The oldest national daily in France, Le Figaro is the second-largest national newspaper in the country after Le Parisien and before Le Monde, with an average circulation of about 331,000 copies Its editorial line is considered center-right. The newspaper is now owned by Dassault Media.


Saving Sirte, Libyan City Returns To Life After Fall Of ISIS

SIRTE — If it were theater, it would be bad theater. Too incongruous, too unreal. The stage — buildings in ruins all along the boulevard — just doesn't fit the happiness on the people's faces. ...


The Identity Awakening: Catalonia, Europe And Beyond

It is the great challenge (and paradox) of our time: Far from erasing identity claims, globalizat...


When France's Foreign Legion Becomes French

Each year, about 200 soldiers from the elite military unit become naturalized French citizens.


The Calais "Jungle" Is Gone, But Migrants Are Back Already

The French coastal city was home to the infamous makeshift village of migrants seeking to cross t...


Palestinian Prisoner Payouts: Humane Or Pure Hypocrisy?

The PLO gives monthly allowances to the families of Palestinians detained in Israeli jails. The I...

United Kingdom

As Brexit Talks Stall, The Hunt Is On For European Passports

Millions of British citizens don't want to give up being European.


Labor Strikes And Hurricane Relief, Macron's Longest Day

-Analysis- The honeymoon is definitely over. Just four months after he was elected to lead France, Emmanuel Macron faced his first major nationwide protest Tuesday against major labor reform ...


The Immortal Putin, One Man's Plans To Rule Russia Forever

-Analysis- MOSCOW — Aug. 9 came and went in Russia without an official celebration. And yet, the date is significant. It marks the moment Vladimir Putin first came to power — 18 years ago. ...